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If you have questions such as “I want to have hair transplantation, but which is the best hair transplantation clinic, where is it, what criteria should be paid attention to? All the answers are in our article.

Hair transplantation is now one of the most frequently preferred aesthetic operations. It is preferred by many people in line with new developments in medicine. Hair transplantation operations weren’t preferred in their early periods. However, as a result of the fact that people experiencing these operations have created difference with their new appearance, these operations are frequently undergone today. Hair is an object that completes the physical appearance of the body. Any dilution or shedding of the hair affects the person adversely. For this reason, especially men as well as women try out this new technique in order to have the perfect appearance.


1. The Importance of the Doctor in Hair Transplantation

Perhaps the most important thing that a person who decides to have hair transplantation should give importance to is the doctor who will carry out this operation. Even though hair transplantation is nonrecurring, it requires some medical examinations at certain intervals for a period in the remaining life time. One should be in contact with the doctor constantly in case of the changes and damage in hair or possible complications that may occur on skin. Therefore, the choice of the doctor is stated as the most important point.


2. Hair Transplantation Clinics

In addition to the choice of the doctor, the clinic or physician’s practice where this transplantation will take place is also important. The conditions such as the sterility of the area where the hair transplantation will be done, the cleanliness of the materials to be used are checked thoroughly, which is among the features that make a place the best hair transplantation clinic. The operations at the hair transplantation centers take place in long term. In other words, it is not a process that can end within an hour. The comfort level of the clinic is also of great importance as a person will stay in the clinic for long hours in some hair transplantation operations.

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3. The Ease of Opening a Hair Transplantation Clinic

Today, hair transplantation operations are performed in many different places. Because opening a hair transplantation clinic is quite easy. The procedures of opening a clinic, which lasts for a week in total, lead many people to this work thanks to this easiness. After the clinic is opened, it will come to a status in which the bill can be cut off in a short time. It is enough for a person who decides to open a hair transplantation clinic to obtain the necessary permits/licenses in this area.

In such a case, the prices are set to be more appropriate than the market and many people prefer this type of under-the-counter clinic as they see the suitable prices. When it comes to health, people especially who will have hair transplantation should inquire these clinics and shouldn’t cut corner.


4. Success Rates of Experts in Hair Transplantation

Among the features that make a place the best hair transplantation clinic is the success rates of the specialist doctors. When you want to have such a delicate operation as hair transplantation, it is very important to work with experts in their fields. Because hair transplantation requires long-term care; post-sowing services, necessary medical check-ups, regular consultations are very important. Once the technique of hair transplantation is learnt, the replica of this can be done in many places. For this reason, experts are recommended. The physician or the doctor who will carry out hair transplantation operations should be thoroughly investigated in terms of some criteria such as;


  • How much he knows this job,
  • How long he has been doing this job,
  • Satisfaction levels of his/her patients,
  • Follow-up process of the patients after hair transplantation,

Doctors who highly carry these features will offer their patients high level of satisfaction in this area.

Another issue is that each person has his/her own unique scalp and tissue. For this reason, the physician should analyze the scalp of the person meticulously, take a sample of the hair strand and send it to be analyzed. In cases where hair transplantation is done from the strands that do not fit the hair sample, hair transplantation spots may be visible and the person may have health problems. Hair transplantation operations should be performed by people whose success has been proven in this area.


5. Regular Check-Ups with Free Revisions

Hair transplantation is not a one-off procedure. It requires lifetime control and follow-up. These clinics or doctor’s practices should offer re-examination services at regular intervals. Revision service is offered free of charge for any kind of problems that may occur on skin. All patients are followed-up privately and examined in private. Necessary revisions for the possible changes that may be observed on hair in time are made free. These are also the features that will help you to find the best hair transplantation clinic.

People who have their hair transplanted in some hair transplantation centers may not be satisfied with these centers later on. In such cases, they can search for a new clinic and get their medical investigation there. When people whose hair transplantation is not successful don’t like their new appearance, some problems that may be as vital as depression can occur. People can change their clinics for some reasons such as;

  • Hair that does not fit the scalp,
  • Techniques that are unsuitable for the skin,
  • Hair styles that don’t match with the shape of the face

In such cases, specialized clinics examine the hair transplantation of the person and perform the necessary applications. In case of wound and similar handicaps, hair transplantation problems are minimized by appropriate treatment methods.

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6. Hair Transplantation Certificate

Clinics that perform hair transplantation operations must have a certificate of expertise in this field. Non-certified clinics or practices cannot perform successful hair transplantation operations. Certificates of hair transplantation are given at academies by the experts in the field. Those who will receive the certificate of hair transplantation must have a diploma in medicine. Individuals who aren’t from the field of medical science are not given this certificate.


7. Advanced Art Skills of the Doctor

The importance of hair transplantation operations is to correct the physical appearance. The new appearance of the hair transplanted with this purpose is also of great importance. After the analysis of the appropriate hair strand, hair transplantation is applied. It is up to the person to shape the new hair after this process. However, the design and marking of the area to be transplanted during the operation is entirely up to the doctor’s opinion.

Doctors who give importance to aesthetics and who have an advanced sense of art start the hair transplantation operation after creating the hair style that suits the person very well. For this reason, the doctor’ sense of art and his/her decisions on the befitting aesthetic model are of great importance.


8. The Process After The Hair Transplantation

After the hair transplantation, the follow-up of the doctor continues. After the sowing process, the bandages are opened on the following day. The cases of wound and inflammation are prevented by the use of medication prescribed by the doctor. It is recommended to wash the hair regularly every day. This is a precaution to prevent the skin from forming a scab. In a short time such as 2 weeks, the scalp will get better.

The new hair is initially weak and shows up in little amounts. These hairs tend to shed in later periods. Although it is a situation that scares the person, more lush hair will come out again in a short time. The elongation of permanent and remarkable hair takes a total of 3 to 6 months. By the sixth month, the hair in the area where it is sown is prolonged and the person has a normal appearance.

The healing process is spread over a year due to some occasions such as the adaptation and regulation of the hair. Person will have new hair in 1 year. Within this process, the follow-up by the doctor continues. The examination is again essential within the determined dates and time intervals. The best hair transplantation clinic is the one which gives free support during this process.

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Fundamentals of Hair Transplantation

Specialists give some advices to the people who will undergo hair transplantation operations. The people should take these advices into account and behave according to them in order not to have difficulties and troubles during the operation. On the day of hair transplantation;


  • Hair and scalp should be washed
  • Compounded materials such as hair gel or spray should not be used
  • In case of regularly used drugs, the physician should be informed about them.
  • Keep away from foods with caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes on the operation day and 1-2 days before the day of operation.
  • Use of blood diluent medicines such as aspirin, should be discontinued 1 week before the operation.
  • When going to the operation, clothes that have buttons on the front and easy to put on and take off should be preferred.
  • After the hair transplantation operations, the head must be protected against hard bumps and objects for 2-3 days.

The doctor’s informing his/her patients in detail about these issues before and after the operations is also one of the criteria that make a hair transplantation center the best.

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