What is DHI?

DHI is a method called direct hair transplantation. The process is carried out with special pens called Choipen. Therefore, this method is also known as “pen hair transplantation”. DHI is the operation where the collected hair follicles are transplanted onto the hairless area or the area where the hair follicles are sparse using the specially developed pens. Thanks to these pens, called the DHI pens, enable both grooving and hair transplantation to take place simultaneously. Thus, the two steps to be made separately can be reduced to a single stage with DHI.


Features of DHI Technique

Since DHI hair transplantation is a newly developed technique, it has a lot of properties compared to other methods. The most important ones are;

  • The single-use hairbrushes specially prepared for the patient are used.
  • Being the latest technology in hair transplantation is one of the biggest reasons for preference.
  • Thanks to Choipen pens, both grooving and hair transplantation can occur simultaneously.
  • It provides a faster recovery than all other hair transplantation methods as there is no need for grooving.
  • The loss of hair follicles in DHI hair transplantation technique is quite low compared to other methods. The rate of damaging the hair follicles on the area to be sown is 20 times lower than the FUE method. For example; While the loss in FUE is 2%, this rate is around ‰1 (one out of one thousand) in DHI method.
  • The angle of the hair to be planted is determined more easily by these pens and more successful results are obtained.
  • Since the channels are opened only in graft size, there is much less scar of transplantation and bleeding.
  • Hair transplanted with the DHI method stays forever.
  • It provides more intensive hair transplantation per Cm².
  • There is no need for a haircut in this method.

Who are the Best Candidates for the DHI Technique?

DHI is a hair transplantation technique that is easily applied to most patients without significant health problems. The most suitable candidates for DHI hair transplantation are listed below.

  • Those who need front line hair transplantation
  • Those that suffer from hair thinning and ask for thickening
  • Second session patients who have had transplantation before
  • Brow transplantation
  • Beard and mustache transplantation
  • Patients who do not want to shave
  • Those who need more dense hair transplantation


Application Stages of the DHI Technique

  • Gathering the hair follicles from the donor area
  • Placing the gathered hair follicles into the DHI pens
  • Determining the correct angle to get natural results
  • High-precision transplantation of the hair follicles with DHI pens


Advantages of DHI Technique compared to FUE Method (Comparison)

Because DHI hair transplantation is a new and advanced technique, it has major properties when compared to FUE. The most important advantages are;

DHI Technique compared to FUE Method


  • In the DHI technique, there is no obligation to shave the hair as in the FUE method. Just shaving the donor area is enough.
  • As the pencils used in the DHI technique will open smaller holes, the recovery time will be much faster.
  • While he grafts taken in FUE method are kept in a special solution until the canal is opened, the grafts are placed into the pens and transplanted directly into the target area in DHI technique.
  • Scarcely any bleeding in the DHI technique
  • DHI technique is more ideal for those who want dense transplantation. In FUE method, it is possible to place 45-60 grafts per cm² while 80-90 grafts can be implanted per cm² in DHI.
  • In the DHI technique, up to 5500 grafts can be transplanted by 2 doctors per day.
  • The risk for the hair follicles to get harm in the DHI technique is significantly lower compared to FUE.
  • In FUE method, grooving and placement can be done in 2 separate processes while in DHI technique both grooving and hair root placement can be done simultaneously.
  • As scabbing and trauma are less, recovery is faster and the results are much more natural in DHI technique.
  • Patients who undergo hair transplantation using the DHI technique can return to their normal routine much faster.


Things to do before and after the procedure

Here are the important details about what should be done before DHI hair transplantation;
  • known before hair transplantationHair and scalp should be washed.
  • Hair care products such as hair gel and spray should not be used.
  • Your doctor should be informed about the medicines you use regularly.
  • Caffeine-containing foods, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided. They should not be consumed until at least 3 days before the operation day.
  • Blood thinners such as aspirin should be discontinued 1 week before the operation.
  • On the day of hair transplantation; you should bring a shirt, zipper sweat or a t-shirt with a wide collar that you can take off comfortably without touching your head.


Important details about what should be done after DHI hair transplantation are listed below;

  • The first hair wash are done at least 36 hours after the operation as described by the doctor.
  • Hair should be washed once daily for the first 15 days as described. These washes should be performed according to the doctor’s recommendations.
  • You can wash yourself once a day at home after the first wash. It is useful to do this following your doctor’s advices.
  • After washing, you should dry with a clean towel and soft touch without rubbing on your hair.
  • Do not use a dryer for hair drying. If you are going to use the dryer, you can dry it without getting too close to the head and turning on the hot mode.
  • Scabbing on the scalp should end within about 10-12 days. If you still have scabbing after more than 15 days, you should consult your doctor as the scabbing will delay hair growth.
  • It is better not to swim in the pool or sea and to protect the transplanted area from the sun for the first 2-4 weeks.
  • During the first 2 weeks after hair transplantation, the area must be protected from any impacts.
  • The antibiotic prescribed by the doctor should be taken on time.
  • If possible, the patient should sleep with a pillow and a neck pillow to be given after the operation at an angle of 15 degrees for the first 3 days in order to prevent swelling.


DHI Hair Transplantation Results (Before & After Photos) / Happy Patients

Examining the before and after photos is the most common method that is preferred by the patients who want to have hair transplantation using DHI method but also anxious about the end result. These photos are considered to be a very important indicator because they reveal the quality of both the clinic and the doctors performing the operation.

Below, you can see the before and after photos of our patients who prefer Cosmeticium for hair transplantation.

before and after hair transplant photos cosmeticium

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DHI hair transplantation safe?

  • It is absolutely safe if done by specialist doctors. There is no significant side effect.

How long does the operation take?

  • Although it varies depending on the number of grafts, the operation generally lasts for 6-8 hours.

Do I need to stay in the hospital after the operation?

  • The patient can return home or hotel after the procedure.

Do I have to shave my hair before the operation?

  • we will shave only a small part of the donor area. Also it is better not to shave for 10 days before the operation.

What if I don’t have enough hair on my scalp?

  • Generally, for rare and normal transplantation, the number of follicles donor area on the scalp may be sufficient; but for the patients who want intensive transplantation, facial and body hair can be used if the donor area is not enough. It is better to discuss this with your doctor in order to decide.

Do I need to medical dressing after the operation?

  • The area where the hair follicles are taken is covered with tape and the transplanted area is kept open. After 1-2 days, the dressing is opened by the doctor in the clinic; transplanted area is controlled along with the donor area. The bandage on the donor area is removed and is left open giving the time for healing.

Do I have to take drugs?

  • After the operation, your antibiotics and anti-bloating medication given by your doctor and painkillers if you need should be taken for a short period of time. They will accelerate your healing process.

When can I return to my daily routine/work?

  • As the DHI method recovery is very fast and there will be scarcely any bleeding, you can return to work the next day.

When can I continue to exercise?

  • On the 5th day, you can start cardio exercises such as light walking and cycling that won’t make you sweat. From the 15th day, there is no obstacle to start weight training.

How long does it take to see the results?

  • After the first 3 months, the results will be quite visible. In the 6th month, 60% of it is seen and this is a satisfactory level. It can take 1 year to reach the perfect level.

Is the DHI method suitable for women?

  • DHI is a method that can be successfully applied regardless of gender.

Will there be any scabbing?

  • Since there is scarcely any bleeding in the DHI method, there is no scabbing as in the FUE method. The probable scabbing will completely fall off within 7-10 days.

What is the price of the DHI?

  • It will be wrong to give an exact price as the number of roots to be planted is determined according to the needs and expectations of each patient. The DHI method is 20% more expensive than FUE but it has a 95%success rate which is more when compared to FUE.

* The reason for its being more expensive than FUE is that the pen tips are for single-use and special for the patient and the cost of CHOI pens. Technology is an expensive technology, but also the need for staff during the operation is higher than FUE. As doctors are more involved in the DHI method, this affects the cost.


In which country is the DHI method applied the best? Why?

DHI hair transplantation method is not yet as widespread in the world as FUE technique. Therefore, you should prefer the countries that frequently apply this technique and where doctors and clinics are specialized in this technique. Although DHI hair transplantation is seen as a simple operation, it may cause unwanted health problems if it is done by non-specialists.

Nowadays, there are a few countries such as Turkey, South Korea and the United States that successfully implement the DHI hair transplantation technique.  When we evaluate according to multiple criteria, it is possible to say that Turkey is well ahead in terms of advantages and expertise. The advantages listed below are the some of the main reasons for the patients to prefer Turkey;

  • Highly affordable costs compared to other countries
  • 5-star hotel accommodation, VIP transfer service, PRP treatment and all counseling services are included in the prices in Turkey
  • Being one of the best countries in the industry
  • Having sufficient number of specialist doctors and clinics
  • All specialist doctors’ having advanced level of English
  • Process is much faster; patients do not need to wait for days for operation
  • Using hi-tech devices and techniques thanks to the support of the state on health tourism
  • Providing the best service at the best price

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Which Is the Best Clinic where the DHI method is applied in Turkey? Why?

Because the DHI method is a new technology, not all clinics can successfully implement this method. At this point, it is of great importance to choose clinics with adequate specialist doctors. In particular, the comments and the post-operation photographs of the patients of the clinics that have successfully applied this method will give you a great idea when deciding.

Cosmeticium is one of the leading clinics in Turkey where DHI method is applied with a high success rate. Let’s try to explain the answer to the question “Why should I choose this clinic”:

  • Transplantation of up to 5500 grafts with 2 specialist physicians on the same day
  • Performing all operations not only by health personnel but directly by specialist doctors
  • Using hi-tech medical equipments
  • Having all the required certificates
  • Providing high quality services
  • When compared to the USA and Europe, operations are almost half-priced than those in England and America, despite the high number of grafts.


DHI Hair Transplantation Packages in Turkey

We have stated that the prices given for DHI hair transplantation are all-inclusive package prices. You can check the list of the services included in this package from the following images.

All packages include accommodation at a 5-star Hilton Hotel for 2 nights and 3 days, PRP and VIP transfers. Just get your ticket to Istanbul Airport and send us your ticket details. We will be waiting for you at the airport.

3-Day Plan

  • Day 1: Airport pickup, Hotel drop-off
  • Day 2: Breakfast in hotel, Pick-up from the hotel, Hair transplantation, Hotel Drop-out,
  • Day 3: Pick-up from the Hotel, Control, Hair Wash, Bandage Removal, Hotel Drop-off, Shuttle from the hotel to the Airport

You can also have your hair transplantation in Turkey which is the country that applies the DHI method the best and you can enjoy your new hair without thinking anything extra thanks to the single package price.

For more detailed information, you can contact us via WhatsApp or Online Consultation Form.

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