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Dr. Barış Carıllı
(Hair Surgeon for FUE & DHI)

Hair Surgeon for FUE & DHI

Our newest addition to our surgical team and being a hair transplant patient himself. Dr. Carilli has a fundamental insight into the difference a great hair transplant can make to an individual.

This understanding fuels his ambition to provide patients with the very best treatment that delivers on patients expectations. He is also have an speciality in emergency medicine.
Location: Istanbul

FUE Hair Transplantation Experience: 4 years

DHI Hair Transplantation Experience:2 years

Field of expertise:  Hair Transplantation with FUE and DHI, Beard Transplantation, Beard and Chest Extraction.

Number of Surgical Procedure: 1250

Languages: Turkish, English

Nationalities Treated: European, Middle Eastern, American, Asian