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Dr. Batuhan Kurtoğlu
(Hair Surgeon for FUE & DHI)

Hair Surgeon Special for FUE & DHI

Dr. Kurtoğlu is a specialist doctor in hair transplantation and he joined to Cosmeticium Clinic  Transplant Team. Dr. Kurtoglu graduated from Istanbul University, Medicine Faculty which is one of the top medical school in Turkey. As an MD, he started to work at public hospitals, emergency care units and worked as General Practioner. Later on, Dr. Kurtoglu joined to Medical Aesthetic and mesotherapy certificate programme and specialised in hair transplantation, PRP and mesotherapy.  Dr. Kurtoglu performed over 1,500 hair transplantation and he dedicated himself solely to FUE Hair Transplant.

Location: Istanbul

FUE Hair Transplantation Experience: 5 years

DHI Hair Transplantation Experience: 3 years

Field of expertise:  Hair Transplantation with FUE & DHI , Beard Transplantation, Beard and Chest Extraction.

Number of Surgical Procedure: 1,800

Languages: Turkish, English

Nationalities Treated: European, Middle Eastern, American, Asian