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Dr Munise Meral Yese (Dentist)

Dr. Munise Meral Yese was born in Istanbul and continued her education life in Istanbul. She completed her high school education in İstanbul Atatürk Science High School. She got her Dentist degree in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry and she graduated in 2014. She then studied in the PhD. Program in the field of Prosthodontics and specialized in Prosthodontics. She achieved a great success by becoming 23th in the dentistry specialization exam in Istanbul. She continued her career by working in Acıbadem Bakırköy Dental Hospital, İstanbul Private Akdent Dental Health Polyclinic and Private Medicine Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. Dr. Meral is currently active in Cosmeticium.

Memberships and Congresses

Teamplantoloj III – Bredent simposio 12/01/2018
Teamplantoloji III – symposium of Bredent 01.12.2018
International Congress of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Society
ITI Turkey & Azerbaijan Congress 2016
Porcelain Lamina Veneer Application Training in Smile Design with Professor Dr. Aslıhan Üşümez 2017
Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry 6th International Scientific Congress
FDI 101th World Congress of Dentistry Istanbul

Location: Istanbul
Field of expertise: Prosthodontics
Languages: Turkish, English
Nationalities Treated: European, Middle Eastern, American, Asian