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Koray Pacaci, MD
Reconstructive And Aesthetics Surgeon

Born in Ankara in 1983, Koray PAÇACI completed primary school in Ankara and high school education in Istanbul Kültür College. Then, he completed his undergraduate studies in 2008 at Yeditepe University, Department of Medicine. In 2009, he started his specialty training in the Department of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Trakya University with the outstanding success he achieved in the Examination for Specialty in Medicine and successfully completed it in 2015.

He worked as a Plastic Surgery Specialist at Cizre Selahattin Cizrelioğlu State Hospital for 2 years where he successfully managed difficult cases as a plastic surgeon of the region. Afterwards, he worked as a Plastic Surgery Specialist in Private Esteticium Medical Center for nearly 2 years. He is one of the successful surgeons who have performed numerous operations including facial and body aesthetics.

As of 2018, he started working with Cosmeticium Clinic and is still the operator of many successful operations that we carry out.
Receiving positive feedback from many patients thanks to his successful operations, Dr. Paçacı continues to follow the latest developments in the field of health by attending many conferences and seminars in the field of medicine. He has been successfully applying the latest medical techniques in his operations and participating in various seminars and meetings about many different treatment methods in the field of aesthetics such as liposuction, nose aesthetics, abdominal stretching, breast aesthetics, Botox and lip fillers.

Place: Istanbul

Expertise in Surgery:10 Years

Number of Surgeries: 1970

Field of Specialization: Breast Aesthetics, Liposuction, Nose Aesthetics, Abdominal Stretching, Breast Aesthetics, Botox, Lip Filling.