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Op. Dr. Aykut GÖK
(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

A compassionate Medical Doctor and Plastic Surgery Specialist with succesful background in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patient ilnesses and diseases.

Acclaimed for making informed decisions to manage a variety of patient ailments. Skilled in the delivery medical advice and surgical interventions with a focus on patient assessments, correct diagnosis and effective treatment. Experienced in the all Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery procedures. Maintains a focus on collabration medical teams and health care workers concerning medical issues and patient care. Ensures adherence to healthcare guidlines and standart procedures of Plastic Surgery and Medicine. Passionate about Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Recontructive Surgery and Microsurgery.

Surgeon Aykut GÖK was born in Osmaniye. He completed his primary education and hihgh school education in Osmaniye. Dr.Gök started his medical career at istanbul University’s Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine in 2006 and successfully graduated from the faculty in 2012. While he was a student in 2010 he had an observership in allergy immunology lab as a resarcher for one month in Cincinnati

Children Hospital Ohio/USA. After his graduation he started his specialization education at Kocaeli University’s Faculty of Medicine Plastic Surgery Department in 2013. Meanwhile he took microsurgery course in Piuz Branzeu Center at Timisoara/Romania in 2014. He successfully completed his specialization education in 2019 and he continued his medical career as a Plastic Surgery Specialist at Bagcllar Research Hospital for a year. Now Dr. Aykut GÖK he continues his career at Cosmeticium Clinic in Istanbul as Plastic Surgery Specialist.


•Hair Transplantation ‘ Rhinoplasty Eyelid
•Breast Reduction ‘ Liposuction ‘ BBL Brazilian Butt Lift
•Breast Augmentation •Tummy Tuck
•Breast Lifting PRP
•Gynecomastia Botox

Publications and Meetings

  • The 36th Congress of Turkish Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Society
  • The 1st international Cleft Palate and Lips Congress of Turkey
  • The 2nd. International Cleft Palate and Lips Congress of Turkey
  • 2017-The 40th Congress of Turkish Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Society
  • 2018- The 4th. Congress of Asia Pasific Federation of Society for Microsurgery