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PhD. Gizem Ecem Kocak (Dentist, Oral Surgeon)

Dr. Gizem Ecem Koçak was born and raised in Istanbul. She completed her dentistry education in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry and she graduated in 2014. After that, she got her specialization in Oral Diseases by studying in the PhD Program in the Department of Oral Diseases. Continuing her professional career at Denttwin A Plus, Avcilar Hospital, European Dental Oral and Dental Health Center and H&M Dent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. Dr. Gizem is currently active in Cosmeticium.


Treatments applied:


  • Implant surgery, augmentation procedure, sinus lifting (on-off), all fourteen treatments, cyst treatment, burial tooth extraction ..
  • Botox treatment
  • Aesthetic treatments
  • Treatment of Chin Joint Disorders (Occlusal splint and botox treatment)

Scientific studies:


  • Jaw and Facial Fractures, Classification, Treatment Methods. 2014 Graduation Thesis
  • The Length of Styloid Process and the Correlation between Lengths and Clinical Symptoms in the Turkish Population. Int J Med Health Sci. April 2015,Vol-4;Issue-2
  • Kocak GE, Saruhanoglu A, Yaltırık M, Koray M. Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 1: A Case Report. Int J Dentistry Oral Sci. 2018;5(3):626-629.
  • Pekçetin ZS, Senemtaşı A, Kocak GE, Kumral S,Yaltirik M, Koray Congenital Epulis of the Newborn: A Case Report. Open Journal of Stomatology2018;8(4): 120-126.
  • Melkersson Rosenthal Syndrome and Intralesional Corticosteroid Treatment: A Case Report, AÇBİD 2017  Poster presentation
  • Implant Placement to a Sjogren’s Syndrome: A Case Report. AÇBİD 2017 Poster presentation


Location: Istanbul
Field of expertise: Orthodontics
Languages: Turkish, English
Nationalities Treated: European, Middle Eastern, American, Asian