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Advantages of the Facelift

Top 7 Benefits of the Facelift Procedure

Do you have sagging and wrinkles on your face that do not match your age? Don't they make you look older than you are? If your answer is "yes", you can also benefit from the facelift procedure. Interest in this particular method is increasing day by day. People have a younger appearance thanks to this operation. The facelift is a surgical procedure. It can be expressed as the stretching of the skin on the face. It should not be forgotten...

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Best Hair Transplantation Technique for You

What is the Best Hair Transplantation Technique for You? [DHI vs. FUE]

Different hair transplantation techniques have been developed to meet the needs of people. Today, some of these techniques are more preferred. Depending on the expectation, hair transplantation techniques to be preferred may also differ. However, it would not be wrong to say that the most preferred ones are FUE and DHI techniques. In the rest of our article, we will give comprehensive information about the most suitable hair transplantation techniques, DHI and FUE and we will compare them.   FUE...

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Ideal Age for Nose Job

What is the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure applied to eliminate cosmetic and medical problems in the nose. Today, rhinoplasty is preferred by men as well as women. Moreover, it would not be wrong to say that young people are also interested in the rhinoplasty procedure to a considerable extent. Young people are usually a little more impatient to have the nose they dream of. However, having rhinoplasty at the right age is extremely important for a successful outcome. So, what is the ideal...

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Dental Health

6 Effective Suggestions for Your Dental Health

Since teeth are not damaged quickly, they are often neglected. When the necessary precautions for dental health are not taken, the bacteria that settle on your teeth gradually destroy them. And when your teeth lose their health, you may encounter enormous health problems or costs. However, you can prevent all these negativities very easily. How can I have healthy teeth? Here are 6 simple but effective suggestions we have gathered for you that protect dental health.   6. Use Fluoride...

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Hair Transplant on Wound and Burn Scars

How is Hair Transplantation Performed on Wound and Burn Scars?

Burns and wounds cause serious damage to the areas where they occur. If they have occurred on the scalp, hair loss will be inevitable. The loss here is not temporary, but permanent. Partial baldness can be expected due to the destruction of the hair follicles. Here, the most effective method to eliminate such situations is hair transplantation. So, how is hair transplantation applied to wound and burn scars? Is there any difference between normal hair transplantation? All the details you...

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Vitamins After the Hair Transplantation

Which Vitamins Should Be Taken After the Hair Transplantation?

Although it may seem different from other surgical procedures, it should not be forgotten that hair transplantation is also an operation. Therefore, there are things to consider after the hair transplantation. Especially vitamins taken through food and other means are very important. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other substances that are taken with nutrition will strengthen the hair follicles. Proper nutrition is effective in making the transplanted hair healthier. If the right amount of vitamins is not taken, the transplanted hair...

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Best cities for dental treatment

Top 5 Cities for Dental Care | Discover the Best One

Having healthy teeth is one of the most important wishes of people. Because when dental health deteriorates, this has a negative impact on the general health and quality of life. Therefore, people attach great importance to dental treatments and care. Some cities in the world stand out in terms of dental care. You can find detailed information about these cities and their characteristics in the rest of our article. Dental care requires serious professionalism. Although the teeth are extremely durable,...

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Jamie Laing Hair Transplant

Jamie Laing Hair Transplant

Going for a hair transplant is a bold decision, especially if you are a celebrity. Over the years, celebrities have embraced hair transplant procedures for a younger look and fuller heads of hair. A good number of celebrities have experienced satisfying results with their hair transplant procedures. Wayne Rooney is among the most prominent youthful footballers to have had a successful hair operation after experiencing baldness in his mid-20’s. Here is the detailed version of Jamie Laing hair transplant procedure...

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How Long Do Hair Transplants Last_

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

Are you going bald? The experience of hair loss is psychologically distressing. It's time to stop worrying because a hair transplant is here to put your emotional suffering to an end. A surgeon will remove hair follicles from the donor area, the natural part, and implant them into tiny slits on the recipient section, the region with the absence of hair growth. Before start the hair transplant go through the procedure of hair transplant types. When choosing to have a...

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Foods Not Recommended After Hair Transplant

Avoid These Foods After Hair Transplantation!

Hair transplantation is an operation that takes approximately 6-8 hours. However, the first few weeks after the operation are extremely important. Your diet during this period directly affects the success of hair transplantation. While some foods you consume increase the success of hair transplantation, some of them affect it negatively. Therefore, it is extremely important to stay away from foods that have a negative effect. So, what are the banned foods after hair transplantation? What should be considered different? You...

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