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FUE Hair Transplant

With this method micro holes called “canal” are opened in the area of hair loss. Afterwards, the operation is executed with the plantation of the grafts which were collected by the FUE in the opened holes. With this way, in the area of the extraction a linear scar doesn’t occur, first months after the extraction the removal is not even noticed. We give our thanks to the FUE method for natural and clean accomplishment of hair transplantation.

The most important stage of the FUE hair transplantation is the stage of opening the canals. This stage determines the naturality and the density of the process. Canals have to be in appropriate angle for hair to come out, the density have to be close to natural hair and the depth of the canals have to be adjusted optimally. When these factors are taken into account while opening the canals, successful results are achieved.

In the Cosmeticium Establishment the process of opening canals are made by the experienced hair surgeons. Our surgeons are educated in Europe and USA by the members of ISHRS. Our doctors are candidates for membership for ISHRS.


The sharp part that is attached to the object used for opening the canals which is called the “handle”, is particular for the patient and has to be changed for every patient. The most appropriate size of cutter is used for the grafts of the patient.

100% natural, proper angle, density same as a natural one, scarless method, is done painlessly under local anesthesia.

Surgical success guarantee with 88% success rate over of ISHRS’s.

The operations are done only by our hair surgeons.

We guarantee that you will not lose the transplanted hair in a lifetime.

Possibility of planting high number of grafts.


Collection: The grafts are removed one by one from the scalp by the tool “micro motor” which has a holey and sharp point. With this method, depending on the patient’s graft size, the points changing between 0.7-1.25 of diameters are used. The grafts whose sides are split from the hairy skin, are collected by the technicians individually.

Canal Stage: In this stage, appropriate for the grafts’ height and thickness, micro sized tools called “handle” which have little sharp surfaces are used. Once the recipient area is receptive to no pain or discomfort, the micro-lateral incisions will be made with specific interest in angle, depth, orientation and density.

Plantation: The grafts that were collected in the collection stage are planted in the holes which were opened in the canal stage. The plantation stage is also very important. Hairs are placed in the canals, that were appropriately opened for the grafts collected, one by one with care. In this stage, like our natural hair, it is of utmost importance that the grafts which contain one strand of hair are planted in the front.

With this method, because the hair is collected one by one, there will not be any scar mark or a patched look in the donor area. Patients can go back to their jobs after the 3rd day. They will get their natural look in 15 days. The risk of infection and bleeding are very low and a natural look is achieved after the plantation. During the plantation, in the desired area ad-lib amount of canals can be opened and the plantation area can be filled with maximum plantation density. As the canals are opened depending on the collected grafts’ size, the collected grafts and opened canals are small, which causes to be no trace left in the transplantation area after the procedure. And less trace enhances the naturality of the procedure.

As the collected grafts are held in special solutions containing ATP until the plantation, they are never damaged during the procedure and that directly affects the success rate.

 At Cosmeticium, the transplantations are performed and managed by the specialist doctors. Thanks to transplantations performed by a medical point of view the success is taken to higher levels and the risks are minimized.


With this method, the hair is collected individually from the donor zone with the tools called “micro motor” which have holey and sharp points. Thus the hair is removed in a homogenic way. After the removal, there will be equal distribution in the area and there is no other effect other than a slight decrease of hair density. This is not a noticeable decrease in density. It is directly related to surgeon’s success and skill that there wouldn’t be any trace or sign in the area of removal. The first priority of every surgeon who works with us is to do no harm to the are of removal. We have a team who treats this with caution and is concentrated to collect the maximum amount of grafts with no trace.


The time of going back to work post operation is 4-5 days. After the operation the swelling continues for 4-5 days, afterwards in the area of transplantation and collection there will be no sign except rashness, following these days the patient can continue their daily life. After 15 days the patient will get their natural look back completely. Because the planted hair is traumatized, firstly 70-80% of the planted hair will be lost in 30-40 days. But after that the transplanted graft roots would be sunk in and will begin to grow back. In the 3rd month of post transplantation the new hair strands will replace the lost ones and in the 6th month the 50% of the outcome will be seen. This is enough to make a difference in the area. After a year, 80-90% of the hair will be seen in the transplantation and you will get your natural look as we guaranteed.