As Cosmeticium, while giving world-class healthcare services, our aim is to provide medical diagnosis and treatment options for our patients with our professional and qualified staff and their modern equipment and infrastructure on an highest level and the latest technology.

We are Health only works with hospitals that are certified by the international medical associations such as Joint Commission International (JCI), Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Full Insurance

We are confident about the quality of the treatments we offer, however, every patient has a different reaction to the treatment they undergo and these reactions might be difficult to predict. Due to the fact that we state our aim for 100% patient satisfaction we offer full medical travel insurance to cover your treatment.

Affordable Prices

With a high skilled, international educated and certified medical staff, we always provide hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental and laser eye treatments with affordable costs when compared to European countries as we are financially supported by the Turkish Government.

We are is a medical based in Istanbul – Turkey. It is awarded with a 5-star treatment quality and Best Customer Service by many international platforms. It is supported by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

Patient satisfaction is our priority . Therefore, we make sure that our patients get the utmost services and treatments. Even after the treatments, we make sure the patients are satisfied by calling regularly in order a follow-up with the treatment results and to check if  they need further assistance.


Achieving the best results with hair transplantation involves not only top-notch professional work by a surgical team, but also state-of-the-art facilities. To guarantee top results with every transplantation, we operate at a modern full-service hospital in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. This private hospital is certified and accredited by national and international organisations, ensuring that every aspect of the operations is up to the highest standards.