Breast Uplift

What is Breast Uplift?

Breast lift or mastopexy is used to uplift the breasts that have sagged due to different reasons such as breastfeeding, gravity, aging and pregnancy. In this procedure, excess skin and tissues are removed and the nipple is positioned higher. In this way, the breasts with bra and without bra will look more upright. The mastopexy procedure also involves tightening the skin in the region.


Procedure: Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

Operation Duration: 2-3 hours

Accommodation: 1 night at hospital, 4 nights at the hotel

Return to Work: 7 – 10 days

For Whom?: People with sagging breasts due to the factors such as breastfeeding, pregnancy and aging, People who are bored with using a minimizer bra to uplift their breasts, People who don’t have a baby and who are not thinking of a baby in the near future.

Recovery Period: 2 weeks

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Potential Risks and Side Effects: Swelling, Bruising, Infection, Bleeding, Difficulty in breastfeeding, Loss of sensation, Asymmetric appearance

Success Rate: 95%


As COSMETICIUM clinic, we provide FREE consultation to our patients regardless of which cosmetic procedure they choose. These consultations help to manage a healthier treatment process for both parties.

Face-to-Face Consultation: You can visit our clinic in Istanbul, you can have our coffee and get professional information about the health service you need from our specialist doctors.

Video Call: Video call option is available for patients who do not have the chance to visit our clinic at first. Our medical specialist will inform you about the necessary details.

Phone Call: You can contact us via the phone numbers given on the contact form. The people in our advisory team will inform you about the procedure you need.

WhatsApp / E-mail: Please feel free to send us your medical photos to get more precise information about the procedure you need.

* Although the types of consultations other than face-to-face interviews are useful for getting some ideas and details about the procedure, we may need medical images to determine the best suggestion. Applying the right treatment is our first priority as COSMETICIUM clinic.


Day 1

  • Arrival to Istanbul Airport
  • Our team will meet you at the airport
  • Visit to the clinic and consultation with your doctor
  • Transfer from the clinic to the hotel for rest

Day 2

  • Transfer from hotel to clinic
  • Getting prepared for surgery
  • Required medical tests and final evaluation before surgery
  • Start of surgery
  • Spending the night at hospital

Day 3

  • Your doctor will check your health status
  • Discharge from hospital
  • Transfer to the hotel for rest

Day 4

  • Resting for recovery
  • Enjoy Istanbul without tiring yourself

Day 5

  • Transfer to the clinic for final evaluation
  • Discuss the details of complementary therapy
  • Obtain instructions from your doctor about what you should pay attention to
  • Transfer to the airport in order to return to your country

* Treatment processes may vary according to the health service and its scope of each person.


The cost of a Breast Uplift Surgery in the clinics in Europe ranges from € 4,500 to € 7,000.

The cost of a breast uplift operations in our clinic in Turkey ranges from € 1,500 to € 2,000.

In Europe, these prices generally do not include fees of hotel accommodation and transfers, which are the services the patient needs. Some clinics may even charge high fees for pre-operative consultation.

In Turkey, this covers the cost of all treatment package. The services involved in the Breast Uplift surgery in Turkey are;

  • 5-star-hotel accommodation
  • All VIP transfer services between Airport / Hotel / Clinic
  • All necessary dressings until returning to your country
  • Monitoring of medical care

When we look at the comparison of the prices in Turkey and Europe, we see that the cost in Europe is about 3 times more than the one in Turkey. Moreover, the cost of accommodation and transfers are 3.5 – 4 times more.

Do not pay 4 times more money for the same medical procedure and regret it. Join thousands of patients coming to Istanbul every year to have a Breast Uplift surgery.


The points you need to pay attention to in the post-operative period directly affect the success of the Breast Uplift Surgery. Try to follow all the advice given by your doctor. If you have any questions, COSMETICIUM will be here to help you with our expert team. In the Aftercare stage after Breast Uplift Surgery, it is worth noting that:

  • Do not exercise for 2 weeks after the operation.
  • Choose a quality bra.
  • Never lift heavily and force yourself on the first few days.
  • Do not drive until you have fully healed as the seat belt will be uncomfortable while driving.

We pay great importance to the successful results of our patients. If you would like to share your new outlook with us, please feel free to post photos via our contact page.

What Are the Different Types of Breast Uplift?

There are different operation options in the breast lift procedure. The specialist physician decides which of these will be used, depending on the patient’s condition. Breast uplift types include:

1) Vertical (Lollipop) Technique

It is the most preferred technique. Because the incisions created in this method resemble a lollipop, it is also known as the lollipop technique. Incisions are formed around the brown part of the breast and then vertically up to the bottom of the breast. Areola can be made smaller, drooping tissues are removed, nipple is repositioned. There is also the possibility of using an implant in this method.

2) Reverse T (Anchor) Technique

The incisions start down from the areola and reach both sides of the chest. So in a sense, the opposite T-shape is drawn. The nipple is repositioned and the breast is reshaped. More skin is needed to use this method.

3) Pariareolar (Donut) Technique

It is a technique that leaves fewer scars and is frequently demanded by women. It is a useful method for the beasts with tubes.


Stages of Breast Uplift Surgery

1) Consultation

At this stage, you will get information about the procedure and ask your doctor about any questions you may have. So you don’t have any questions about breast lift. In addition, your doctor will check whether you comply with this procedure. Your medical history, medications you use, your weight, whether you have a baby, whether you are planning to have a baby in the near future, and similar factors are taken into account. After all these factors are evaluated, the surgeon will decide on the surgery.

2) Anesthesia

General anesthesia is generally preferred in this surgery. In some cases, local anesthesia or sedation may also be used. Your doctor will make the decision at this point.

3) Surgery

There are different techniques for breast uplift, and your doctor will decide which one to use based on your condition. Even if there is a scar in these methods, it will not be a problem since the scars will remain under bikini or bra.

First, an incision is made around the areola and then it goes vertically downwards. If necessary, a horizontal incision can be made from the lower parts of the chest. After the incisions are formed, excess tissue and skin are removed. After this stage your nipple is moved a bit further up to get a natural image. Finally, the incisions are closed and the procedure is completed. After the procedure, a tube can be inserted to discharge the liquid in the breast.


What Should Be Considered in Breast Uplift Surgery?

The success rate of breast uplift surgery is very high. However, in order for this operation to be successful, the following points must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, different problems may occur. These are:

  • You should stop smoking and drinking for some time before the operation. These are important for the normal course of the treatment.
  • Have a mammogram and a thorough examination of your breast tissue.
  • Try to achieve your ideal weight.
  • Stop eating and drinking completely 12 hours before surgery.
  • Lie on your back.
  • Get detailed information and prepare for the post-operative procedure.
  • Come to the clinic with loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Leave your jewelry and valuables at home before you come to the clinic.
  • Remove nail polish and false nails from your fingers.


Recovery Period

After the surgery, dressings and bandages are applied on the sutures. Immediately thereafter, you are provided with a special uplift bra to support your breasts. At this stage, you will experience some pain and do not forget to use the painkillers prescribed by your doctor regularly.

After a few weeks, results begin to appear and the healing process accelerates. During the first month, you will significantly recover and return to daily life slowly.


What Should I Expect from Breast Uplift Surgery?

You can see the change in your breasts immediately after surgery. But remember that this change is not a complete result and you have to wait for a while to get the best results. After the operation, the necessary check-ups are performed and if there is nothing wrong, you will be discharged immediately.

You will notice that your breasts are softer. Your stitches are removed within the first 10 days and you will recover significantly. You may gradually return to your daily life, but be sure to follow your doctor’s advice.

Before & After Photos

You can examine the successful results by comparing the pre- and post-operative photos of our patients having Breast Uplift surgery in our clinic. These results will help you during your decision-making process.

Is the surgery painful?

You will be under anesthesia at the time of the surgery and therefore you will not have any pain.

Will I have pain after surgery?

You will start to feel a slight pain immediately after the operation. This is not very severe. However, thanks to the painkillers given by your doctor you will get over this period much more comfortably.

Can I breastfeed my baby after the operation?

In the methods to be used, the milk producing property of the udder is not adversely affected. So you can continue to breastfeed your baby. However, it is better to work with an experienced doctor in order to prevent a possible negativity.

When can I get back to work?

If your job doesn’t tire you in general and it is comfortable, you can go back to work after resting for a few days. But if you can get some days off from work permit, it is better to rest at home for 10 days. If you have a strenuous job, it is recommended to start at the end of 6 weeks at the earliest.

Is the breast lift operation permanent?

Yes, this process is permanent. However, factors such as excess weight gain and pregnancy will affect the breast.

When can I start the exercises?

You can start non-tiring exercises at the end of 2 weeks. For intensive and strenuous exercises, you should wait at least 6 weeks.

Will the operation prevent me from breast feeding?

Breast uplift procedure does not cause any problems in milk production. Only the nipples may experience loss of sensation for a while, which does not interfere with breastfeeding. In addition, the loss of sensation will recover completely within a few months.

Will there be any scars after the surgery?

The answer varies depending on the method used for surgery. However, since the incisions will be used for the procedure, there will be some scarring. However, these scars turn to normal skin color in 1-2 years and are not obvious from the outside. In addition, the scars remain under the bra and bikini.

Is it possible to augment or reduce my breast size during surgery?

Breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery may be included in the breast uplift surgery. You should inform your doctor at the first meeting.