What is Face lifting?

Face lift operation, which was developed to eliminate the sagging of the face due to aging, excessive sun exposure and similar reasons, has recently become more and more preferred by women. Facelift is a procedure that makes the face look much younger and firmer. During the procedure, the soft tissues on the face are lifted, excess skin is removed and the skin is placed over the contours and repositioned.


Procedure: Facelift

Operation Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Accommodation: 2 nights at hospital, 5 nights at the hotel

Return to Work: 10 – 15 days

For Whom: Those who want to appear younger and have alive skin Those who want to get rid of wrinkles and sagging on the face & Those with wrinkles in the mouth, eyes and chin area Those who want to correct the sagging at different points on the face due to rapid weight loss

Recovery Period: 2 weeks

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Potential Risks and Side Effects: Blood collection (Hematoma), Nerve damage and consequent loss of sensation, Excessive bleeding, permanent scarring, Hair loss in the treated area

Success Rate: 95%


As COSMETICIUM clinic, we provide FREE consultation to our patients regardless of which cosmetic procedure they choose. These consultations help to manage a healthier treatment process for both parties.

Face-to-Face Consultation: You can visit our clinic in Istanbul, you can have our coffee and get professional information about the health service you need from our specialist doctors.

Video Call: Video call option is available for patients who do not have the chance to visit our clinic at first. Our medical specialist will inform you about the necessary details.

Phone Call: You can contact us via the phone numbers given on the contact form. The people in our advisory team will inform you about the procedure you need.

WhatsApp / E-mail: Please feel free to send us your medical photos to get more precise information about the procedure you need.

* Although the types of consultations other than face-to-face interviews are useful for getting some ideas and details about the procedure, we may need medical images to determine the best suggestion. Applying the right treatment is our first priority as COSMETICIUM clinic.


Day 1

  • Arrival at Istanbul Airport
  • Our team will meet you at the airport
  • Transfer to the hotel for rest

Day 2

  • Transfer from hotel to clinic
  • Consultation
  • Getting prepared for surgery
  • Required medical tests and final evaluation before surgery
  • Start of surgery
  • Spending the night at the hospital

Day 3

  • Your doctor will check your health status
  • You will be kept in hospital for another 1 day.
  • Resting at the hospital

Day 4

  • Your doctor will check your health status
  • Discharge from hospital
  • Transfer to the hotel for rest

Day 5-6

  • Resting for recovery
  • Enjoy Istanbul without tiring yourself

Day 7

  • Transfer to the clinic for final evaluation
  • Discuss the details of complementary therapy
  • Obtain instructions from your doctor about what you should pay attention to
  • Transfer to the airport to return to your country

* Treatment processes may vary according to the health service and scope of each person.


The cost of a Face lift operation in European clinics ranges from € 4,500 to € 10,000.

The cost of a facelift operation that will be performed in our clinic in Turkey ranges from € 2,000 to € 3,000.

In Europe, these prices generally do not include fees of hotel accommodation and transfers, which are the services the patient needs. Some clinics may even charge high fees for pre-operative consultation.

In Turkey, this covers the cost of all treatment package. The services involved in the Face lift surgery in Turkey are;

  • 5-star-hotel accommodation
  • All VIP transfer services between Airport / Hotel / Clinic
  • All necessary dressings until returning to your country
  • Monitoring of medical care

When we look at the comparison of the prices in Turkey and Europe, we see that the cost in Europe is about 2.5 times more than the one in Turkey. Moreover, the cost of accommodation and transfers are 3 times more.

Do not pay 3 times more money for the same medical procedure and regret it. Join thousands of patients coming to Istanbul every year to have a Face-lift surgery.


The points you need to pay attention to in the postoperative period directly affect the success of the Facelift procedure. Try to follow all the advice given by your doctor. If you have any questions, COSMETICIUM will be here to help you with our expert team. In the Aftercare stage after facelift surgery, it is worth noting that:

  • Since the operation will be performed under anesthesia, it is normal to feel tired and sleepy after the operation.
  • Swelling and bruising may occur due to surgery, which is normal.
  • You may need to stay in the clinic for the first 1-2 days to rest and be kept under control.
  • It is important to keep your head up by raising your head in the first days after surgery.
  • Your bandages will be removed within 2-5 days after the surgery and your stitches will be removed after 1 week.
  • You should not bathe until your bandages are removed.
  • You should avoid hard work and strenuous activities during the first 2 weeks.
  • Swelling, bruising and similar conditions will begin to recover after a few weeks.

We pay great importance to the successful results of our patients. If you would like to share your new outlook with us, please feel free to post photos via our contact page.

face lift

What Are the Different Types of Facelift?

The facelift procedure has different variations in itself. The most appropriate choice among these is determined by the specialist surgeon according to the patient’s face anatomy, skin tightness level and the patient’s wishes. Each procedure is patient-specific. Below are the different facelift techniques and their explanations.


1. Skin Only Facelift

Facelift has been applied in different ways since the beginning of 1900s. This method is also known as cutaneous face lift and requires less incision than other techniques. It is a skin-only procedure and the level of tightening is slightly thinner than the new methods. However, it has the advantages of low risk and rapid recovery.


2. Traditional Facelift (SMAS)

Although SMAS, which is accepted as a traditional method, is more complex than other techniques, it has a long-lasting effect. This technique is based on the manipulation of muscles just below the skin, known as the superficial muscle-aponeurotic system. The muscle group referred to herein is directly related to the formation of facial expression.

For the application of the technique, an incision is made starting from the hairline to the earlobe. After the skin is removed, the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened. This allows them to adopt their new positions.


3. Deep Plane Lift

It can be said that it is a technique that goes one step further than the traditional method. It is a method developed for people with severe wrinkles and sagging and is usually applied to older patients. In addition to the adjustment of the SMAS layer, the muscles that are deeper are also adjusted. Although it is much more effective than the traditional method, the surgeon who will perform this procedure should have a very good level of expertise. Otherwise, there is a possibility of damage to the nerves in the face.


4. Mini Facelift

This method involves a partial face lift. It is a more invasive method and its cost is low. However, it should be known that their effects are limited.


Stages of Facelift Surgery

The steps followed in the facelift procedure are as follows.


1. Anesthesia

With general anesthesia, it is ensured that the patient does not feel pain during the procedure.


2. Incisions

In the second stage of the procedure, incisions will be made by your surgeon to the hairline on both sides of your head. Depending on the procedure, the incisions may extend up to the anterior part of the ear, the bottom of the earlobe and the rear part of the ear. In addition, if the operation is to be performed on the jaw line, incision will be performed here, as well.


3. Lifting

The skin is pulled backwards and upwards to remove excess skin.


4. Suturing the Skin

The skin repositioned to its new position is sutured.


5. Bandaging

Bandage is applied to the face to reduce swelling and bruising to the lowest level.


What Should Be Considered in Facelift Surgery?

There are some tasks that should be done by the patient for the facelift to be successful. Some of them can be listed as:

  • You must stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the operation. This will make it easier for the operation to achieve success and long-lasting results.
  • Your doctor will give you some advice before surgery. You must follow all of these.
  • You can bring a headscarf and wide sunglasses to the clinic to hide bruises and swelling that may occur after surgery.
  • Ask your doctor how long you will avoid eating and drinking before the surgery and act accordingly.
  • Find someone to accompany you after surgery.
  • Obtain 2-3 weeks leave off from work as you will need to rest and expect bruises and swellings to pass after 2-3 weeks of surgery.
  • Do not bring your valuable belongings and jewelry when you come to the clinic.
  • Remove your false nails and nail polishes and come to the clinic as there is a possibility of a pulse monitor on your finger during surgery.


Recovery Period

Swelling and bruising will occur on your face after surgery. They usually recover within 2-3 weeks. Never forget, however, that patients’ recovery times vary.

Sutures can be removed within 5-7 days, while a significant percentage of the patients may return to work at the end of two weeks. As time passes, bruising and swelling will decrease. The recovery after the facelift procedure is slower than other operations. At this point, there is no need to worry.


What Should I Expect from Facelift Surgery?

People suffering from sagging and wrinkles on their face may experience psychological traumas due to this condition. Looking older than they really are also affects people’s self-confidence negatively. Facelift procedure may be preferred to eliminate these conditions. Before this procedure, you should discuss your questions with your doctor and provide the exact information requested by the doctor. This not only determines whether you comply with this procedure, but also makes your expectations more realistic.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and you may feel tired and sleepy after the operation. After a while, you will feel pain after anesthesia loses its effect. Thanks to the painkillers prescribed by your doctor, you can overcome this process without any problems.

After the procedure, you will feel numbness on some areas of your face. This is extremely normal. This situation will diminish and disappear. Some patients may need several weeks and others may require several months to completely disappear. Most of the bruises on the face will pass within 2 weeks. Note that you should wait for at least 6-9 months to get the final results.

Before & After Photos

You can examine the successful results closely by comparing the pre- and post-photographs of our patients with Facelift surgery in our clinic. These results will help you in your decision-making process.

When do I get the best results?

The most natural look of your face will occur from the sixth month on. Some patients’ full recovery occurs at the end of the ninth month.

In which areas are the incisions made in Facelift operation?

Incisions are made in a way that  they won’t be visible in the healing period. The incisions, which extend to the anterior part of the ear, the bottom of the earlobe and the back of the ear, can be easily concealed with the hair once it has healed.

Is Facelift a painful procedure?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and there is no pain. After the effect of anesthesia has passed, incisions will cause you to experience some pain. These mild and moderate pain can be relieved by painkillers given by your doctor.

How long should I stop smoking?

Quitting smoking is extremely important for the permanence of your new skin. But if you can’t give up completely, you should avoid smoking 2 months before and 2 months after surgery.

Is the facelift process permanent?

There are many different factors that affect the permanence of the results in the facelift procedure. If you follow the advice given by your doctor, eat healthy, and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, the process can last for 15 years or more. Remember that you need to avoid smoking first for permanence.

When can I return to my daily routine?

A significant number of patients may return to work and normal daily life at the end of 2-3 weeks. However, at least 3 weeks should be waited for exercise and heavy work, which causes increased blood pressure. At this point, you should act in accordance with your doctor’s advice.

Do I need someone at home to help me after the Facelift operation?

It is important to have a friend or family member at home to help you during the first days after you leave the hospital.

When can I start exercising?

You can start light exercises such as walking at the end of 3 weeks. But you should wait for at least 4-6 weeks for strenuous exercises.

Can I sunbathe on holiday?

Exposing your body to direct sunlight in the first months or sunbathing for a while may trigger different complications. So, you should follow the advice of your doctor.