What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure applied to beautify the appearance of the eyelids. It is used for the elimination of sagging, wrinkles, bagging and similar problems in the eyelids caused by different reasons. In addition, it can be made for aesthetic purposes. This can be done in the lower or upper eyelid, both eyelids can be treated together. So your eyes will have a flawless outlook.


Procedure: Eyelid Surgery | Blepharoplasty

Operation Duration: 1-2 hours

Accommodation: 1 night at hospital, 4 nights at the hotel

Return to Work: 5 – 7 days

For Whom?: People with detention bags, People with excessive fat and sagging of their upper eyelids or who have limited vision due to similar problems, People who want to have a younger look

Recovery Period: 2 weeks

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia

Potential Risks and Side Effects: Blurred vision, Permanent scar formation around the eye, Difficulty in closing the eyelids, Bleeding, Infection, Dried or irritated eyes

Success Rate: 90% to 95%


As COSMETICIUM clinic, we provide FREE consultation to our patients regardless of which cosmetic procedure they choose. These consultations help to manage a healthier treatment process for both parties.

Face-to-Face Consultation: You can visit our clinic in Istanbul, you can have our coffee and get professional information about the health service you need from our specialist doctors.

Video Call: Video call option is available for patients who do not have the chance to visit our clinic at first. Our medical specialist will inform you about the necessary details.

Phone Call: You can contact us via the phone numbers given on the contact form. The people in our advisory team will inform you about the procedure you need.

WhatsApp / E-mail: Please feel free to send us your medical photos to get more precise information about the procedure you need.

* Although the types of consultations other than face-to-face interviews are useful for getting some ideas and details about the procedure, we may need medical images to determine the best suggestion. Applying the right treatment is our first priority as COSMETICIUM clinic.


Day 1

  • Arrival to Istanbul Airport
  • Our team will meet you at the airport
  • Visit to the clinic and consultation with your doctor
  • Transfer from the clinic to the hotel for rest

Day 2

  • Transfer from hotel to clinic
  • Getting prepared for surgery
  • Required medical tests and final evaluation before surgery
  • Start of surgery
  • Spending the night at hospital

Day 3

  • Your doctor will check your health status
  • Discharge from hospital
  • Transfer to the hotel for rest

Day 4

  • Resting for recovery
  • Enjoy Istanbul without tiring yourself

Day 5

  • Transfer to the clinic for final evaluation
  • Discuss the details of complementary therapy
  • Obtain instructions from your doctor about what you should pay attention to
  • Transfer to the airport in order to return to your country

* Treatment processes may vary according to the health service and its scope of each person.


The cost of an Eyelid operation in clinics in Europe ranges from € 3,000 to € 5,000.

The average cost of an Eyelid operation in our clinic in Turkey is around € 1,000.

In Europe, these prices generally do not include fees of hotel accommodation and transfers, which are the services the patient needs. Some clinics may even charge high fees for pre-operative consultation.

In Turkey, this covers the cost of all treatment package. The services involved in the Eyelid surgery in Turkey are;

  • 5-star-hotel accommodation
  • All VIP transfer services between Airport / Hotel / Clinic
  • All necessary dressings until returning to your country
  • Monitoring of medical care

When we look at the comparison of the prices in Turkey and Europe, we see that the cost in Europe is about 3 times more than the one in Turkey. Moreover, the cost of accommodation and transfers are 4 times more.

Do not pay 4 times more money for the same medical procedure and regret it. Join thousands of patients coming to Istanbul every year to have an Eyelid surgery.


The points you need to pay attention to in the post-operative period directly affect the success of the Eyelid procedure. Try to follow all the advice given by your doctor. If you have any questions, COSMETICIUM will be here to help you with our expert team. In the Aftercare stage after the eyelid operation, it is worth noting that:

  • You should not put on eye make-up.
  • There may be a number of drawbacks when using lenses.
  • After the operation, you should regularly apply cold compresses or warm compresses to your eyelids with an ice pack.
  • Use eye drops and ointments given by your doctor regularly.
  • Protect your eyes from wind and similar external influences.
  • Do not look directly at the sun.
  • Avoid smoking before surgery and on the next days, according to the advice of your doctor. If possible, give it up completely.
  • Avoid exercise and strenuous activities for at least 1-2 weeks after surgery.

We pay great importance to the successful results of our patients. If you would like to share your new outlook with us, please feel free to post photos via our contact page.

Stages of Upper Eyelid Surgery

1) Anesthesia

Generally, local anesthesia is applied during the procedure in line with the patient’s condition. In some cases, sedative anesthesia may be used. While the patient is completely unconscious in general anesthesia, the patient is awake in local anesthesia and there is numbness only in the area where the operation is performed. In sedative anesthesia, the patient sleeps.

2) Operation

With micro-incision procedures, the natural curves of your eyelids are treated by your doctor. Here excess fat and tissues are taken to tighten them. In the last stage, the incisions are closed.


Stages of Lower Eyelid Surgery

1) Anesthesia

In this process, general anesthesia, sedative anesthesia and local anesthesia options are used. The doctor makes the appropriate choice among them according to the patient’s condition.

2) Operation

The incision is applied in accordance with the process to be applied to the inner parts of the lower lid. The excess fat and tissues are removed and the area is tightened. Finally, the opened incisions are closed and the process is terminated.

What Should Be Considered in Eyelid Surgery?

There are some issues that need to be considered and known in order for this procedure to be successful and to meet the expectations. These are:

  • Ask your doctor about what should you expect from the procedure and learn the risks.
  • A vision test will be conducted to determine the source of the problem.
  • Do not use any medicines other than those prescribed by your doctor.
  • Stop smoking 2-3 weeks before surgery.
  • Arrange a companion to assist you as you will need help after surgery.
  • You will be under anesthesia during the procedure and you will not feel any pain. Be calm and patient at this stage.


Recovery Period

You may experience mild pain after surgery, which is perfectly normal. You can get rid of this pain thanks to the medications given by your doctor. You should sleep at a high position in the first days after surgery. Post-operative swelling and bruising will significantly disappear within 2-3 weeks. In order to reduce the swelling around the eyes, you should avoid physical activities for as much as 2 weeks. After 2-3 weeks, your eyelids will heal considerably and have a beautiful appearance.

You can return to work 5-7 days after the operation. Wait for your doctor’s approval to drive. In addition, follow other recommendations given by your doctor. This will shorten the recovery time and will also increase the success rate of the procedure.


What Should I Expect from Eyelid Surgery?

This procedure can be carried out purely for aesthetic purposes as well as for the correction of some vision problems. It can be combined with facelift and brow lift procedures for aesthetic purposes.

You may feel discomfort in your eyes at first. In addition, your eyes will be more sensitive in the early days. Over time, these will improve. The full recovery takes place after 3 months and your expectations are largely met.

Before & After Photos

You can examine the successful results closely by comparing the before and after photographs of our patients who have undergone Eyelid surgery in our clinic. These results will help you in your decision-making process.

Is Blepharoplasty a dangerous surgery?

Blepharoplasty, although seen as a simple and small operation, is ultimately a surgical procedure. As in every surgery, there are some complications. But these are not generally dangerous. Infection, bleeding and similar problems are rare. In general, it can be said that this procedure is safe and does not have serious risks.

When are the sutures removed?

Sutures are removed 4-6 days after the operation.

How long does it take to get better?

In general, recovery takes 2 weeks. However, it is necessary to act according to the recommendations given by the doctor and especially to get over the first week without any problem.

When can I wash my face after surgery?

In general, recovery takes 2 weeks. However, it is necessary to act according to the recommendations given by the doctor and especially to get over the first week without any problem.

When can I wash my face after surgery?

You can wash your face after 5 days, but be careful to wash your eyelids slowly with a handkerchief. At this point, follow the advice of your doctor.

Is there a way to prevent swelling and bruising?

Bruising and swelling are natural results of the surgical procedure and cannot be prevented. After about 2 weeks, bruises and swellings heal greatly. Cold compresses should be applied to the eyelids after surgery to minimize swelling and bruising.

When can I drive again after surgery?

You will be able to drive immediately after the operation, but you should wait 1 day.

Will there be any scars after surgery?

The incisions opened in this procedure are on the curves of the eyelid or inside the eyelid. Therefore, they cannot be seen from outside. In addition, the incisions are extremely small. Therefore, there will be no visible scars from the outside.

When do the scars disappear after blepharoplasty surgery?

The incisions opened during surgery are closed with sutures. It takes 6-12 weeks for the suture marks to pass. At the end of this period, there will be no scars around your eyes.

Where are incisions done in Blepharoplasty surgery?

In the lower blepharoplasty surgery, incision is done in the inner parts of the eye or the lower parts of the eyelashes; while in the upper blepharoplasty operation, an incision is done on the natural curves in the upper region of the eyelid.

When can I get back to work?

If the first 1 week passes well and smoothly, you can return to work.

When can I start exercising after blepharoplasty?

Exercise and physical activities should be avoided in the first week. In the later process, light exercises can be started. Heavy exercises can be started 3 weeks after surgery.

Will a bandage be placed on the eyes after surgery?

No. In this procedure, no bandage is placed on the eyes. Instead, only small patches are attached to the wound sites. These patches can be removed at the end of the following day.