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You Should Know About Liposuction

Things You Should Know If You Are Considering Liposuction

What Is Liposuction? It is a surgical operation that aims to remove excess fat from the body of patients who are not considered as obese but cannot get results using various weight loss techniques. Body fats are thrown out of the body by a qualified specialist. In fact, it is more accurate to consider the liposuction procedure as a fat removal process rather than a method for weight loss. Liposuction, which is an aesthetic operation in the literature, is known...

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Footballer Hair Transplantation

8 Football Players Who Had Hair Transplantation

Our hair is one of the most important parts of our body. Its effect on the external appearance of the person is undeniable. Furthermore, hair is closely related to self-confidence. The more satisfied a person is with his external appearance, the higher his self-confidence will be. The main purpose of addressing these is to show how the hair affects the person from the spiritual point of view. Hair loss and regional hair loss are saddening situations when hair is so...

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Hygiene Rules for Hair Transplant

10 Important Hygiene Rules for Hair Transplantation

Although hair transplantation is aesthetically important by many people, it is actually one of the medical operations. There are some rules to be followed before and after the operation. Cleaning and hygiene stand out as the most important rules. There are many points to which close attention should be given from the lying position to bathing after the operation. However, hygiene is the most important of these points. It is important that the centers where the operation is performed are...

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Are Hair Transplantation Reviews and Comments Reliable?

Baldness is a serious problem especially for men. Most people may not recognize themselves after having hair transplantation operations. Because having hair or not changes us a lot. However, you need to make a decision after doing a research on who is suitable for hair transplantation, how will the result be after the operation, and the reliability of hair transplantation centers. Finding a reliable hair transplantation center where specialist doctors do the operations is very important. Because hair transplantation is...

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Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey

In terms of both the service quality and reliability, Turkey has stood out in health tourism more than any other country especially over the past few years. The most important reason for this is that the price of hair transplantation is much cheaper compared to other countries. Besides, the success of doctors is also an important factor for health tourism in Turkey. The conditions of the clinic where the operation will be performed, the recovery process after the operation and...

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Criterias for Hair Transplant Clinics

Criteria That Make a Hair Transplant Clinic the Best

If you have questions such as “I want to have hair transplantation, but which is the best hair transplantation clinic, where is it, what criteria should be paid attention to? All the answers are in our article. Hair transplantation is now one of the most frequently preferred aesthetic operations. It is preferred by many people in line with new developments in medicine. Hair transplantation operations weren’t preferred in their early periods. However, as a result of the fact that people...

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Hair Transplantation In The Summer

Can Hair Transplantation Be Done In The Summer?

Hair transplantation is a surgical method preferred by people who are uncomfortable with baldness or hair problems. How much our hair changes our physical appearance is an undisputed issue. But as the physical appearance changes, we feel also psychologically comfortable and our confidence increases. Therefore, it should never be seen as unnecessary or insignificant operation. Of course, when you make such a decision, you should definitely choose an expert and professional hair transplantation center. There are some important points to...

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Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Is Hair Transplantation in Turkey Safe?

Hair transplantation is done in many countries of the world. However, in terms of medical tourism, Turkey has been located in the first row for the past ten years. Especially, Turkey is the first in hair transplantation. According to last year's statistical data, about 60,000 people have come to Turkey for hair transplantation. These numbers are increasing day by day. In many countries, a large number of tourists come to Turkey for hair transplantation in particular. Not only the number...

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Will I Lose My Hair After Hair Transplant?

Will I Lose Hair After the Transplantation?

The biggest problem of women and men in older ages is thinning hair. Partial loss of hair caused by constant shedding is one of the most important factors that affects our appearance in a bad way. Losing hair or having significant problems with it causes people to use different methods, and one of the hair treatment applications is hair transplantation methods. Because these methods have their own features, people should go into a very good research. There are a few...

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FUE and DHI Hair Transplantation Methods

Which Hair Transplantation Method Is Best for You? | FUE or DHI?

There are many methods that is used for hair transplantation. Thanks to these methods many people who are losing their hair can have hair. The methods used for hair transplantation can have different effects, completion times or prices. Because of that every method that is used for hair transplantation can differ. There are many different methods. Among those methods of hair transplantation FUE and DHI can be considered the most effective and popular ones. FUE and DHI methods which are...

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