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Hair Transplantation in London, England

Should I Have Hair Transplantation in London?

There are many clinics in different cities around the world for hair transplantation. But it would not be wrong to say that London is a step forward with its different features. London, one of the major cities of England and Europe, is one of the right addresses for people who have lost their hair to get their hair back smoothly. There are many hair transplantation clinics in London, the capital of England, and it would not be wrong to say...

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Can Breast Augmentation Be Performed Without Implant?

An implant is not the only alternative for women who want to have larger breasts for different reasons. Breast augmentation without an implant is now possible. How effective and permanent are the breast augmentation methods without implant? The implant which has been applied since the past is still used extensively and gives very good results. However, thanks to the point reached by medical technology, it can be said that the only breast augmentation option is no longer an implant. Two...

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Shock Hair Loss

What Causes Shock Hair Loss After Transplantation? Is It Normal?

After a while, hair transplantation patients may lose most of the hair transplanted as a result of shock hair loss. Because of this situation, inaccurate perceptions may occur in the way that the transplanted hair is not permanent and completely lost after a while. However, it should be known that the hair loss seen after the hair transplantation is completely normal and it does not harm the transplanted hair. So, hair loss is normal and there is no reason to...

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Causes of Itching After Hair Transplantation

Why Does Itching Occur After Hair Transplantation?

Get your prior outlook back thanks to hair transplantation will make you more than happy. But at the very beginning of this process, that is, after having hair transplantation, itching may occur on your scalp. Is itchy normal after hair transplantation? In our article, you can find all details about the main causes of itching after hair transplantation and how to overcome this.   Causes of Itching After Hair Transplantation There are different methods used in hair transplantation, all of...

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Wrong Informations About Hair Transplantation

7 General Misconceptions About Hair Transplantation

Without any doubt, hair transplantation is the best solution for people who want to get rid of the effects of hair loss. The efficient results of hair transplantation and the demands of people for this procedure have led to the continuous development of hair transplantation methods and these methods have been perfected over time. When someone who has lost his/her hair wants to have hair transplantation, he/she first starts collecting information about it. The source of information is usually different...

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dhi method for more hair follicles

Why Should People Who Want Denser Transplantation Prefer DHI?

In some cases, patients may require more hair transplanted. For these patients who want a firmer and dense look on their hair, not all methods may meet their expectations. The FUE method has been successfully implemented for a long time and it meets the expectations. DHI method is the newest and most advanced procedure in hair transplantation sector. Why should DHI method be preferred for those who need more and more hair transplantation? In this article we will examine the...

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Minoxil and Finasteride

Minoxil and Finasteride Usage After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation operations are among the operations that are going to run and run due to their high success rate. Men who experience hair loss problems try to strengthen and revitalize their hair by using many by-products before going for hair transplantation operations. The high success rate in hair transplantation operations is the main reason that encourages many patients for these operations. It is possible to make this operation more permanent and to ensure that the results to be obtained...

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What Are the Hidden Reasons Negative Comments About Turkey?

Why Do Competitive Countries Make Negative Comments About Turkey?

Turkey has recently taken its place among the most developed countries in the field of hair transplantation. Unfortunately, foreign countries never fail to defame Turkey by making up baseless news because they've lost so many customers. People living abroad are choosing to undergo hair transplantation procedure in Turkey because it is performed at less cost, using advanced methods and with a 100% success rate. While this is the situation in Turkey, foreign countries choose the path of unfairly blaming Turkey...

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Micro Pigmentation vs. Hair Transplantation

Differences Between Micro Pigmentation and Hair Transplantation

Those who have lost their hair are highly affected by the change in their general appearance. A number of negative effects such as loss of self-confidence or psychological problems can occur. There are different ways to solve them, and people prefer the methods that are appropriate for them. It can be said that micro pigmentation and hair transplantation methods are among the highly preferred methods to overcome this problem. These methods in question have their own differences, advantages and disadvantages....

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New Methods for Aesthetic Sector

New Methods and Latest Technologies in the Aesthetic Sector

The aesthetic sector has made great moves, especially in recent years, and new ones are being added every day. These new developments can only be explained by the rapid advancement of technology and the fact that this leads to very serious developments in the health sector. In addition to the classical aesthetic plastic surgery we know, many aesthetic procedures can now be performed without any surgical intervention. These developments, which surpass some surgical interventions in the aesthetic sector, are frequently...

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