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Is Tummy Tuck Right for You

Is Tummy Tuck a Right Procedure for You?

Are you uncomfortable with the appearance of your abdominal area? If your answer to this question is "yes", please keep reading our article. With cosmetic procedures, you can give your abdominal area the look you want. The most preferred method in this area is the tummy tuck. So, is tummy tuck a suitable procedure for you? Let's look for the answer to this question together.   What Does the Tummy Tuck Procedure Do? The tummy tuck, as the name suggests,...

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Exercise After Breast Implants

When is Exercise Safe After Breast Implants?

There are different procedures used for breast augmentation. However, it would not be wrong to say that breast implants are the most preferred method among these. With this method, women can have breasts at the size they want. Breast implants, which have a very high success rate, are placed in the breasts by a surgical procedure. After breast implant surgery, patients should take care of themselves during the recovery period. So, when can you start exercising? Let's look for the...

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Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Why is Hair Transplantation Cheaper in Turkey?

Clinic selection is extremely important for plastic surgery. This is also true for hair transplantation. So much so that people can even go to different countries because of the quality and price of the procedure. Turkey is one of the most important options in this area. In case of hair transplantation, Turkey, being one of the first countries that come to mind, attracts attention at lower costs. So, why is Turkey cheap in hair transplantation even though it gives the...

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Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey and Germany

Hair Transplantation Price Comparison: Turkey vs. Germany

Hair loss is one of the important problems people face. Baldness occurs due to noticing this problem late and the inability to come up with a solution. The permanent solution of baldness is only possible with hair transplantation. Therefore, people are very interested in hair transplantation. They look for different countries and different clinics to have this procedure done. Germany and Turkey stand out as the two most important options. We have compared for you the prices, performances, and success...

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What are the Reasons for Gynecomastia Recurrence?

Can Gynecomastia Recur After Surgery?

Gynecomastia can be expressed as male breast enlargement in short. This important problem greatly affects the physical appearance of men. Depending on the abnormal size in the breast area, there may be a decrease in quality of life. Besides, the clothes to be preferred should not reveal the large breasts. So, is this problem solved completely with gynecomastia surgery? Can this problem recur afterward? All the details are in our article.   What is Gynecomastia? How Is It Treated? First...

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Cost of DHI Hair Transplantation

Why is DHI Hair Transplantation Expensive in the World?

Hair transplantation is the only procedure that provides a permanent solution to people's persistent hair loss and baldness problems. Therefore, the interest in the relevant procedure is extremely high. New hair transplantation techniques have been developed to meet the needs of people much better. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is the last and most successful of these techniques. The cost of the DHI technique, which has different advantages over other methods, is slightly higher. In this article, we have gathered for...

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Removing Excess Skin to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Does Facelift Procedure Help Get Rid of Acne Scars?

Facelift is a special procedure which is developed for removing wrinkles on the face. Serious improvements occur in people's appearance thanks to this method. At this point, some people wonder whether the facelift procedure will remove acne scars. Let's look for the answer to this question all together. Facelift is a surgical procedure and is known as stretching or lifting the face. The main goal of this procedure is to permanently remove the wrinkles that are caused by aging. In...

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Regrowth Process After Hair Transplant

Stages of Regrowth After Hair Transplantation

The growth of grafts after hair transplantation is a process for which the patients wait excitedly. It is extremely important to have information about this period after the operation in order to understand that things are going well. Otherwise, you can worry and stress unnecessarily. In this article, we will give detailed information about the regrowth stages after hair transplantation. If you are one of those who say "A few weeks have passed since the hair transplantation, but my hair...

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Facelift Recovery Period

When Will I Get My Normal Appearance After Facelift?

You can use the facelift procedure to permanently get rid of wrinkles and sagging on your face. This procedure, known as rhytidoplasty, gives extremely effective results. After the facelift, you can get younger by a few years and surprise everyone around you. So how long does the healing process take? Most of those who want to have the facelift procedure wonder about the healing process. Because they want to return to daily life or to be ready for a very...

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Gynecomastia with Only Exercise

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Gynecomastia with Only Exercise?

The condition in which men's breasts are larger than normal is called gynecomastia. This is considered a type of condition. There is no known harm, except that the breasts look large in size. However, if the condition is not intervened in time, it may cause different problems. Men, on the other hand, usually look for different ways to get rid of the discomfort caused by their physical appearance. Could exercising eliminate the effects of gynecomastia? Are there any differences between...

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