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Most Important Questions About Facelift

Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift

The face is one of the most important areas that determine the general appearance of people. The negative changes happening here can make people look older or worse than they are. In such cases, cosmetic procedures are people's most important helpers. The facelift is one of them and it is highly preferred. In the rest of our article, you can find general information about the facelift procedure and answers to frequently asked questions.   What is Facelift? Who is it...

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Which Trouble Areas Could Be Treated With Liposuction?

These 4 Trouble Areas You Didn’t Know Could Be Treated With Liposuction

Liposuction is an effective procedure to reshape one’s body by removing persistent fat. Thus, it is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures around the world. When fat removal is considered, people generally think about belly and outer thighs. This is one of the general misconceptions about liposuction. Liposuction can be applied on these regions as well as other regions of one’s body. There are many unknown regions to which this application can yield results. Below, you will be able...

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Why Does Itching Occur after Hair Transplantation?

How Does Itching Go Away After Hair Transplantation?

The process after hair transplantation is extremely important for the success of the procedure. Mistakes to be made during this period may cause the death of the transplanted grafts and failure of the hair transplantation. Therefore, you should act according to the recommendations of your surgeon in solving the problems experienced after the hair transplantation. One of the most common problems in this period is itching. Why is there itching after hair transplantation? How does it go away? What are...

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All You Need to Know About Plus Size Tummy Tuck

Plus Size Tummy Tuck in Turkey | All You Need to Know

The most effective way to overcome sagging due to excess skin in abdominal region is tummy tuck procedure. Mentioned technique can be applied to people who has to fulfill some conditions. That means, it can’t be applied to everyone. At this point, overweight people are curious about if they can receive tummy tuck application or not. If they meet some criteria, overweight people can benefit from plus size tummy tuck procedure. This way, they can have flatter abdominal region.  ...

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Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey and USA

Hair Transplantation Price Comparison: Turkey vs. U.S.A

When a comparison is made between the U.S and Turkey about hair transplantation, many people may think that the United States is far ahead. When we say the United States, the world's most powerful country, the center of science and technology comes to mind. However, it is also known by everyone that the health system in the U.S has some problems. Therefore, in the comparison of hair transplantation, the U.S is not ahead as it is thought. Let's look at...

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5 Surprising Truth About Tummy Tuck You Didn’t Know

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is tummy tuck surgery. It is also known as a very complex operation. With this surgery, abdominal region will have a more proper appearance. However, some information about the surgery may be surprising for you. What are the unknown facts about tummy tuck? Are these facts positive or negative? Do they affect your procedure? All details are in our article.   1. There Are Medical Benefits of Tummy Tuck Procedure Although it is...

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How Long is the Recovery Time of the Tummy Tuck Procedure?

When Can I Return to Work After Tummy Tuck?

One of the most easily changing parts of the human body is the abdomen. For this reason, many people hate the fattening in this area. After things such as weight gain and giving birth, skin and fat accumulation is seen in the middle of the abdominal area. This situation affects people's general appearance negatively. This is the main reason why the Tummy tuck procedure is preferred so much. How exactly does this procedure work? What is the average recovery time...

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How Much Does Full Body Liposuction Cost_

How Much Does Full Body Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction is a simple procedure in which stubborn fat that does not go away despite diet and exercise is removed. It can be applied to arms, chin, abdomen, cheeks, and similar areas of the body. It also allows these areas to be shaped. When more than one region is to be shaped, the full-body liposuction method will be the most logical choice. Those who intend to have liposuction can benefit from the full-body liposuction procedure to avoid dealing with such...

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BBL for Men _ Why Is Male Brazilian Butt Lift Is Popular than Ever_

BBL for Men | Why Is Male Brazilian Butt Lift Is Popular than Ever?

Brazilian butt lift is one of the most efficient methods to reshape the gluteal region. If you hear about it and think it is a women-only procedure, then you are wrong. Men can also benefit from the Brazilian butt lift procedure. In fact, recently, it can be said that this application is very popular among men. What is BBL for men? What are the differences between male BBL and female BBL? We gathered all the answers to your questions together....

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Porcelain or Composite Veneers_ Which One is Better for You_

Porcelain Vs. Composite Veneers: Which One is Better for You?

There are different types of dental veneers. It can be stated that two types come to the forefront. Composite veneer and porcelain veneer are the two most popular types. Both types have their own particularities and advantages. Then, which one is better? The answer to this question can be found later on in this article. What Is Porcelain Veneer? As the name suggests, it is a material to cover the outer surface of the tooth and it is made of...

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