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Turkey Hair Transplant Package (All in Inclusive Package)

🔖All surgery fees
🛏️ 2 nights stay in Istanbul (one extra guest included)
🚗 VIP Transfers Between IST Airport / Hotel / Hospital
🏥 Follow Up Care in Turkey
🩺 Routine Tests
🥼 Pre-op check-up and consultations with the surgeon
👩‍⚕️ Nursing care and personal translator
🛌 Total anesthesia
💊 Prescribed medications
🏥 Pre and post – surgical nutritionists
👨‍⚕️ Post-op check up with the surgeon


Introduction to Hair Transplantation

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a challenging and distressing experience for many people. It can result from various factors, including genetics, hormonal imbalances, aging, stress, and medical conditions. Whatever the reason, hair loss can negatively impact one’s self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Hair Transplant as a Solution

Hair transplantation has emerged as a popular and effective solution for combating hair loss. It involves transplanting healthy hair follicles from one area of the scalp to the thinning or balding areas. This method can provide natural-looking and long-lasting results for people suffering from hair loss.


Why Choose Turkey for Your Hair Transplant?

World-class Facilities and Surgeons

Turkey has rapidly become a global destination for hair transplant procedures, offering world-class facilities and experienced surgeons. The country boasts internationally accredited clinics equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by highly skilled professionals.

Cost-effective Solutions

One of the primary reasons for Turkey’s popularity as a hair transplant destination is its cost-effectiveness. Hair transplant packages in Turkey often cost a fraction of the price compared to those in Western countries, without compromising quality or results.

Excellent Success Rates

Turkey’s hair transplant industry maintains a high success rate, with many patients achieving remarkable and natural-looking results. This success can be attributed to the combination of advanced techniques, skilled surgeons, and strict adherence to international standards.

Cosmeticium-DHI-Hair-Transplant-Process operation by doctor Batu
Cosmeticium-DHI-Hair-Transplant-operation in Turkey draw hairline by doctor Batu
Cosmeticium-DHI-Hair-Transplant-in Turkey examining hair by doctor Batu

Components of a Turkey Hair Transplant Package

Pre-Transplant Consultation and Assessment

A typical hair transplant package in Turkey begins with a thorough pre-transplant consultation and assessment. This process includes a detailed examination of your hair and scalp, as well as an evaluation of your medical history and overall health. The goal is to determine the best course of action for your individual needs.

Hair Transplant

Transportation and Accommodation

Most hair transplant packages in Turkey include transportation and accommodation arrangements. This makes the entire process more comfortable and hassle-free for international patients. Upon arrival in Turkey, you will be provided with airport transfers and comfortable lodging near the clinic during your stay.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The actual hair transplant procedure is an essential component of the package. Depending on your needs and the chosen technique, the procedure may take several hours to complete. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

Post-Transplant Care and Follow-Up

Post-transplant care is crucial for optimal results. Your package will typically include a post-operative consultation, during which your surgeon will assess your progress and provide guidance on proper aftercare. Additionally, many clinics in Turkey offer ongoing support and follow-up to ensure your satisfaction with the results.

Hair Transplant sapphire

Choosing the Right Clinic and Surgeon

Selecting the right clinic and surgeon for your hair transplant in Turkey is critical. It is essential to research and compare different clinics, read reviews, and ask for before-and-after photos of previous patients. Ensure that the surgeon you choose is experienced, certified, and has a proven track record of successful hair transplant procedures.


Day 1 – Fly to Istanbul


Our staff will welcome you at the airport on your arrival time.

Our staff always keeps in touch with your flight schedule and potential changes, therefor do not have any worries about delays etc.

After picking you up at the airport our driver will take you to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time we can also arrange a small tour around Istanbul if desired unless you don’t want to take a rest in your hotel.

Day 2 – Hair Transplantation


After breakfast, our staff will pick you up from your hotel and get you to our clinic.

At the clinic, our doctors will check your case in detail and explain everything about hair transplantation with some related tests.

Hair transplantation lasts from 6 to 8 hours, you will feel all well and comfortable during this period of time.

After your operation, our driver will pick you up from the clinic and take you to your hotel.

For the rest of the day you can spend your time at the hotel by relaxing or visit the city centre.

Day 3 – Check-up


We will pick you up from the hotel and and take you to our clinic.

Our doctors will check your hair transplantation and explain what you need to do. They will wash your hair and take off your bandage.

Our driver will take you to your hotel.

According to your flight time, our driver will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport. Your Hair Transplant-Turkey-Journey finished finally and you can return home.

Preparing for Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

Before traveling to Turkey for your hair transplant, you should be well-prepared. Discuss your expectations and concerns with your surgeon, and follow their pre-operative instructions closely. Additionally, make sure your travel documents, such as your passport and visa, are in order.

Hair Transplant Techniques Used in Turkey

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is a popular and minimally invasive hair transplant technique widely used in Turkey. It involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area and their implantation into the recipient area. FUE offers a faster recovery time and less scarring compared to other methods.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI is another advanced hair transplant technique available in Turkey. It uses a specialized pen-like device, called a Choi Implanter, to implant hair follicles directly into the scalp. DHI allows for more precise placement of hair follicles, potentially leading to more natural-looking results.

Hair Loss

Recovery and Post-Transplant Care

After your hair transplant, it is essential to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results. This may include avoiding direct sunlight, refraining from strenuous activities, and using prescribed medications and topical treatments.

Risks and Complications

As with any surgical procedure, hair transplantation carries some risks and potential complications. These may include infection, bleeding, scarring, and poor growth of the transplanted hair. However, by choosing a reputable clinic and surgeon, you can minimize these risks and maximize your chances of a successful outcome.

Results and Satisfaction

The results of a hair transplant in Turkey can be life-changing. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking results that boost your confidence and improve your overall appearance.

How long does it take to see the final results of a hair transplant in Turkey?

It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to see the final results of your hair transplant. Patience is crucial, as hair growth is a gradual process.

Are the results of a hair transplant permanent?

While hair transplants provide long-lasting results, they are notcompletely immune to the natural aging process or further hair loss. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can expect the transplanted hair to remain for many years.  

Is a hair transplant in Turkey painful?

Hair transplant procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia, making the process virtually painless. You may experience some mild discomfort during the recovery period, but this can be managed with over-the-counter or prescribed pain relievers.

Can I combine a hair transplant with a vacation in Turkey?

Yes, many patients choose to combine their hair transplant procedure with a vacation in Turkey. The country offers a rich cultural history, beautiful landscapes, and delicious cuisine. However, it's essential to discuss your plans with your surgeon and follow their advice regarding recovery and aftercare.

What is the success rate of hair transplants in Turkey?

The success rate of hair transplants in Turkey varies depending on the clinic, surgeon, and technique used. However, Turkey is known for its high success rates in the hair transplant industry, with many patients achieving natural-looking and long-lasting results.


A Turkey hair transplant package offers an affordable and effective solution for individuals seeking to address hair loss. With world-class facilities, skilled surgeons, and advanced techniques, you can achieve outstanding results that transform your appearance and confidence.

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