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Difference between DHI and FUE

Difference between Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) & Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

One of the main differences that you would experience between FUE and DHI is that you would need to completely shave your scalp before your FUE treatment whereas no shaving would be required for DHI. In FUE hairs are extracted in units of around five hairs so that around 2000 hairs can be extracted and implanted into your bald areas during a single procedure. During FUE the follicles are often moved using forceps which can cause damage to the hair follicles that could lead to reduced success of the implanted hair. In contrast, DHI can replace around 6000 hairs in a single procedure and the specialise implantation equipment reduces the damage caused to individual hair follicles and thus increases the success rate of the technique.

You are more likely to be found to be unsuitable to undergo FUE compared to DHI due to the fact that FUE requires a certain type of hair in order to be successful. In addition, whilst FUE can be undertaken by trained nurses, only specialised doctors can perform DHI.

Advantages of DHI

  • No cut
  • No stitch
  • Beard hair can be transfered to skull hair
  • No need for hair cut for woman
  • No bleeding
  • No deficiency
  • No mark at all
  • More dense harvest feasibility
  • More natural look
  • Easier to put hairs in a desired direction
  • More graft
  • Shorter healing period
  • No waiting between two operations