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Dr. Cağlar Armagan
Dr. Çağlar Fırat Armağan
(Hair Surgeon for FUE & DHI)

Dr. Çağlar Fırat Armağan is a specialist doctor in hair transplantation and he joined to Cosmeticium Hair Transplant Team recently. Dr. Armagan graduated from Istanbul University, Medicine Faculty which is one of the top medical school in Turkey. As an MD, he started to work at public hospitals, emergency care units and worked as General Practioner.

Dr. Barış Carıllı
(Hair Surgeon for FUE & DHI)

Our newest addition to our surgical team and being a hair transplant patient himself. Dr. Carilli has a fundamental insight into the difference a great hair transplant can make to an individual. This understanding fuels his ambition to provide patients with the very best treatment that delivers on patients expectations. He is also have an speciality in emerceny medicine.

Reconstructive And Aesthetics Surgeon Koray Pacaci
Koray Pacaci, MD
Reconstructive And Aesthetics Surgeon

Born in Ankara in 1983, Koray PAÇACI completed primary school in Ankara and high school education in Istanbul Kültür College. Then, he completed his undergraduate studies in 2008 at Yeditepe University, Department of Medicine. In 2009, he started his specialty training in the Department of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Trakya University with the outstanding success he achieved in the Examination for Specialty in Medicine and successfully completed it in 2015.

Dr. Ozan Özcan
(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Dr Ozcan is graduated from Akdeniz University, Akdeniz Faculty of Medicine which is among top 5 Medicine Faculty in Turkey.  He completed his Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthtetic Specialty in Plovdiv University in Bulgaria . His research and articles are published in many respectful international journals such as European Journal of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Ersin Gönüllü
(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

After the medical education at the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Ersin Gönüllü completed his specialty in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at Istanbul Kartal Dr Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital. He continued to work in the private sector in Istanbul after completing his obligation to serve as the clinical responsible of plastic surgery in the Adıyaman University Training and Research Hospital and Kocaeli State Hospital

Dr. Omer (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Dr. Omer was born in Adana, Turkey, in 1983.After graduating from Bilfen High School, he started his medical training at Dicle Faculty of Medicine, in 2003. He was graduated from medical faculty in 2010. After nishing medical School program he passed the TUS exam with a good result and deserved to begin residency program of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Acıbadem Faculty of Medicine

PhD. Gizem Ecem Kocak (Dentist, Oral Surgeon)

Dr. Gizem Ecem Koçak was born and raised in Istanbul. She completed her dentistry education in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. After that, she got her specialization in Orthodontics by studying in the PhD Program in the Department of Orthodontic.

Dr Munise Meral Yese (Dentist)

Dr. Munise Meral Yese was born in Istanbul and continued her education life in Istanbul. She completed her high school education in İstanbul Atatürk Science High School. She got her Dentist degree in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. She then studied in the PhD. Program in the field of Prosthodontics and specialized in Prosthodontics.

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