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At Cosmeticium Clinic, we understand that the appearance of your neck can significantly impact your self-confidence. If you’re bothered by sagging skin, excess fat, or the dreaded “turkey neck,” our neck lift surgery can help restore a more youthful and defined jawline. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about turkey neck surgery cost, procedure types, recovery, and why Turkey is an excellent destination for this transformative procedure.


All in Inclusive Package Neck Lift Turkey – This Includes:

🔖 All surgery fees
🛏️ 5 night stay in Istanbul (one extra guest included)
🚗 VIP Transfers between IST Airport / Hotel / Hospital
🏥 Follow up care in Turkey
🩺 Medical tests and full examinations
🥼 Pre-op check-up and consultations with the surgeon
👩‍⚕️ Nursing care and personal translator
🛌 Total anesthesia
💊 Prescribed medications
🏥 Pre and post – surgical nutritionists
👨‍⚕️ Post-op check up with the surgeon

Types of Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery aims to remove excess skin, tighten muscles, and improve the contour of the neck. Here are the primary types of neck lift procedures:

  1. Traditional Neck Lift: Ideal for patients with significant sagging skin and muscle laxity.
  2. Mini Neck Lift: Suitable for those with mild to moderate sagging, often focusing on the lower face and neck.
  3. Liposuction for Double Chin: Effective for eliminating excess fat under the chin.

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Why Choose Turkey for Neck Lift Surgery?

Turkey has become a hub for medical tourism, offering high-quality procedures at affordable prices. Here’s why you should consider Turkey for your neck lift:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: The average cost of neck lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, is approximately $3.000 USD. This affordability makes it an attractive option compared to other countries.
  2. Expert Surgeons: Our skilled plastic surgeons have extensive experience in neck lift procedures.
  3. All-Inclusive Packages: Our packages include transportation, 5-star accommodation, translators, post-op follow-up, and all necessary medications.

Neck Lift Surgery: Recovery Timeline

Understanding the recovery process is crucial for optimal results. Here’s what to expect after neck lift surgery:

  1. Immediate Post-Op: Mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising.
  2. Week 1-2: Gradual improvement, stitches removal.
  3. Week 3-4: Most swelling subsides, return to light activities.
  4. Months 2-3: Final results become apparent.

Cost Comparison: Turkey vs. UK and USA

Let’s compare the cost of neck lift surgery:

  • Turkey: Average cost around $3000 USD
  • USA: Typically ranges from $7.000 to $10,000 USD
  • UK: Similar to the USA in terms of cost


A neck lift can transform your appearance, boost confidence, and restore a youthful neckline. Consider Turkey for affordable, high-quality neck lift surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a more confident you.

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How much does turkey neck surgery cost?

The average cost in Turkey is $3000 USD.

What is the cost of plastic surgery on turkey neck?

Prices vary based on the procedure but remain competitive.

Is it safe to have neck lift surgery in Turkey?

Absolutely! Our experienced surgeons prioritize safety.

What does turkey neck surgery cost?

Approximately $2850 USD.

How long is the recovery after neck lift surgery?

Expect gradual improvement over several weeks.

Can I combine neck lift with liposuction for double chin?

Yes, discuss this option with your surgeon.

When will I see the final results?

Around 2-3 months post-surgery.

Is neck lift surgery painful?

Discomfort is manageable with pain medication.

What’s the best period for neck lift surgery in Turkey?

February to September is ideal.

Do you offer virtual consultations?

Yes, contact us for a virtual assessment.