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Dr. Batu completed his medical education in İstanbul Medical Faculty in 2008-2014. During his education, he took part in various training programs in Cyprus, Belgrad, Amsterdam and Berlin as well as various cities in Turkey. In 2014, after completing his education, he joined a surgical skill development program at Malta University. After 2 months of working in Malta, he returned back to Turkey. In 2015, he worked as a supervisor at the plastic surgery clinic of İstanbul Medical Faculty for 6 months. Meanwhile he completed his hair transplant training and performed patient consultations.

Dr. Batu is Informing About DHI Hair Transplant

Clinic, we have been providing top-quality Hair Transplantation services in Istanbul for many years. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our services, and the success we have achieved so far is built upon this principle. Behind the high success rates of our hair transplant operations stands our experienced doctor, Dr. Batu, whose expertise and dedication are truly remarkable. Dr. Batu is a distinguished specialist known for his extensive experience in hair transplantation and the successful procedures he has performed over the years. We highly recommend everyone considering a hair transplant operation in Turkey to consult with Dr. Batu. With his commitment to your health and expertise, Dr. Batu ensures an experience that best meets your expectations in hair transplantation.”


Dr. Batu is doing dhi hair transplant operation

DHI Hair Transplant Operation. Dr. Batu is implanting the hair with choi pen.


DHI Hair Transplant Operation with medical team

Dr. Batu is leading the DHI Hair Transplant Operation


About Cosmeticium

As Cosmeticium, while giving world-class healthcare services, our aim is to provide medical diagnosis and treatment options for our patients with our professional and qualified staff and their modern equipment and infrastructure on an highest level and the latest technology.
We are Health only works with hospitals that are certified by the international medical associations such as Joint Commission International (JCI), Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).