We will send your medical form copy to your case manager too.
If yes, please describe why you hospitalised
If yes, please explain where the implant is
If yes, what is your allergy?
This questionnaire you filled in and the information you provided will affect the course of treatment, check the correctness and check the box below. The information you provide is under guarantee for data security and cannot be shared with anyone other than your doctor. Based on the information you provided, your operation will be planned and a price quote will be given to you, so you will know and accept that there would be changes in the plans if the information given above is mistake or not true. I read it and approve it

These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions about any treatment package you buy from Cosmeticum Clinic. Cosmeticium Clinic incorporated as a medical tourism company at ATAKÖY 7-8-9-10. KISIM MAH. ÇOBANÇEŞME E-5 YAN YOL CAD. D NO: 22 /2 İÇ KAPI NO: 299 BAKIRKÖY/ İSTANBUL and accredited by the Ministry of Health of Turkey.
Please read these terms and conditions.
Accessing the information and service offered by the https://cosmeticium.com/ website is equivalent to agreeing the terms and conditions set out below.
Once you accept the quotation provided to you and fill out the Medical History Form on the basis of the Medical History Form if you do not have any health problems with the planned surgery, you will be required to pay us a deposit and your contract will be based on the terms and conditions provided here and under the Medical History Form.
1. Definitions Treatment Provider: Any doctor or medical institution that will perform the treatment Treatment Package: The treatment package which can include treatment, accommodation, transfers, and hosting services depending on patient’s choice Treatment: The medical treatment that will be performed in chosen treatment provider
2. Cosmeticium’s Liabilities & Obligations
1. Your treatment package will be decided on the basis of your pictures and your Medical History Form.Therefore, after a physical assessment with the treatment provider, your treatment package may change. 2. Your treatment package includes all preoperative tests. However, you may be charged additionally for any extra tests required due to a pre-existing condition or your exposure or predisposition to any situation. 3. Your treatment package includes the number of nights of your hospital stay evaluated and this number is specified in your Offer and / or Itinerary. If you stay more nights than stated in your treatment package, you will be charged the additional nights at the hospital’s current prices.
4. Cosmeticium is a medical facilitation company. Cosmeticium does not operate or control any healthcare facility or service offered by them. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree not to hold Cosmeticium responsible for any misapplication or complications caused by your healthcare provider. The forms at the treatment center create a contractual relationship between you and the Treatment Provider. Cosmeticium, as a medical facilitation organization, facilitates contact in case of any problems or dissatisfaction with your preferred treatment provider. Cosmeticium also allows you to seek a second opinion on your condition in the event of problems or dissatisfaction. We are not, however, medically qualified and will not be held liable or responsible for any medical procedures supplied by your chosen treatment provider. For any claims of misconduct that may occur directly or indirectly from any care, treatment or other services or guidance rendered by the healthcare provider, we will not be held accountable or liable. Similarly, we will not take any blame or liability for injuries or disappointment resulting from the treatment of the Treatment provider. Before proceeding with your procedure, we highly suggest that you carefully read the terms and conditions and consent forms of the treatment provider.
5. Cosmeticium will provide you with all the necessary information about your medical package prior to your journey; will include: • The name and contact details of the Treatment Provider • The name and contact details of the hotel (If it is included in medical package) • The name and contact details of the host (If it is included in medical package) • The name and contact details of the driver (If it is included in medical package) • Date and time of the Treatment
6. Cosmeticium is not responsible for any third party providers, such as hotels. Cosmeticium is responsible for the organization of these programs.

3. Your Responsibilities
1.By agreeing these terms and conditions, you agree to share some details about your medical condition.
2. You are responsible for providing the appropriate information regarding your medical condition to provide you with the correct treatment plan. 3. You are responsible for preparing travel documents such as passports and visas in relation to your treatment provided by the healthcare provider. Cosmeticium is not responsible for setting your trip to Turkey for treatment. 4. By accepting these terms and conditions, you are giving Cosmeticium permission to obtain your medical records from your healthcare provider and to keep those records as needed. 5. To receive treatment from Cosmeticium’s healthcare provider, you must make a deposit to Cosmeticium before you start your journey and pay the full amount before your treatment. You will not receive any treatment until you complete your payment.
4. Cancellation
You can cancel your treatment at any time. In the event of cancellation, the operating expenses will be deducted and returned to you at the beginning of the month following the cancellation. If you cancel less than 1 month before proceeding, your deposit payment will not be refunded. In addition, if you cancel your transaction after sending your tickets, your deposit will not be refunded. In any circumstance, your deposit payment will not be refunded if you benefit from a special campaign.

5. Feedback and Reviews

Cosmeticium aims to provide 100% patient satisfaction with its services. Cosmeticium requests reviews from its patients in order to enhance its services as long as the reviews are genuine, polite, supportive and specifically relevant to Cosmeticium services. Cosmeticium is a tool from medical providers to offer quality treatments at affordable prices. However, Cosmeticium cannot be held accountable for the care and activities given by the providers of treatment.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree not to publicly comment, threaten or criticize Cosmeticium or any of its employees on the medical treatment provider (doctor, medical personnel, hospital) treatment and services and hotel services.In event of a violation of this clause, you must remove and remove the content immediately upon our evaluation and request. In the case that the content remains in part or in full, you agree to pay GBP 5,000 as compensation to Cosmeticium.

6. Confidentiality
1. Cosmeticium is responsible for keeping your personal information confidential.
2. By accepting these terms and conditions, you are allowing Cosmeticium to use pre-post operative images of your treatment anonymously to improve our site and provide better customer service.

7. Jurisdiction
In case of disputes arising from this contract, the Parties accept the authority of Courts and Execution Directorates of Istanbul.