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Breast augmentation, or otherwise known as mammoplasty, is a procedure for enlarging the size of the breasts. This procedure can be performed successfully in different locations around the world. However, it is a known fact that some cities are more prominent in the field of aesthetic procedures. In this article, we will examine Istanbul for you. Is breast augmentation surgery safe in Istanbul? What are the advantages and costs? All the details you need to know are in our article.

Breast augmentation is performed through the incisions made on the relevant area. Thanks to these incisions, implants are placed inside the breast tissue or pectoral muscles. Implants to be placed can be round or drop shaped. Here the patient is the one to make a choice. After the implants are placed, the breasts are shaped, and the procedure is completed. In order to be successful in the breast augmentation procedure that is generally performed in the way described above, the selection of clinics and physicians is of great importance. Evaluations regarding Istanbul should be examined from this perspective. Why is it advantageous to have breast augmentation surgery in Istanbul? Let’s now go into the details.


1. Turkey Factor in Health Tourism

Turkey, as a location, is just a few hours flight away from most European countries. It would not be wrong to say that Turkey is advanced at least as much as Europe in the field of health. The most important indicator is that many people come to Turkey due to health-related issues every year and they get their operations done here successfully. People from many countries around the world, especially Europe, benefit from different health treatments here and return to their own countries.

The serious support given to health tourism by the State makes this field more and more developed every day. It is also known that the number of patients who come here for breast augmentation is quite high. Istanbul, Turkey’s most important city without a doubt, is the first choice in the country. The high-quality clinics located here easily meet the expectations.


2. Quality of Doctor and Equipment

Breast augmentation is among aesthetic procedures. This procedure is a special field and only physicians who are experts in this field can perform it. The fact that Istanbul is commonly preferred in health services has increased the number of qualified doctors and clinics here. The best quality doctors of the country serve in this city and meet the expectations of the people at the highest level. This factor also plays an important role in people’s preference of Istanbul for breast augmentation.

Besides the doctors’ quality, it is known that the medical equipment used is highly developed and of high quality. Technological devices are used effectively in this field. Thus, the success rate in breast augmentation and other procedures has increased significantly.

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3. High-Quality Service and Affordable Cost

It is known that the health services provided in Istanbul are of high quality. This quality can only be found in a limited number of locations around the world. But it is almost impossible to find such high-quality at an affordable price as you can in Istanbul.

The amount to be paid to clinics here with even higher quality than many well-known clinics in Europe and America is extremely reasonable. People can have breast augmentation in Istanbul by paying almost a third of the amount to be paid in Europe. The implants used come from Europe and are of high quality. In other words, poor quality products and techniques are not used to reduce costs. The wages of doctors and clinics being much more affordable in Turkey compared to Europe and the exchange rate advantage are the main reasons for these relevant costs.

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4. Zero Additional Cost

When you undergo breast augmentation procedure in Europe, there are a number of additional costs that you have to pay. You may need to pay extra for transactions such as accommodation, transfers, transportation and consultation. In Turkey, all of these are included in the given price. In other words, you will not be asked for any additional expenses in Istanbul, except for the amount you pay for breast augmentation itself. You benefit from services such as transportation, accommodation and transfers completely free of charge.

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5. You Don’t Await Your Turn for a Breast Augmentation Procedure in Istanbul

The number of clinics providing high-quality services in the USA or European countries is limited. This causes patients to flood into high-quality clinics. As a result of all of these, it may be expected to wait for a few weeks for breast augmentation or another similar procedure. But Istanbul provides you with a great convenience in this regard. Being developed in the field of medicine in general, Turkey has raised a large number of high-quality physicians. This means that many high-quality clinics are available in Istanbul.

You do not need to wait in line due to the high number of clinics and doctors providing high-quality services in Istanbul. If you decide to have a breast augmentation in Istanbul after the online consultation, planning is done very quickly. You will have breast augmentation surgery as soon as possible and you will have the opportunity to return to your country with the breasts of your dreams.

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6. Istanbul Factor

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city, where Asia and Europe meet, is very rich in natural beauty. The fact that it has been the capital of different states throughout history has increased the number of historical buildings here. A significant part of these has survived to the present day. Finally, here you can see many different cultures together and get to know them closely. Considering all these, spending time in Istanbul and having a small holiday here will make important contributions to your life.

While you are in Istanbul for your breast augmentation procedure, you can also see these beauties more closely. In this way, you will receive health services and have the opportunity to have a nice holiday. Thus, you can make this process much more enjoyable for yourself by having a breast augmentation operation in Istanbul.

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