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The procedures carried out to improve the general appearance of people are performed by plastic surgery department. If you wanted to have aesthetics on any part of your body, you would also go to a plastic surgeon. However, you would want to make additional research about the possible results of the process to be done and review the comments on the internet about the issue. It is for sure that these comments influence your decision-making process, but are you sure that these comments are real? In this article, we will answer the question of whether the comments about plastic surgery are reliable.

The comments on the internet are extremely influential in the selection of the doctor and the clinic. Apart from this, one can also decide by checking the comments on the internet to see if an aesthetics operation meets the expectations. At this point, it is required to know which sources are correct and which ones are misleading. In the end, internet is open to everyone and people can comment as they like. Moreover, they can even comment about things that are not about themselves. Therefore, it should not be considered that all the comments are correct.

You have reviewed the clinical comments about the plastic surgery operations but are you sure they are real?


General Overview of Platforms That Have the Reviews

If you are conducting a research about plastic surgery, this means you are certainly using some sources on the internet. Some of them are; Google, Facebook, Yelp and RealSelf.

Google: It is possible to reach comments about plastic surgery on Google. But these comments may be limited. This may result in the acceptance of misleading information more easily. Anybody may comment here, and this decreases the reliability of the comments on this platform.

Facebook: It is possible to have fake account and comment on various issues on Facebook as well. For that reason, the credibility of the comments done are ambiguous.

Yelp: The identity information on Yelp is real for sure, but only the initials of the person’s name and surname appear. Because of this, it is known that some comments have been sued. Apart from this, it is a known fact that doctors who advertise here are brought to the fore.

RealSelf: It can be said that this platform is directly related to the health sector. At least, the probability of finding the correct information is higher here. In order to comment here, it is verified that the patients are real patients and then they are allowed to comment here with their nick names.

To sum up, although the authenticity of the comments on some platforms is higher, the number of such comments are limited. The reliability is low on platforms where there are many comments as there is no identity verification.


How to Tell True and False Reviews?

There are some issues you must consider when doing research about plastic surgery on the internet. If you pay attention to these, the reliability of the comments you reach will be higher. These issues and the related explanations are given below.

Google Rating System

The Rating System on Google is a reliable source, if it is examined carefully and if its criteria are well-understood. The scores given by the users to assess the service they got from the enterprise lead to more authentic results.

Cosmeticium Reviews


Visual Evidence

If you are looking for the right source and the authentic comment on-line, you can focus on the visual evidence. Because, the clinics use the visuals to show the patients how successful they are. And the visuals never lie. You may doubt about the clinic, if there are no visuals used.

hair transplant before and after at cosmeticium

hair transplant before after in turkey

hair transplant before and after


Doctors at the Clinic

You can search the doctors working at the clinic one by one and reach to the comments made about them. Based on these comments, to find the right option, it will be useful if you arrange a meeting with the doctor and ask all the questions you have in mind.

If you do not have the chance for a face to face meeting, you can also try to speak on the phone or consultation online. If you have unconvincing responses during this meeting, it will be a better idea to try different doctors.

Our Doctors


Evaluating Positive and Negative Reviews

If you always come across with positive comments during your research about a subject, you should look at the general characteristics of the comments. That means you should question why people make positive comments. If this can be clearly seen in the comments, it can be said that the possibility of authenticity is high. However, if common statements are used, irrelevant people may have commented.

If negative comments are there, the fundamental point you should know is that they may have been made by unsatisfactory employees or competitors. Therefore, the negative comments should also be examined in detail and checked why they are negative.  For instance; undetailed statements like “I am not satisfied” or “it was bad” about any aesthetic process are most probably made by unreal patients. Because, comments of an unsatisfied person about the result of an operation in plastic surgery would be more detailed.



The internet may provide us with authentic information on many subjects, but if we are not careful enough, it may also lead us to wrong decisions on some issues. Therefore, we should not believe the on-line comments right away and we should conduct a detailed research about the issue.

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