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Beard transplantation is a procedure that fulfills the desire of the ones who don’t have beard or whose beard is not as dense as they want for different reasons. Beard influences men’s overall appearance and charisma in a positive way. Today, this transplantation is carried out in different ways. Beard to beard transplantation is one of them. It can be applied to the people who do not have enough grafts in the nape section.

How is beard to beard transplantation carried put? Where are grafts collected from? Will there be any traces left? All the answers that you are curious about will be in our article.


Where Are the Grafts Collected From?

There are grafts in different parts of the body and their characteristics are unique to the area where it is located. For instance, hair follicles in the scalp grow much faster whereas the hair in the chest area grows more slowly. For this reason, the place where the grafts are collected for this procedure is very important.

It is stated that the roots required for beard transplantation will usually be taken from the nape area due to the fact that the hair follicles here are more resistant to shedding. Also, the risk of scarring during the removal of the roots is one of the reasons for the neck area to be preferred. However, there is no scarring in the process of taking roots from the beard area if done in a correct way. The grafts taken from the beard area adapt more comfortably and the result can be even more perfect.

Beard Transplant Process

When all these issues mentioned above are evaluated together, there is no harm in taking the grafts in the beard area if available. There are even physicians who say that the method is a more successful procedure in general.

It is most appropriate for the grafts to be collected from the unwanted parts of the cheek, excess beards under the chin and the beards extending from the neck area to the chin.

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How Are Grafts Collected from Beard?

Graft collection during hair or beard transplantation is done with the help of a special tool. The tip of this tool is approximately 1.2 mm. Therefore, there is a risk of scarring in the graft removal procedure performed with this method. Therefore, applying this method to the beard area is a big risk. So, which method should be used to collect grafts from the beard area?

Collecting grafts from the beard area requires serious professionalism. If there may be any mistake at this point, there is a risk of scarring in the face area. To collect grafts, tips with a size of 0.7 mm are used. In addition, the graft removal process is done completely manually. Thus, beard to beard transplantation will be completed smoothly.


Will There Be Any Scars Left in The Area Where the Grafts Are Collected?

Many people who think about having this procedure wonder whether there will be scars as a result of this procedure. If the grafts are collected carefully during beard to beard transplantation and the procedure is done properly, there will be no scarring. As stated above, collecting grafts is much different from the standard procedures. Here, the surgeon does the procedure entirely manually. So, the result is perfect.

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How Is Beard to Beard Transplantation Carried Out?

Beard to beard transplantation shows serious similarities with a standard hair transplantation. The grafts collected are transferred to the relevant area and the process is completed. However, there are a number of issues to be considered here.

First of all, beard transplantation should be planned in detail. The frequency of transplantation, where and how many grafts will be taken should be determined before the transplantation. Thus, there is no confusion during the process.Beard Transplant in TurkeyIt is very important to plant the grafts collected in accordance with the angle and direction of the other beards. In this way, the result is ensured to be a natural beard appearance in general. Even when the final results of this procedure come out, it may not be understood whether a beard transplantation has been performed or not.


Can the Grafts Be Taken From Someone Else’s Beard?

The human body only recognizes the tissues, organs and cells that belong to it. When a tissue or cell that comes from the outside – which means that they don’t belong to it-, it perceives it as an enemy and attacks it with the immune system. There are some exceptions to this. If cells/tissues compatible with the human body are found, it may be possible to use them in the human body with the help of some special drugs. The most important example of this is organ transplantation. However, such risks are taken because organ transplantation is vital.

When it comes to beard to beard transplantation, such drug use is not tried. Therefore, it is not possible to use someone else’s beard for this procedure. At the same time, this process requires more care and experience. If you want to have a beard to beard transplantation without any problem, schedule a consultation with our experienced doctors today.