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If you want to have hair transplantation but don’t know in which country you can have the best service at the most affordable prices, this article is just for you.

In recent years, there have been significant developments in health tourism globally. Many countries have made significant investments in this regard. Hair transplantation is one of the subjects covered by health tourism in some countries. As it has become an important source of income, very high quality hair transplantation centers have also been opened. The developments in hair transplantation are closely monitored and paid attention by everyone. Thanks to these developments, baldness and hairlessness are no longer a problem and everyone who has such a problem has consulted to hair transplantation centers. In this paper, the best countries to have hair transplantation, their prices and opportunities will be compared.


Recent Developments in Hair Transplantation

The most preferred technique of hair transplantation is FUE. In this technique, the hair granules taken from different parts of the scalp are placed in the hairless area by opening some channels. Afterwards, your hair starts to come out and grow just like the hair in other areas. In addition, techniques such as stem cell FUE, organic FUE and DHI have been developed.

You will not have any problems if you have hair transplantation in a clinic with professional and qualified surgeons who have completed the required certificates and obligations. Your hair will look very natural and you will not be in danger of hair loss again. Because whether your hair will look natural later on is one of the most important problems. At the same time, the frequency and amount of transplantation to be done are also important issues. You should choose a fully equipped hospital, clinic or hair transplantation center in compliance with European standards.


Comparison of Hair Transplant Prices by Country

Hair transplantation is not covered by insurance in America and many European countries. Due to the different practices in the health sector, the operation prices in these countries are also very high. Although the quality of the service are the same or even better, the prices in Turkey are much lower than those in the UK, the United States and other European countries. If we look at the average price ranges in the leading 3 countries;

which country is best for hair transplant

  • Turkey: $2.000 – $4.000
  • USA: $15.000 – $25.000
  • UK / England: £9.000 – £15.000 ($12.000 – $20.000)

Recently, many hair transplantation centers and clinics are opened in Turkey in compliance with the European standards and expert surgeons. The Ministry of Health has made significant investments in health tourism in Turkey. Many health officers and surgeons who are experts in this field also serve in Turkey. With the opportunities it serves and staff who are experts in hair transplantation, Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries.

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Hair Transplantation Operations in Turkey

Turkey has raised many health officers who are proficient in hair transplantation. Many people from various countries especially in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Gulf region come to Turkey every year for hair transplantation operations. Due to the large number of people choosing Turkey, the doctors and health officials have gained far better experience in hair transplantation.

Hospitals and clinics closely follow developments in this area and they are being improved more and more every day. Highly reliable and high quality hair transplantation centers have been opened. The doctors in these centers are experts in this field and they follow the new technological developments closely. For example; with the best applications of the latest techniques, special splints are used that are developed in cooperation with German engineers in some hair transplantation centers. Turkey has not only followed the developments in this field but also have doctors who themselves also pursue new developments.


Tips for Hair Transplantation Operation

Both the methods and the tools used in hair transplantation are important. The quality of the devices used in the channel opening into the hair follicles to place the granules and granule placement affect the result. It is possible to have denser and lusher hair as a result of the operations done with advanced devices and by specialist doctors.

The channel opening and placement of the hair follicle must be performed by a surgeon or under the supervision of a professional surgeon. These operations are important to ensure that your hair and scalp look natural without any scars after the operation. The fewer scars left and the more natural it looks, the more successful the operation is. The hospitals and clinics in Turkey work together with the doctors specialized in such operations and certainly offer high quality services.

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Advantages That Turkey Offers

Every year many people come to Turkey for hair transplantation. Turkey has the capacity of specialist surgeons and dermatologists which is quite enough to meet all the demands. According to the latest data, 200 transplantation operations can be made every day in Turkey. This number is expected to increase with the increasing demands and the developed sector. The main advantages that Turkey offers in hair transplantation are;

which country is best for hair transplant

  • Many doctors and health workers can communicate with patients comfortably in English.
  • All necessary information and maintenance before and after the operation
  • Package prices including direct flight to İstanbul, accommodation, all transportation and transfer fees from the airport to the clinic in both ways.
  • Highly professional service of transportation and accommodation in Turkey
  • Both transportation and hair transplantation operation costs are much lower than those in other countries.
  • Better and improved service quality with more reasonable prices than other countries.

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Support by the State for Health Tourism

The Ministry of Health in Turkey offers an important support in this regard. Turkey, making significant investments each year for health tourism, gives great importance to this issue. In addition, each clinic and hair transplantation center works on promotion and advertising. Those who will come abroad for this operation can contact and have a chat with doctors on web pages and via WhatsApp. They also have the opportunity to have video chat as well.

Communicating beforehand is important to speed up the process. The state works to supervise and control the clinics, hospitals and intermediary companies that provide advertising and promotion. In other words, those who will have this operation in Turkey should select the clinic carefully.


Patients are Completely Helped in Hair Transplantation Process

Doctors who are competent in communicating in English help patients at every stage of the operations in Turkey. Also, free support is provided about 1 year after the operation. Doctors and healthcare professionals are always available to assist when needed. Before the operation, you can learn about the possible results by means of visuals and find the answers of all the questions you have in mind.

When all these criteria are fully evaluated, Turkey would be the most advantageous choice to have hair transplantation.

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