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Hair transplantation is a very important procedure that provides a permanent solution to hair loss. This procedure can be applied to all people. At this point, the question of whether the procedure applied to black males is any different arises. What kind of differences are there in the hair transplantation applied to black males? What is the success rate of it for such people? Is it at the same difficulty with normal hair transplantation? You can find the answers to all these questions in our following article.


Differences of Hair Transplantation for Black Males

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. It can be thought that it gives the same result for everyone. In short, it is the transfer of hair grafts taken from the donor area with special tools to the hairless area. There are different techniques used for this. FUE and DHI are the most developed techniques. In these techniques, grafts are collected one by one. Therefore, it is not possible to have even the smallest scar on the scalp.

There are some differences between the hair transplantation applied to black males and white males. At least, when the results are considered, some differences will be seen. The basis of these differences is that black males’ hair is different. Their hair strands are more curved. Besides, their scalp has also a thicker structure. These details make it difficult to collect the grafts undamaged and transfer them again undamaged. These may decrease the success of the procedure unless it is in experienced hands.

Applying hair transplantation to black males is difficult; however, these difficulties can be overcome if the right clinic is preferred. Our doctors produce special solutions for you. Hair grafts are collected by special techniques, thus an undamaged result is achieved. Also, the expertise and experience of our doctors are very effective at this point. So, it becomes possible for you to get the desired result. However, once again, for this, you should have the hair transplantation at the right clinic and by a specialist doctor.

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Why Are There Differences in Hair Types?

Why Are There Differences in Hair Types?

Hair density and hair type differ according to ethnic origin. Hair types of people of African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Caucasian, and European origin are different. The factors causing different hair types result in hair transplantation to be done in different ways. Below are the important ones of these differences.

  • Follicles in cuticles are the clearest reason for the difference. The vast majority of the difference is about the size of the cuticle.
  • Hair type and style. Procedures applied to hair types such as curly, wavy, and straight hair may be different.
  • The color of the scalp under the hair is also another factor that causes these differences. While the grafts are easily transferred in light-colored skins, there may be a different difficulty level for darker skin colors.


Hair Transplantation for Black Males

Black males realized over time that they are more exposed to hair loss. Initially, hair transplantation, the permanent solution for hair loss, did not give the desired results. Because it wasn’t only having hair transplantation, but they also understood that they should prefer a doctor specialized in hair transplantation of black males. The points to be considered while performing hair transplantation to black males are as follows:

  • Black males have vague hairlines. Vague hairlines make the right adjustment difficult.
  • Black males usually have curly hair. For natural hair, hair strands have to be transferred at an angle in hair transplantation. Therefore, because of their curly hair, adjustment of the angles is difficult for black males.
  • The fact that hair strands of black males are thick and excessively dense makes it difficult to use ordinary hair transplantation tools. Therefore, hair transplantation is done with special equipment.
  • Curly hair covers more space. Therefore, hair transplantation can be done with fewer grafts. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the grafts have to be placed correctly.



Considering all these points, it is understood that hair transplantation has to be performed differently in black males. At this point, as the clinic, we ensure you get the desired results by providing special solutions.  Our expertise and experience in this field will meet your requirements at the highest level. Also, please bear in mind that you can make use of our free consultancy service before the hair transplantation and find the answers to your questions.

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