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Having a beautiful and proportionate body is every woman’s dream. Some people are genetically more fortunate, but not everyone has this chance. The appearance of the butt is important for everyone in terms of feminine lines. A butt that looks lifted and fit, rather than a flat or low butt, is also something that every woman wants. With such a butt, dresses and trousers can stand much better on us and we can feel much better. But those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their butts and the proportion of their bodies are not that desperate.

Plastic surgery develops new methods every day. The operation described as Brazilian butt lifting is a very simple surgical operation. Women who are uncomfortable with their butts may also consider this option.


Butt Lift Operation Methods

Butt lifting operation is performed mainly in 2 methods. If there is a serious gap, flattening or problems of ptosis in the butt, it is recommended to place a prosthetic butt for butt lift operation. However, for those who do not have such a big problem and want to look more beautiful by lifting their butts up, a non-surgical method is recommended. This method is briefly to apply the liposuction method on the butts. Due to the fact that the genetically luckiest women are Brazilian about the appearance of their butts, the operation was called Brazilian butt lifting.


Liposuction and Butt Lift

The use of liposuction in butt lifting operations is very simple. In general, many of the applicants for this procedure have the fat from the fatty areas of their body injected into the butts. For example, someone who is uncomfortable with abdominal fat can have it taken from this area and injected into his/her butts by liposuction method. In this way, he/she can get rid of abdominal fat and have higher and more prominent butts.

No cutting is performed during operation. So there won’t be any permanent scars in the future. If necessary and desired, this operation can be done along with other aesthetic operations such as abdominoplasty.


Is Butt Lift Operation Effective for a Long Time?

The fat tissue in our body has the ability to renew itself. That’s why the fats taken from your body are still permanent after being injected into the butt. Although it is possible for some to melt or disappear, the overall result of the operation is permanent. Those who have experienced this surgery denoted that the result was effective from five to seven years. With regular nutrition and regular exercise, this period may become even more permanent.

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Who Can Have Butt Lift Operation?

There is no limitation in this issue. In fact, this operation has turned to be a situation preferred even by men recently. But liposuction method cannot be applied to those who have extremely low butts or who have large amounts of fat loss. In such cases, surgeons find it more appropriate to place a prosthetic butt. If the problem is not such great, liposuction can be performed on anyone with excess fat in any part of his/her body.

butt lift

Some of the lipids are taken and the butt area is filled with them. But for those who do not have too many lipids, the aquafilling method is applied which is a different kind of filler and which is compatible with the human body as the majority of its content is the water. Also in this method a liquid consisting of water crystals which have undergone various processes and eventually become darkened is injected into the body. The compatibility of this liquid with the body takes place in a very short time.


How Long is the Recovery Time?

The recovery time of lifting operation using Liposuction method is very short. Patients come out of the hospital or clinic shortly after the surgery as it is a simple filling procedure. They can continue their daily life. Likewise, the time to return to work and physical activities is also quite short. Since there is no need for cutting or stitching during the operation, there is no need for painkillers as well.

The butt lift operation is a 2-3 hour application. After 1-day-short stay in hospital, you can easily go back to work or your daily routine within 1 week. Those who are interested in exercise or sports can start training again after 2-3 weeks.


Before and After Liposuction

Those who want to have a Brazilian butt lift operation must choose a hospital or clinic with the necessary certificates and specialist surgeons. Although it is a simple procedure, it is very important that a specialist is involved in the operation. You can talk to your doctor and get the necessary information before undergoing a buttock lifting operation. Your doctor will tell you about the differences between before and after the operation. In fact, most of the hospitals that are experienced in this subject will enlighten you with the visuals about the outcome.

butt lift

One of the important goals after the operation is that the butt looks as natural as possible. That’s why your doctor will tell you about the details of the desired round and fit appearance, and how your expectations should be during the operation. After the first few weeks after the procedure; the buttocks, which look puffier, will look more and more beautiful in their own nature. The body will easily adapt to its new outlook and you’ll have a butt looking similar to those of Brazilian women.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Prices in Istanbul

Turkey has progressed a lot in recent years about aesthetic surgery. Many people from abroad also come to Turkey for this issue and benefit from health tourism. But once you have decided on this operation, the most important thing you need to do is to find a clinic or a hospital with qualified surgeons. You can do an online research while making this choice. But it will be better if you don’t just get through with forums or patient comments, but also benefit from Google’s reviews.

butt lift

In this way, you can make a better choice in terms of the hospital and you can decide more comfortably. As the operations have become widespread, a price can be determined as the average lower limit of € 2,500. It would be wise for you not to choose the places that offer much lower prices as it can be risky for your health. It is necessary to negotiate with the doctor in order to confirm the prices. Because the smaller the operation area is, the cheaper the price will be or higher price can be determined if the area is larger. It will be a wiser choice to make a decision after talking to the doctor face to face if possible. If not or if you are residing in a remote location, you can also make an online and video call.


Differences Before and After Operation

Most clinics in Istanbul show pre- and post-operation photographs on this subject. You can look at the images when choosing a clinic or hospital. It is possible to understand from the images how successful the operations that people have undergone are and how the results are.

Patients look at these photos and decide about the details of the operation. If you’re going to feel more comfortable and confident, you can consider the Brazilian buttock lifting operation. It can be ensured by this operation that you feel more comfortable in your clothes and more confident as you have feminine lines.

butt lift

Before meeting with doctors and clinics in Istanbul, you should remember that the most important issue is that the clinic you will be applying should have the necessary certificates. In addition, the fact that it incorporates specialist doctors is the second important factor. Even if it is a simple and non-surgical operation, you should pay attention to these issues in order not to take risks. After the operation, you can have more lifted and rounder Brazilian butt that you’ve dreamed for a long time.

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