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Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of the breasts. In this procedure, excess skin and some tissue in the chest area are removed. Today, it is being discussed whether this transaction, which is quite popular among women, is covered by insurance or not. We have gathered for you the details of the conditions under which breast reduction surgeries are to be performed under the health insurance.


Why is Breast Reduction Not Covered by Insurance? 

Breast reduction surgery, as the name suggests, is a procedure performed to make large breasts smaller. So, it would not be wrong to say that breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure. Because it is considered as one of the procedures that the person can prefer to correct her appearance. This is the general expectation from breast reduction surgery. However, this is not always the case.

Having large breasts can make women look more attractive. However, large breasts can also cause many discomforts. The major ones are neck and waist pains. These pains may even become chronic over time. Apart from these, dermatitis, the formation of wounds under the chest, and chest pain are other problems. It can be said that the ideal method to get rid of all these is breast reduction surgery. However, as the insurance companies do not take this aspect into account and consider it as a cosmetic procedure, they do not include breast reduction surgery under the scope of insurance.

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It is Not Impossible to Include Breast Reduction Surgery Under Insurance!

First of all, for the surgery to be considered under insurance, they must accept it as reconstructive. In other words, they must believe that surgery is a medical requirement. This can be proven in different ways for each insurance company. Therefore, if you want to have breast reduction surgery, you should get information from your insurance company. You can learn the necessary conditions by asking under which cases the breast reduction surgery is considered reconstructive.

Why is Breast Reduction Not Covered by Insurance?

Insurance companies want the priority to be given to non-surgical treatments for problems that arise due to breast size. For this, they present it as a condition that patients should be examined by specialists such as orthopedists, physiotherapists, dermatologists, and chiropractors. Besides, they want to see the 6-12 month treatment plans of these specialists. In short, they want to officially see that the treatments applied do not work and the only option is breast reduction surgery. When these conditions are met, the insurance company accepts breast reduction surgery as reconstructive. So it covers the surgery.

Once again, every insurance company may have a different approach here. Therefore, you should find out the conditions directly from your insurance company. Otherwise, you may waste your time.


How Much Does the Breast Reduction Cost without Insurance?

If you do not want to bother in dealing with getting the breast reduction surgery under the insurance coverage, you can have it by paying it yourself. The cost of breast reduction surgery is between $5,000 and $7,000 on average. This amount is only for the surgery. Apart from that, you may have to pay an additional fee for other facility services, anesthesia, and medications. Therefore, you should consider that the cost will increase even more.


Breast Reduction in Turkey

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The figures mentioned here are on average and the costs may increase or decrease depending on factors such as the condition of the patients, the country/clinic where the procedure is performed, and the quality of the doctor. Therefore, you can find more suitable options by doing detailed research before the operation. One of the major advantages of having a breast reduction in Turkey is that you can get the lowest cost without the need for using the insurance. The following services are also included in the average package prices of 2.500€ – 3.000€.

  • 4-5 star hotel accommodation,
  • Welcoming at the airport
  • All VIP transfers between hotel/clinic/airport
  • All consultations before and after the operation
  • Necessary medical tests
  • Nursing services
  • Personal translator
  • All medicines and medical supplies
  • All complementary health care after the operation

Considering these included services, the cost of having a breast reduction in Turkey can be paid without the need for insurance coverage.

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