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Breast reduction is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures. However, this procedure is generally known to be more difficult than breast implants. There are different reasons for this situation. In our article, you can find the main reasons why breast reduction surgery is more difficult than the breast augmentation procedure.


What is Breast Implant | How is it Performed?

The breast implant is the process of placing a special material under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Patients have larger breasts thanks to this procedure. There are different types of breast implants. However, in general, it can be said that silicone prostheses with a special gel inside are used.

  • In breast implant, the first step is consultation. At this stage, patients indicate what kind of breast they want to have. They are also given detailed information about the surgery. Then, the day of surgery is determined.
  • On the day of surgery, after the patient is under anesthesia, an incision is formed according to the implant to be used.
  • Then, the determined implant is placed.
  • At the last stage, the incision is closed in a way that there is no scar left or it is not noticeable and the process is completed.

Can Breast Implants Cause Lupus?

The surgery mentioned here usually takes between 1-3 hours. The return to work varies between 3 and 7 days. So the recovery period is quite short. The complete recovery period here is a maximum of 10 days. Today, the breast implant outstands as a procedure that is performed frequently. Thanks to this process, women can increase the size of their breasts to the desired size.


What is Breast Reduction? | How is it Performed?

In the breast reduction operation, also known as mammoplasty, skin, tissue, and fat cells are removed. This process can be done with aesthetic concerns or because of some health issues.

Large breasts can cause back, waist, and neck pain. In general, breast reduction is preferred due to physical and psychological needs.

  • The first stage of the breast reduction procedure is also consultation.
  • After this stage, surgery starts. An incision is formed when the patient is under anesthesia according to the procedure to be performed.
  • Excess fat and tissues are removed, and then the nipple is repositioned. Thus, the breasts are kept proportionally.
  • The incisions are closed and the process is completed.

There are also different types of this procedure in itself. The operation time varies between 2-4 hours. The time required for patients to return to work may be around 10 days. The period for a complete recovery is 3 weeks. At the end of this period, people can continue their daily life. It is not possible for the operation to affect patients’ lives adversely.


Breast Reduction vs. Breast Implants| Difficulty Levels

When the above general information is examined, it can be said that the procedure of breast implants is easier. There are many different reasons for this. The main reason why breast reduction is more difficult than the breast implant is that it is relatively difficult to reposition the breast correctly because of the tissues removed.

However, it would be wrong to say that breast reduction operation is a risky and difficult operation. Considering the level of development of medicine today, it can be said that the breast reduction procedure is also easily performed. Tens of thousands of breast reduction operations are performed every year and the success rate in these is close to 100%.

When a doctor who is an expert in his field and the right clinic is preferred, the breast reduction procedure can be performed easily. Also, the success of this process will be extremely high.

Breast reduction is not a procedure done only with aesthetic concerns. Most of the time, it is performed for health purposes. The reason is that large breasts can cause many physical problems. Also, having large breasts may result in a person struggling with psychological difficulties. Considering all these, it can even be said that breast reduction surgery is mandatory for some patients.