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Famous American actor Ariel Winter announced that she had a boob job operation in 2015. Everyone got surprised by this statement. Who is Ariel Winter who started to be known by large groups with her role in the series “The Modern Family”? Before we get into details about breast reduction surgery, let’s get to know the celebrity a little more closely.

Who is Ariel Winter?

Ariel Winter is a famous name in many projects. Despite the high number of projects in which she acted, she made his most important debut with the series “The Modern Family” in 2009. Ariel Winter’s first acting experience was in the cinema. She first appeared in the famous movie “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, and later acted in the movie “Bambi 2”. Her first experience in the series came with “Criminal Minds”. Apart from this, she has been involved in many productions. Although she is only 22 years old, her role in so many productions shows that she will have an important career in the coming years. After all this information, we got to know her a little more closely. Now let’s move on to the details of the Ariel Winter breast reduction operation.

Breast reduction surgery

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction is an aesthetic procedure and as its name suggests, it helps reduce the breasts. There are different techniques of this operation undergone by Ariel Winter. But in general, fat and tissues are removed from the breasts. Finally, the breast is reshaped. Thanks to this surgery, patients can have breasts they long for.

The incisions made during this surgery may vary depending on the size of the procedure. Sometimes an incision is made in the form of a lollipop or an inverted T. The surgeon performing the operation gives decisions depending on the condition of the breast.

Ariel Winter has had such surgery in general terms. As a result of the operation in question, it is possible that some scars may remain in the breast area. But the surgeon who performs the surgery tries to hide them as much as possible. As time passes over the operation, they become less visible. Since the incisions are very small, these scars are not usually seen.

Why Did Ariel Winter Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

Ariel Winter had this surgery when she was only 17 years old. Considering the interviews made by the famous name, the reason for the operation is not aesthetic. Large breasts can cause an attractive appearance. But it is also known to cause a number of physical problems. Ariel Winter suffered from such handicaps.

Ariel Winter had 32F measurements before surgery. This size means a fairly large breast. The attractive breasts have a respectable weight. The weight in question began to be a problem for the famous actor. She explained that she started to experience neck and back pain due to her heavy breasts over time. Later on, she stated that there were problems in her waist for similar reasons. In short, large breasts threatened the health of the famous actress. For this reason, she told that he decided to have breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction in turkey Another reason why Ariel Winter has had breast reduction surgery is related to her career. Stating that she could not stand up for a long time, the celebrity said that this situation became a problem for her in the set. The weights of the breasts began to make it even more difficult to stand. Another problem was the clothes. It was extremely difficult for her to find suitable clothes that she could fit her breasts in. Sometimes, hiding her breasts was quite exhausting for her. Thus, the clothes she wore were not suitable enough for a 17-year-old girl. Therefore she was receiving a lot of criticism. For all these reasons, she decided to have breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery of Ariel Winter

The famous actor is modern family star’s breast size before surgery was 34F. Together with her doctor, they decided how much it should be reduced. In their meeting, they decided that her breast size should be 34D. Expressing that she has big hips, Winter stated that they made this decision in order not to have a disproportionate body.

Expressing that she has a curved body line and enjoying it, Winter did not allow this to be spoiled by surgery. Thus, they decided that their breasts should not be larger than 34D and smaller than 34C.

In the surgery, excess fat and granular tissues were removed. Then the excess skin was removed with a similar method and excessive sagging of the breasts was prevented. After the surgery under anesthesia, the breast size of the celebrity has become 34D.

Is Ariel Winter Satisfied With Her New Breast Sizes?

Stating that she talked to the team of “The Modern Family” before the surgery and explained this situation, the famous name stated that everyone supported her. She denoted that she had great pains especially due to large breasts. She also said that in addition to physical pain, she began to wear off psychologically. She stated that she wanted and expected her breasts to grow when she was 14-15 years old. But the breasts did not stop growing and were almost huge. This meant a lower quality of life.

All the physical problems of the celebrity, who is quite satisfied with her new breasts, are left behind. She is now able to move more comfortably and does not have difficulty in fitting into the clothes she wants. Very happy with this situation, Ariel Winter expresses that she feels as if she has regained her freedom.

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