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Having children is perhaps one of the most interesting and educatory experiences in the world. Watching the birth and growth of a new person and what you experience with him/her changes you as well. Actually, these are positive changes, but the changes in our bodies are also scary. So, for most women, pregnancy means gaining weight and changing of the body to a great extent. Considering that women are more attentive to their body, the effects of pregnancy are always a concern in every woman’s head. One of the most important effects of pregnancy is the effect on the breasts.

In this article, we will talk about the negative effects of pregnancy on breasts and related solution methods.


Initial Effect of Pregnancy on Breasts

In fact, your breasts start to change from the moment you decide to have children. Yeah, you didn’t hear it wrong! There is a very close connection between the breasts and the maternity hormone. This situation starts to affect your breasts from the moment you want to have children and you dream about it. Continuous thinking of your baby affects your hormones, which causes you to begin to feel tenderness in your breasts.


Tenderness in Breasts

The first signs of pregnancy are related to the tenderness in our breasts. From the moment you become pregnant you will notice that the veins on your breasts become more visible in the first few months. Pregnancy triggers our hormones and the whole body. It activates our body and causes our blood circulation to increase. This increase causes a similar situation in our breasts that is very much like the tenderness we experience before our menstruation period.


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Expansion of Areola

The brown area around the nipple is called the areola. This area is already darker and even have a brown colour. But during pregnancy, it starts to get even darker and becomes wider. The areola will appear much wider and much darker as the pregnancy progresses. Another change in the areola is the appearance of small pimples. And this is a very natural and healthy change. Because these pimples have an important function. They produce a kind of fat that prevents the formation of bacteria and this fat helps protect your breast and what’s around it from infection.

before and after breast reduction


After the 3rdMonth

After spending the first 3 months in the healthiest way possible, you will notice that your breasts are getting bigger and bigger and this is happening rapidly. This is a natural process since your body starts to secrete milk at this stage. The expansion of your milk channels causes your breasts to get bigger. At this stage, you can gradually start using larger size underwear and even wearing a breastfeeding bra.


After the 6thMonth

Changes in breasts become clearer in the last three months. During these months, the breasts grow very quickly. Now that the breasts are filled with a high percentage of milk, it is natural that a liquid called the first milk slowly comes out from your breasts. The first milk is very useful for babies. If the baby drinks it after birth, it is considered as if it was the first vaccination of the baby. This liquid is a yellow and dense liquid and may not be very similar to standard milk.


Breastfeeding Period

The arrival of the first milk may continue after birth and may even last several days. This is due to everyone’s biological differences. Therefore, there is no need to worry if milk does not arrive immediately after birth. Your body needs to complete certain processes. Birth begins to change your body. Your swelling may not go down immediately, but there may be slight degrowth in your breasts. However, in the first three months after birth, an excessive amount of milk is expected to be excreted in your breasts. This is also related to the needs of the baby. As we know, babies need a lot of milk during their first three months. This means an intense secretion of milk during the first three months, or even during the first six months of breastfeeding.

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Effect of Breastfeeding on Breasts

As your breasts will be constantly filled and emptied with milk, a change in the structure of your breasts may occur during breastfeeding. Women who previously had very small breasts can grow bigger breasts during this period. Moreover, this situation can be permanent. These changes in the size of the breasts weaken the muscles of the breasts and soften the ligaments in the breast area. If you start light exercises after the first months of breastfeeding, you can avoid this.

If these exercises are not very effective, other solutions may be considered. It is important for women to take good care and feel good during these months. So instead of concentrating on such issues, you’ll be more comfortable if you concentrate on things like resting well and taking time for yourself. All kinds of aesthetic solutions about your body can be evaluated at the end of this period.

With the aesthetic interventions such as above, you can get a better look than before.


What Can Be Done for Our Breasts During Pregnancy?

Having a comfortable pregnancy is about making your breasts comfortable. For this reason, from the first months, even if you can fit in your old underwear, you will be more comfortable if you do not use them. The most important thing to do during pregnancy is to take good care of our own body and make it as comfortable as we can. So, you should not be too late to start buying your underwear in larger sizes.


  • Warm Shower and Massage

It is also quite normal for you to feel pain in your breasts during pregnancy and after birth. If milk channels are filled with milk and sometimes not drained sufficiently, this can cause significant problems. If you feel a lot of pain, often showering with warm water during pregnancy can relax you. You can even spend a long time in the bathroom and massage your breasts. As is known, taking medication during pregnancy is not highly recommended. So, you should try to make as much time as possible to make your body and your own self feel good.

Feeling psychologically comfortable during pregnancy is very important for both yours and your baby’s health. The better you feel during this period and the better you look after yourself, the better you will feel after birth. Breastfeeding period will be much better, and you will not have much trouble.


  • Creams and Lotions

One of the problems during pregnancy and breastfeeding period is the cracks in your breasts and the nipples. Unfortunately, these can be permanent if the cracks in the breasts are due to the enlargement of the canals. Try to give a bye on it as much as possible. But you can try some creams and lotions during pregnancy if these are recommended by your doctor. Especially in the last months and during breastfeeding, problems such as tingling, loss of moisture, excessive pain on the nipples may be experienced. You can use the recommended creams, especially for moisture loss and dryness. But other problems will generally decrease as your body gets used to the breastfeeding process.


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Maternity and Breastfeeding

The mother should try to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Because the most important issue in this process is the comfort and psychology of the mother. The better the mother feels, the better the breastfeeding process will be. All other problems are temporary. Changes in your breasts during pregnancy are extremely natural and will go away after a while. For those who do not, you can consider aesthetic interventions. For example, your breasts may be saggier than before because the ligament is weakened. They may not look as fit and plump as before. Of course, this is an important problem for every woman. You can consider aesthetic interventions for such problems.


Breast Aesthetics and Medical Developments

There are many important developments in medicine regarding breast aesthetics. With the developing technology, better results can be obtained in aesthetic and surgical operations every passing day. Especially for the problem of sagging breasts which can be seen frequently after pregnancy, breast lifting operations can be often preferred by women. So, you don’t have to worry too much about problems that have a solution. As a result, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and exciting periods in your life. The important thing is that you take good care of yourself in this process.

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