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Who is Charlotte Crosby?

Let’s kick things off with a brief introduction, shall we? In case you’re not already familiar, Charlotte Crosby is a British reality TV star who shot to fame on the MTV show ‘Geordie Shore.’ She’s a real firecracker, known for her candidness and no-nonsense attitude.

A Sneak Peek into Her Career

Since her initial burst into the limelight, Charlotte’s career has continued to blossom. She’s proven herself to be more than just a reality TV personality, having released successful fitness DVDs, books, and even her own fashion line. Pretty impressive, huh?

Before the Nose Job

Charlotte’s Struggles with Her Nose

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Despite her radiant smile, Charlotte was always self-conscious about one thing: her nose. She felt it was out of proportion with the rest of her face and often mentioned this insecurity publicly.

The Decision to Have Rhinoplasty

Ultimately, Charlotte made a personal decision to undergo rhinoplasty (commonly known as a ‘nose job‘). The decision wasn’t taken lightly, and she spent a great deal of time researching and weighing up the pros and cons. But remember, we’re talking about a strong, decisive woman here. Once she made up her mind, there was no turning back.

charlotte crosby

The Nose Job Process

Selecting the Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon was crucial for Charlotte. She consulted with several top-rated professionals before finally settling on one. After all, your nose is smack bang in the middle of your face, right? There’s no hiding a botched job!

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

The surgery itself went smoothly, thanks to her diligent preparation and a highly skilled surgeon. It involved reshaping the cartilage and bone of Charlotte’s nose to achieve a more balanced and harmonious look.

charlotte crosby rhinoplasty operation

After the Nose Job

Charlotte’s Recovery

Post-surgery, Charlotte faced a recovery period filled with swelling, bruising, and patience. But she handled it with grace and bravery, just like everything else in her life.

Public Reaction

When she debuted her new nose, the public’s reaction was mixed. Some lauded her for taking control of her insecurities, while others criticized her for promoting cosmetic surgery. Can you imagine having the world’s eyes on your healing nose? Talk about pressure!

charlotte crosby nose job

Impact on Charlotte’s Life and Career

Positive Outcomes

Despite the criticism, Charlotte reported that her nose job boosted her self-confidence immensely. And it showed – her career continued to flourish, and she seemed happier in her skin.

Negative Outcomes

But let’s not sugarcoat things – there were drawbacks too. Charlotte has faced ongoing criticism and had to defend her decision repeatedly. Not exactly a walk in the park, is it?

charlotte crosby nose job operation

1. When did Charlotte Crosby have her nose job?

Charlotte underwent rhinoplasty in early 2016.    

2. Who performed Charlotte Crosby’s nose job?

The name of the surgeon is not publicly disclosed, but Charlotte expressed great satisfaction with her choice.

3. How much did Charlotte Crosby’s nose job cost?

The cost of her procedure hasn't been disclosed, but typical rhinoplasty can range anywhere from £4,000 to £7,000.

4. What did Charlotte look like before her nose job?

Charlotte had a larger, rounder nose before her rhinoplasty. She's always been beautiful, but she feels more confident now.

5. Has Charlotte Crosby had any other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, in addition to her nose job, Charlotte has admitted to having lip fillers and a boob job.


So there you have it – a deep dive into Charlotte Crosby’s nose job journey. It’s been a rollercoaster, with highs and lows, but throughout it all, Charlotte has remained open, honest, and unapologetically herself. And isn’t that something we can all admire?

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