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There are some questions to be asked before you have hair transplantation. Thanks to these questions you will have more detailed information about the process to be done and thus you can eliminate all the question marks in your mind. The answers to the questions you have asked will greatly influence your decision on whether or not to have hair transplantation. Therefore, it is very important that you determine the right questions. We have compiled for you the questions that should be asked before hair transplantation and the issues that need to be checked.  This checklist will help you before hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a major procedure and should never be simplified. Although the methods used today are advanced and give successful results, it should be remembered that this procedure is a surgical operation. Therefore, it will be more accurate for you to have detailed information about the procedure and to make your decision accordingly.


1. Techniques Used for Hair Transplantation

The number of hair transplantation techniques applied in different parts of the world is quite high. However, it can be said that 2 of them came forward partially.

DHI and FUE techniques are applied more than other techniques. In DHI technique, the hair follicles are collected one by one and placed in special pens and direct sowing process can be performed without the need of opening a canal. The DHI method which is a new technology is the best alternative especially for those who want frequent transplantation. In the FUE technique, the hair is taken and transplanted one by one. FUE method requires channel opening. It is the most well known method that can be applied for many years.

Although FUT method is one of the hair transplantation techniques, it is an old method and it is not as preferred as early years.

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2. Seeing the Photos of People Having Hair Transplantation

It is important to see the photos of previous hair transplantations in order to understand the success of the clinic and surgeon. So you can both understand how successful the clinic is and what kind of changes you will experience. Make sure that the photos shown to you belong to the operations performed in the clinic.

before and after hair transplant photos cosmeticium


3. Duration of Hair Transplantation Surgery

The number and duration of sessions may vary depending on the method to be used for hair transplantation. Depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted, hair transplantation is usually completed within the same day. If more than 5000 hair follicles need to be transplanted, it may be necessary to allocate one more day for this procedure.


4. Interviewing Patients Who Have Hair Transplantation

Meeting with the patients who have had hair transplantation beforehand and learning their comments will help to get first-hand answers to the curiosities about hair transplantation. Therefore, use this opportunity as much as you can. Ask all the questions you have in mind.


5. Find out How Long They Have Been Providing This Service

The experience of the team that will carry out the process is one of the issues that directly affect the success of the process. The success rate of hair transplantation which will be carried out by a qualified team that has sufficient experience in this field is much higher. The hair transplantation performed by the team with sufficient experience takes a natural look after a while and it cannot be understood from the outside. This makes the new hair look more natural. If this procedure is performed by a team that does not have sufficient experience, there may be a hair transplantation scar. Apart from this, such scars may be found even at the point where the hair is taken. Therefore, the quality of the team is of great importance.


6. Know the Cost of Hair Transplantation Beforehand

Depending on the methods used in hair transplantation and the amount of hair to be transplanted, the costs to be paid will vary. Knowing the fees to be paid in advance and knowing what services are included in this fee will prevent you from having a bad surprise after hair transplantation.

The cost of hair transplantation may also vary depending on the country and exchange rates. It should be noted that a significant portion of the high quality and affordable hair transplantation centers around the world are in Turkey. This option must be considered and the final decision must be made accordingly.

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7. Diploma and Certificate of Expertise

Hair transplantation stands out as a constantly changing and developing field. Experts who want to develop themselves in this field follow the work closely all over the world and thus gain different experiences. Associations of which such persons are members are also similar. Through these associations, different trainings are received and certificate is obtained. Therefore, it will give you an idea to learn about the associations and their current accreditations of the clinic you will be prefer.


8. Find Out How Many Patients Have Preferred Them So Far

This question is extremely important and should definitely be asked. The number of successful hair transplantations a surgeon has done in the past is one of the criteria that shows how qualified he is. Getting service from a team that performs hundreds of operations can mean that the operation will be successful. Therefore, the greater the number of operations performed by the surgeon in the past, the higher possibility that it is a good preference to choose him/her.

The answers to these questions will give you an important idea about the quality of the clinic and specialist concerned. In addition, the general knowledge of the procedure and the subsequent process will affect your decision on hair transplantation. All this will ensure that there is a significant harmony between your expectations and the result.

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