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David Silva, one of the most important athletes of Spain, draws attention to his numerous achievements. These achievements are closely followed by the media and fans of the famous football player. Therefore, David Silva’s hair transplantation has become one of the topics people are most curious about. Did David Silva really undergo a hair transplantation procedure? Was his hair transplantation successful? What techniques were used in his hair transplantation? You can review the rest of our article for answers to these and other similar questions.

David Silva’s Career

David Silva started playing football at Valencia Football Club, one of Spain’s most important clubs. His talent was noticed in a short time and he moved up to the Spanish National Team. Later, he was transferred to one of England’s most important teams, Manchester City. After this transfer, which was for an extremely high price, a new life started for David Silva.David Silva hair transplantation

Silva, who has been playing for the same team for nearly 10 years, has achieved numerous successes here. He became one of the most valuable football players in the world. He won countless trophies. How the 34-year-old footballer, who is still playing in the same team, will continue his career is an issue that everyone is curious about.

David Silva’s First Game With Hair

David Silva had begun to choose the short hairstyle to hide his hair loss or for a different reason. David silva appeared in games for a long time with his hair buzzcut. People and fans got used to this situation. But after a while, he started to grow his hair again and everyone was surprised by this incredible change. Yes, the game that David Silva came in with hair can be expressed as a milestone for his style.

Some fans questioned how this happened. Others continued to watch the game without worrying about it. Especially on social media platforms, many comments were made about the hairy version of David Silva. A significant part

of these comments indicated hair transplantation. And it was claimed that this change could only be possible with hair transplantation. Was it really so? Did David Silva undergo a hair transplantation procedure?

Did David Silva Have Hair Transplantation?

No statement was made regarding the change in David Silva‘s hair. However, when the images of the famous football player are examined, it is possible to find many proofs regarding this subject. In the internet age, people’s photos spread rapidly on different platforms. By examining these, the change is quite easy to notice. When this research is done for Silva, it is not difficult to catch even the individual steps of hair transplantation.

To increase the success rate in hair transplantation, it is recommended to cut the hair completely. Everyone knows that Silva has completely cut his hair for a while. Secondly, the hairline of the famous football player was normally drawn backward. However, when the recent photos are examined, it will be seen that the hairline of the player came forward. Considering the color change and other details in the hair transplantation area, it would not be wrong to say that the famous football player underwent a hair transplantation procedure.

What Hair Transplantation Type Did David Silva Choose?

There are some different techniques used for hair transplantation today. Some of these are known to yield much more successful results. Therefore, these are more preferred than others. Considering the period when David Silva had his hair transplantation performed, it is understood that he preferred the FUE hair transplantation technique. This technique has been developed recently and gives highly successful results.

David Silva Have Hair TransplantationFUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplantation technique is the process of transferring the grafts collected from the donor area to the balding area one by one. The transplantation of the grafts is carried out one by one during the process. Thus, there will be no scar left on the scalp.

Donor area selection is especially important in hair transplantation. The hair on the nape and sides is known to be more resistant to hair loss. Therefore, grafts collected from these areas are used in hair transplantation. These areas were also preferred as the donor areas in David Silva’s hair transplantation procedure where the FUE technique was used.

The channels are opened in advance for the collected grafts. In these channels, grafts are placed at an appropriate angle and a natural hair appearance is obtained. After a while, the hair gets a completely natural look. The change that David Silva has experienced is one of the best examples of this. Hair transplantation should be done in clinics that provide high-quality service. This will ensure that the procedure’s success rate is much higher.