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In order to eliminate aging effects and restore your young appearance again, you can benefit from facelift operations. When you make a decision about face lifting, there are different factors to consider. Every person’s face is unique and special for that one person. Therefore, your facelift operation should meet your expectations and should be customized specially for you. For face lifting, SMAS facelift and deep plane facelift procedures can be applied. In both techniques, younger looking face is provided and aging effects are eliminated. Then, what are the differences between SMAS and deep plane facelift? Which one is more suitable for you? Details are in our article.


What Is SMAS Facelift?

In the past, face lifting involved only upper skin to be lifted and tightened. As late as 70s, SMAS has been defined. SMAS is connective tissue between muscles that control face gestures and subcutaneous fat in upper cheek. After this layer is defined, the idea of focusing on SMAS layer during face lifting procedures emerged.

SMAS facelift is a two-step procedure that includes first lifting skin and then tightening face muscles below. Mentioned procedure enables surgeons to adapt asymmetrical conditions and tighten through different angles so that patient’s overall appearance can be fixed. Therefore, this is a more customizable method for patients.

Differences Between SMAS and Deep Plane Facelift

During the procedure, surgical operation steps are applied to lift and tighten SMAS layer and place it back to the suitable position. Additionally, SMAS is connected to platysma muscle found in neck area. This situation ensures that neck area is also affected by this procedure as well as bottom face area. For this mentioned operation, incisions are opened on hair line as well as in ear area. Stage by stage application in this method is one of the differences between SMAS and deep plane facelift.

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What Is Deep Plane Facelift?

Deep plane facelift involves lifting up skin and SMAS layer together at once. With this method, blood flow in upper layer becomes much better. On the other hand, one-step lifting process may prevent desired intervention at some areas. Additionally, it is a known fact that this procedure includes the risk of causing damage in facial nerves. Thus, this procedure must be performed only by surgeons who have serious level of expertise in this field.

Most of the surgeons who received traditional education believe that this method does not have any proven advantage. Therefore, in order not to take the risk of nerve damage, this method is mainly not preferred.


Differences Between SMAS and Deep Plane Facelift

The differences between SMAS and deep plane facelift starts with the general way of application.

  • SMAS facelift involves skin and SMAS layers separately, not together. With this difference, it is possible to tighten SMAS layer and skin layer towards different directions and in different levels.
  • Deep plane facelift, on the other hand, is limited since it involves one-way tightening.

SMAS facelift has different variations. It is a procedure that makes it possible to consider existing situation and develop suitable solutions accordingly. But, deep plane facelift can be stated as a method, of which effects are the same in all patients.


Which Procedure is Better for You?

When the differences between SMAS and deep plane facelift are evaluated, it can be seen that both procedures have their own pros and cons. At this point, it is not correct to promote one of them. The most suitable method can be determined by considering your face’s current conditions, your overall health status and your doctor’s opinion.

Which SMAS Facelift is Better for You?

While SMAS facelift provides better results for one patient, deep plane facelift may provide better results for another. The decision at this point must be taken by your surgeon after considering your requirements and expectations.



You can eliminate aging signs that occur on your face due to aging and other factors with these procedures. As Cosmeticium, we have serious level or experience and expertise about face lifting. Every year, a lot of patients apply to our clinic only for this procedure. All patients who come to Turkey return their homes happily. In order to get more detailed information about SMAS facelift and deep plane facelift and to be one of those happy patients, you can contact us.


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