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When people look in the mirror, they want to see a symmetrical and balanced face. While some see such a face, others cannot have the image they want due to their double chin. The jowl, which is also called submental fullness, may occur due to different reasons. Causes such as weight, genetics, and anatomy are the most common causes. If you have a double chin, the most effective ways to get rid of it can be double chin liposuction, neck lift surgery or a combined procedure where both options are applied together. You can get rid of double chin with these methods that can be applied to both men and women. Read the rest of our article for double chin liposuction details.


What is Double Chin Liposuction and How Is It Performed?

In skin aging, this situation first manifests itself in the neck area. In some people, signs of aging skin are collected under the chin. Thus, a loose skin occurs due to excess fat in the relevant area and a double chin occurs.

There are different procedures to reduce the appearance of double chin. These generally give effective results. However, not every method is suitable for every patient. If your skin has a saggy appearance and your skin structure is not elastic enough, you may not be a good candidate for submentoplasty and liposuction. In such cases, neck lift surgery may be recommended.

Double chin liposuction is based on the extraction of fat through cannulas placed in small incisions in the relevant area. A predetermined amount of fat is gently drawn from each location. Thus, it is ensured that the relevant area has a less fat and smoother structure.


The Advantages of Double Chin Liposuction

There are many important advantages of this process, which gives effective results in the removal of jowl. These advantages are:

  • Double chin liposuction is the most effective and fastest way to get rid of the jowl.
  • Provides the development of the general face profile.
  • It helps tighten the skin on the neck.
  • Contributes to the strengthening of the weak jaw line.
  • The chin is an area that can be noticed directly from the outside. Therefore, the lubrication that will occur here may adversely affect your general appearance. These negativities are eliminated by the action to be taken.
  • Lubrication on the chin is not the kind of fat that can be given by diet and exercise, but is extremely stubborn. Burning them takes a lot of effort and time. Results can be obtained quickly with the action to be taken.
  • Local anesthesia is generally preferred for the procedure.
  • The procedure is usually completed in less than 1 hour.
  • The effects of aging are clearly visible in the chin and neck region. With liposuction, these symptoms are eliminated and you get a younger look.
  • Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, the risk of complications is low and the recovery period is short.


Disadvantages of Double Chin Liposuction

Although liposuction is an excellent way to remove the jowl, it carries some risks to a minimum as it is in any surgical procedure. These risks might be; infection, bleeding, bruising, loss of sensation, seroma and minor scarring. These risks are minimized with special measures taken for security. Apart from these risks, this process also has some disadvantages. These disadvantages are as follows:

  • After the procedure, you may need to rest at home for 3-5 days and take time off from your work.
  • With this procedure, the fat in the related area is effectively reduced, but the looseness of the skin cannot be removed.
  • Those over the age of 60 may need additional skin tightening procedures to get the results they want.


Operation Types

Different types of procedures can be applied to correct the jowl problem. The details of these are as follows:

Chin Liposuction

It is a procedure in which excess fat under the skin is removed.


In addition to removing the fat under the chin, small incisions are made in the relevant area to tighten the muscles.

Neck Lift 

It is a procedure that includes removing the lower wrinkles, tightening the muscles and removing the excess skin to give the face a more aesthetic appearance.

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Who Can Be A Candidate?

This procedure has been developed for candidates who want to get rid of their jowl. However, there are certain qualifications that candidates must have in order to benefit from the procedure. The qualifications that suitable candidates should have are as follows:

  • Good general health status
  • There must be no health problem that prevents the procedure and anesthesia.
  • Not smoking
  • Good skin elasticity
  • More fat accumulation in the chin area compared to the rest of the body
  • Having realistic expectations

Candidates with these features can shape their jaws and necks as they wish.

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How the Surgery Process Works?

Surgery consists of several stages in itself. General details about these stages are as follows:

·  Before the Procedure

A preliminary evaluation is made before the operation. During this evaluation process, questions are asked and expectations are shared with the doctor. The details of the procedure are determined at this stage after a general evaluation is made by the doctor. Depending on the patient’s condition, examinations such as blood tests and x-rays can be performed.

This procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. However, sometimes general anesthesia may be preferred due to the special circumstances of the patients or the combined procedures to be performed. In such cases, the patient should carry out a consultation with the anesthesiologist.

·  During the Process

The process takes between 45 and 60 minutes in total. Small incisions are made on the points hidden under the chin for the procedure. Fats are drawn through these cuts with the help of syringes with mini tubes called cannulas at the ends. The extraction process of fats is done both superficially and deeply. The opened incisions are then closed and the process is completed.

·  After the Process

You can usually leave the hospital the same day after the procedure. There may be bruising, swelling and pain in the relevant area after the surgery, and these may continue for 3-5 days. It is important to use prescribed pain relievers and other medications during this period. Swelling, bruising and pain will go away on their own in a short time.

In the first days after the procedure, you can get advice that the relevant area should not be exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointment for the incision site.

Recovery time may vary depending on the technique used and the size of the procedure. In some cases, you may need to take up to 2 weeks off work.

·  Recovery Tips

The recovery time of the procedure is extremely short for most patients. Patients who leave the hospital on the same day can return to work a few days later. In order for the recovery process to be smoother and shorter, it would be helpful to consider the following points:

    • Spend the first 24 hours relaxing at home.
    • Bruising and swelling is normal for a few weeks. At the end of this period, swelling and bruising will start to pass.
    • You should avoid strenuous exercise for about 15 days.
    • You can take walks as a light exercise after the operation. Thus, the blood flow rate returns to normal and the risk of clot formation is reduced.
    • Keep your head elevated while lying down.
    • You can apply ice to the relevant area to reduce swelling and pain.
    • Wear the compression garment as instructed for the specified length of time to reduce swelling and prevent it from increasing further.
    • Apply the prescribed ointment on the small incisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and their answers about double chin liposuction are as follows:

·  Is Double Chin Liposuction Permanent?

The results of the operation are permanent as long as you maintain your weight and do not experience an excessive weight change. However, after 8-10 years, some changes may occur in this region due to aging.

·  How Can I Prepare for the Liposuction Process?

You should completely quit smoking and alcohol at least 2 weeks before the surgery. You can also inform your doctor about the medications you use and other details about your medical history during the consultation.

·  Can I Combine This Process With Another Process?

Yes. You can combine it with different processes depending on your needs and expectations. It can be combined with procedures such as neck lift, dermal filler and fat grafting. Depending on the general condition of your skin and your expectations, it can also be combined with a facelift.

·  Does It Cause a Saggy Skin?

It is possible to experience stretching on the skin after the fat is removed from the area related to the operation. You can discuss this issue with your doctor in detail.


Plan a Consultation

If you have Double Chin and you are suffering from this condition, you can use liposuction to fix it. In order for the procedure to meet your expectations and result in a face like your dreams, you must choose your doctor very carefully. You can increase the success rate and minimize the risks by choosing surgeons who are experts and experienced in their fields.

The surgeons within the body of COSMETICIUM have a great experience in this field. To benefit from the successful operations of our experienced surgeons and to get rid of the double chin permanently with detailed information and free online consultation you can contact us.


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