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Breast augmentation surgery provides an increase in breast size by applying different techniques. Thus, people can have the breasts of their dreams. However, at this point, the question is whether the process is permanent or not. Is the effect of breast augmentation surgery permanent? How long are their duration of use? The answers to all these questions are in our article.


How Many Different Ways Are Breast Augmentation Surgeries Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that meets the different needs of people. Different techniques have been developed to meet these needs more effectively. One of them is the fat transfer; the other is the use of implants.

Fat transfer stands out among the techniques used for breast augmentation. In this procedure, fats from different parts of the body are injected into the breasts. The hip, thigh, and abdomen are the preferred donor areas for fat collecting. The fats taken from the donor area by the liposuction method are processed and turned into pure fat. They are then injected in different amounts into different parts of the breasts.

Another technique used for breast augmentation is the use of implants. Here, silicone or similar materials filled with special liquids are used. Implants are placed inside the breasts. Thus, it is ensured that the breasts reach the desired size.


Their Duration of Use

The duration of use of the methods used for breast augmentation surgery differ. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to evaluate each procedure separately. However, it should be known that the results after both procedures are not completely permanent.

First, let’s examine the fat transfer method. Fat transfer does not seem to have any limitations in terms of usage time. However, only 50-60% of the injected fat is permanent. Apart from this, the fat transfer provides a natural result. It is affected by conditions such as weight gain and aging. In other words, its effect may decrease depending on the changes experienced over time.

When breast implants are examined, it is seen that they have a longer life. Since they are artificial materials, their durations of use are very long. However, experts state that they can be used for 10 years, if it is better maintained, up to 15 years and they should be replaced at the end of this period.

Temporary swelling may occur due to the surgery and other procedures performed. This swelling can cause a misperception of the breast size. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that a few weeks should be waited to see definitive results.


Things to Do to Make Results More Permanent

There are some points to be considered for the results of breast augmentation to be permanent. These points will differ depending on the method used.

If you had breast augmentation surgery performed with the use of implants, make sure you go to the regular checks. Implants usually contain salty water or a similar substance. Due to excessive pressure on the breasts or for other reasons, implants may burst although this is quite rare. The leakage does not pose any risk to the body. However, the symmetry of the breasts disappears.

Another important point to be considered here is the selection of breast implants. Some implants can rotate inside the breasts. This requires an extra procedure. On the other hand, for some implants (round implants), the shape of the breasts remains intact even though they rotate. At this point, a good choice must be made.

The things to be careful at for those who had a breast augmentation with fat transfer are different. First of all, it should not be forgotten that the result of fat transfer is natural. Therefore, the person should be careful about excessive weight gain and loss.

Both methods have their advantages. However, the effect of breast augmentation surgery with an implant is more permanent than the fat transfer.

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Breast augmentation surgeries generally meet your expectations. Whichever method you prefer, you can have the breasts of your dreams. However, the operation must be performed in the correct clinic by an experienced surgeon. Otherwise, the result will be a huge disappointment.

You can increase its duration of use by paying attention to your life after the surgery. At this point, you should follow your doctor’s instructions and go to the checks on time. You should have a healthy diet and follow other advice as well. Thus, the permanency of your large breasts will increase.

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