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Deciding on breast implant size is purely a private issue. Making this decision by taking your expectations and general situation into consideration is important not to have any regrets in the future. Therefore, there are some points you should know and consider before choosing 500cc implants. Thanks to the points mentioned in our article, you will make the right choice and you will not have different problems afterward.

Are 500cc implants right for me? Will there be sagging in the future? Will there be situations such as skin cracks? All the details are in our article.


1. Sagging

Implants increase not only the size of the breasts but also their weight. When you choose 500cc implants, you will put extra weight on both of your breasts. The greater this weight, the greater the tension and loss of elasticity in the breasts. The result of this is, as you can imagine, a condition called sagging or ptosis.

Sagging breasts can be considered a serious problem in terms of cosmetics. If you choose a large implant according to your body size, you can have the desired breast size. However, after a while, you may face the problem of sagging and need operations such as breast uplift to overcome this problem. Therefore, please keep in mind that you should choose the right size implants for your body.


2. Skin Crack

Cracks in the breast area are generally genetic. However, if 500cc implants are large for your body structure, there may be a possibility of cracks for a while. So much so that these cracks increase over time and cause a formation of a tiger band on your breasts.


3. Nipple Complications

Particular attention is paid to nerve protection while implants are placed in the breasts. As it is known, nipples are areas with high sensitivity, and this sensitivity is provided by nerves. If implants larger than the appropriate size are preferred, there may be pressure on the nerves. In such cases, partial or complete loss of sensation may be experienced.

Nipple Complications


4. Choosing the Outfit

Having large breasts has many advantages in itself. However, keep in mind that you may need new clothes after 500cc implants. First of all, you should buy larger-sized bras. Apart from this, you should know that some of your other clothes will no longer fit or will be uncomfortable.


5. Exercise and Fitness

If you exercise regularly, you may need to reconsider the idea of having large breasts. They can limit your movement, especially in sports such as running and tennis. Therefore, after breast implantation, you may have trouble doing sports or you may not enjoy as much as before.


6. Sleeping Position

After you have larger breasts, you should determine new sleeping positions for yourself. If you have been used to sleep keeping your face downwards before, you should not sleep in this position again. Because when you lie face down, there is intense pressure on the implants and undesirable situations may occur.

Sleeping Position after Breast Augmentation


7. Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain

Larger breasts mean you carry more weight. With the 500cc implants, the weight you need to carry will be even more. If the general condition of your body is not suitable for carrying this weight, you may experience different health problems. Pain may occur in the shoulder, back, neck, and waist area, and these can become chronic.


8. Thin Skin

The larger the implant chosen, the more the breast skin will be stretched and the skin will be thinner. Along with the thin skin that occurs after the implant, different cosmetic problems may occur in the breasts. Skin fluctuation may occur, which some women find unattractive. In such a case, additional procedures such as PRP and fat transfer may be needed to solve the problem.

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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

500cc implants will not do the same effect on everyone. For example; it cannot be expected to have the same effect on someone with a height of 175 cm and a person with a height of 150 cm. Therefore, when making a decision, do not compare yourself with others and focus directly on yourself. In addition to aesthetic concerns, consider the above-mentioned suggestions while deciding.

500cc Implants Are Not Eligible for All

However, if you are a suitable candidate for 500cc implants and your doctor approves it, you can have this procedure. Almost all of the possible situations mentioned above are problems that can be experienced in unsuitable body types. If you want to have breast augmentation, you can contact our Cosmeticium clinic, where a lot of patients are welcomed every year. You can take the right decision with free consultation service online.