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Sometimes the treatment you need may not be available in the country where you live. Similarly, you may want to have a surgical operation outside the country as it is done in much better conditions in a different country. While choosing your medical treatment, you should first consider the best conditions for you. As a result, if you prefer abroad, you should start preparations immediately. So how should you make these preparations?

How to get prepared for surgeries abroad? You want to have plastic surgery abroad but don’t know how to prepare, do you? Let’s make this planning together.


1. Collect Your Medical Information and Reports

Your medical history will be checked before any surgical procedures. You will be asked to provide this information directly, especially if you are going to have an operation abroad. It will be useful to gather some information about the important diseases you have had in the past, surgeries you have underdone, medications you used regularly and similar issues in a file.

Another important issue that you should pay attention to is the infectious diseases in the country you will go. Before going to the countries with these types of diseases, you need to have some vaccinations. Also, consider this in your travel plan and act accordingly. This will enable you not to encounter a bad surprise at the last minute.


2. Do a Detailed Research

You will have more than one option for aesthetic surgery abroad. At this point, you need to determine which option to choose correctly. Don’t choose a country or clinic just because it’s cheap. Your priority should be quality healthcare first and then the price. The points to be aware of at this stage are:

  • Learn About The Treatment: Regardless of which treatment you will have surgery for, definitely learn about the treatment in detail. Note that online consultation services are provided, especially due to the development of internet technology. Talk to your doctor at the clinic and ask about the treatment. Tell your expectations and get detailed information on this issue. Also, check out the before and after photos of people who have had this treatment before. Thus, you will have more detailed information about the change that will occur after the treatment. In addition, a different treatment may be offered to you by your doctor. In such a case, learn about the proposed treatment and its differences. All this will allow you to make more accurate decisions.
  • Concentrate on Most-preferred Places: You will have different options for treatment abroad. When you do some research, you will find that some of them are very popular. It can be said that some countries -including Turkey notably- are the best in this regard. Examine the clinics here and see if they have medical certificates. Also try to get information about the quality of service provided, comments about the clinic and prices.
  • Learn Visa Requirements: After selecting the country and clinic for treatment, start researching visa requirements. Some countries provide you with a visa easily. But the requirements by some countries may be more difficult. If so, you may need to change your preference at this stage.

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3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Depending on the country of residence and your insurance company, you can recover treatment costs in a different country. Contact your insurance company to get the required information about this issue. Indicate your preferred country and the operation you will undergo. You will be given detailed information. You will also learn about the documents you will be asked to receive a refund. Thus, you will not have any problems about repayment.


4. Prepare Your Travel Pack

After making your decision about the country and the clinic, you should start preparations immediately. After the flight ticket reservation, the travel date will be determined. After this stage, all you need to do is prepare your suitcase. When preparing your luggage, you need to pay attention to the following items.

  • Emergency Numbers and Tickets: Make sure you have your flight ticket with you. You should also take the documents that you are going for treatment. Apart from that, do not forget to get the contact number of the hospital you will go. You can also ask the hospital for a phone number you can dial in case of emergencies.
  • Personal Documents: You are traveling to a different country. You will need your personal documents for this. You must have your ID, passport and visa with you.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Most likely, you will choose the plane for travel. It will be a great convenience for you to choose comfortable clothes for the trip. You will also have to go to the operation in comfortable clothes. Therefore, you should make sure that you have enough comfortable clothes with you.
  • Documents of Medical Background: Keep in mind that your medical history will be asked. For this, you should put the documents in your bag.
  • City Guide: You can shop or eat in the city where the clinic is located. At this point, get a city guide to avoid difficulty. Thus, you will reach the places you need without difficulty.

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5. Set Your Travel Time

Depending on the operation you will have, you will have to stay in the country you or spend some days at the clinic before surgery. Try to find out how many days you will stay in the clinic after the operation and how many days after your last check-ups will be made. So you can find out how many days the travel will take in total. Accordingly, you can get permission from your work and make other planning easily.


6. Search Holiday Locations in the Country You Go

Although you are making this travel for treatment, you can take advantage of the opportunity you get. You can have a mini-vacation and relax in the country you go before the treatment. You can enjoy exploring many historical and touristic attractions if you choose Turkey especially for your treatment. You can see different cultures and historical beauties more closely. In order to experience these and similar beauties, it will be useful to search for the holiday destinations in the country you are visiting.

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