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Coronavirus, also known as the Covid-19 pandemic, has affected many areas. With the lockdowns declared in the early days of the pandemic, life in many countries almost stopped. All these events also affected those who wanted to have hair transplantation. So, how did the Coronavirus affect hair transplantation costs? Is it appropriate to have hair transplantation during this period? For these and more, you can read our following article.


Is it the Right Time for Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation not only gives you your old image but also has a psychologically positive effect. Therefore, hair transplantation should be done as early as possible, following expert advice. So, is it the right decision to have hair transplantation during the period of the pandemic?

The pandemic emerged in the last months of 2019 and spread throughout the world in a very short time. Although it has been a long time since it was first seen, unfortunately, it has not been completely taken under control. It is predicted by the experts that this may take even longer.

It is a fact that strict measures are not implemented today as they were in the early days of the pandemic. Many countries have gone back to normal life with the extra measures they have taken. If there are no travel restrictions in your country and in the country where you will have hair transplantation, you can have it performed. At this point, you can follow the statements of the experts and officials.

Please bear in mind that after you decide to have hair transplantation, you have to follow the rules of wearing masks, keeping the social distance, and other similar measures!


How Are Hair Transplantation Surgeries Performed During the Pandemic Process?

First, it must be admitted that the virus is all around the world. Therefore, we must get used to living with the virus.

  • Touching the mouth and nose with hands should be avoided
  • Disinfectants should be used,
  • Social distance should be maintained and
  • Maximum attention should be paid to hygiene rules.

During the pandemic process, hair transplantation surgeries are also performed within this framework. Hair transplantation surgeries, which had stopped completely in the early days of the pandemic, restarted a while ago. Unlike before, clinics are constantly disinfected and patients are ensured to comply with the rules. Besides, alcohol-based disinfectants are available at many points in the clinic.

The hotel you will stay in and the vehicles you will use in transportation during the hair transplantation process are disinfected similarly. Thus, you are effectively protected from the virus at every stage of the hair transplantation process.

Despite all this, if you still have doubts, with the free consultation you can ask and get rid of your questions.

Coronavirus Affect Hair Transplantation Costs


Should I Have Hair Transplantation in My Own Country or a Different Country?

Remember that it is you who will give the most accurate answer to this question. However, Covid-19 has spread throughout the world. There is no single country or city where there is no virus. At this point, you can have hair transplantation by following the precautions.

As is known, the virus originated in China and this was the initial center of the virus. However, the virus became much more effective in the USA and EU countries in the following periods. There have been many deaths in countries such as the USA, England, Italy, and Spain. Considering this, countries such as Turkey, where the pandemic has been lighter, could be preferred for hair transplantation. Moreover, clinics performing hair transplantation in Turkey are much more professional. Therefore, you can minimize your chances of being affected by the virus.

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How Have the Costs Changed in Hair Transplantation?

In the first months of the pandemic, life stopped completely, affecting the economy in a very negative way. In the beginning, hair transplantation operations stopped completely. This, in return, caused the prices to increase slightly, as in other sectors. However, do not worry about this price increase. You can have hair transplantation at similar costs with different solutions.

Hair transplantation costs are at quite a reasonable level in Turkey. It would not be wrong to mention up to 70% less cost compared to the USA and EU countries. Moreover, the success rate of hair transplantation performed here is extremely high. Due to the low prices in Turkey, it could be argued that the prices are not much affected during the pandemic process.



The coronavirus pandemic has been in our lives for a while, and it is not likely to go away soon. Therefore, it will be unnecessary to postpone your hair transplantation plans any further. Although costs have slightly increased, prices are still reasonable in countries like Turkey which are centers for health tourism. You can safely have your hair transplantation performed in Turkey without having budget-wise difficulty.

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