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There are different techniques used in hair transplantation, but the most advanced of these is DHI hair transplantation. This method uses special tools called DHI pens. These tools allow the process to be performed directly without the need for pre-grooving. The hair from the donor area is placed in these pens and implanted in the area to be treated. Performing this procedure with the pen ensures that the length of the graft is equal to the length of the channel. This results in less bleeding and less scarring than other techniques. Is the cost of DHI hair transplantation expensive? What are the prices and how are they determined? You can find all the things you wonder about the cost of DHI in our article.

The pens used in the DHI technique are for a single patient and the pen tips are replaced for different patients. This technique, which attracts attention with a success rate of more than 95%, is extremely successful in ensuring the permanence of the transplanted hair. It should also be known that it is a less painful technique.


The Differences Between FUE and DHI

There are two different hair transplantation techniques that are used extensively in the world. One is DHI and the other one is FUE. There are some differences between these techniques. These differences can be listed as follows:

  • The pen used in the DHI technique allows precise control of the depth, direction and angle of the transplanted graft. In this way, the transplanted hair will look completely natural and after a while the person having hair transplantation cannot be understood from the outside.
  • In the FUE technique, the grafts collected from the donor area are first taken into a solution. After this procedure, channels are opened in the area where hair transplantation will be performed and grafts are implanted in these channels. In the DHI technique, the collected grafts are implanted directly into the relevant area. Therefore, it is not necessary to open a channel in DHI technique.
  • Bleeding is negligible due to the fact that no extra channel is opened in DHI technique.
  • There is no postulation, crusting and pitting in DHI because there is no grooving and bleeding due to this.
  • It is possible to insert 45-60 grafts per cm2 in FUE technique and 80-90 grafts per cm2 in DHI technique. This allows the desired density to be easily achieved by the DHI technique.
  • Approximately 2,000 grafts were implanted in a single session in the DHI technique and 5,000 grafts in the FUE technique. Therefore more than 3,000 grafts may require more than one session. It is also possible to perform Mega-DHI with two doctors attending a single session.
  • In DHI technique, it is possible to shave only the donor area while in FUE technique the entire hair needs to be shaved.
  • In DHI technique, patients recover much faster and return to their daily lives immediately.
  • The success rate of the DHI technique has reached up to 95%.

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How Is the Cost of DHI Hair Transplantation Calculated?

DHI has different elements that affect the cost of hair transplantation. These elements and their explanations are given below.


1. Number of Grafts Required

As with all hair transplantation techniques, one of the most important factors affecting the cost is the number of grafts to be transplanted. Because the size of the procedure will vary depending on the number of grafts. The higher the number of hair follicles to be transplanted is, the higher the amount to be paid will be.

The fact that around 2,000 grafts can be implanted in a single session in the DHI technique has made the number of grafts to be transplanted more important. Because as the increase in the number of grafts will rise a need for extra doctors to take part in the operation and different procedures will inevitably increase.


2. Doctor’s Expertise

Although hair transplantation has been a long process, it can be said that DHI is a new technique. DHI, which is accepted as the most advanced technique, is applied quite differently from other techniques. Therefore, doctors must have sufficient expertise and experience to perform this procedure. If there is a deficiency at this point, it is inevitable that the operation will fail.

The DHI pen facilitates the capture of the desired angle and position in hair transplantation. However, the use of this pen and other requirements of the technique are not as easy as it is thought. Therefore, the more experienced the doctor performing the procedure is, the more successful the hair transplantation will be. This means that the higher the quality of the doctor, the higher the amount to be paid.


3. Clinic’s Being Fully-Equipped

As mentioned above, the DHI technique is a new method. The doctor’s experience is very important for its implementation. In addition, the clinic where the procedure is performed should have sufficient equipment. Hair transplantation which is carried out at a high-quality and hygenic clinic with the necessary equipments, comfortable work area and similar elements will be of better quality and smooth. This leads to an increase in the amounts to be paid.

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4. Tests to Be Performed

Before the hair transplantation, a number of tests can be performed to determine whether the person is suitable for this procedure and to meet other needs. All of these tests have their own costs. Therefore, the cost varies depending on the number of tests.


5. Number of Health Technicians

When applying the DHI technique, at least 3 health technicians are required. They should work full-time. This number may increase slightly depending on the process. Therefore, this will affect the costs of DHI hair transplantation.



The cost of DHI hair transplantation varies depending on the conditions mentioned here, taking the condition of the individual and the procedure to be performed into account. However, if an average figure needs to be mentioned, it can be said that the cost of DHI hair transplantation is between € 2,000 and € 3,500.

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