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Breast reduction operations developed for women with large and heavy breasts positively affect women in many ways. Operation; It provides relief of back and lumbar pain, prevention of skin irritation and increased self-confidence.

If you are having problems because of your large breasts, the results after breast reduction surgery and much more are here.

How Many Sizes Can You Go Down In A Breast Reduction?

Some women with large breasts may want to shrink their breasts by one or two sizes. The main thing here is the difficulties experienced due to the large chest. It is also very important that the new breast size is proportional to the rest of the body.

Women with large breasts may need to reduce their breast size by several sizes in order to achieve a proportional body appearance. So the goal is not only to reduce the breasts, but also to create a balanced body appearance.


What is removed from Your Breast during Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery involves removing three different components from the breast area.

  • Unwanted adipose tissue,
  • Breast tissue
  • Skin

Which component will be removed and how much is directly related to the patient’s breast size and expectations.

In this process, the operation is performed by taking into account the proportion of the breasts with the general appearance of the body.

Women’s breast structures are unique to them. The amount of fat in some women’s breasts is greater compared to glandular tissues. Therefore, the fat tissue to be removed during breast reduction surgery will be more than the glandular tissue.

In the operation, the excess skin is also removed except for the tissues. Thus, it is ensured that the breasts are erect, tighter and have a better position. The amount of skin and breast tissue removed; it is directly related to expectations of breast size, shape and firmness after recovery.


How Much Weight Does Reduction Equal?

The weight of the tissues removed with breast reduction surgery differs depending on the first and last size of their breasts. Therefore, it would not be correct to give a clear figure at this point. However, on average, the weight of the tissues taken is between 500 g and 700 g.

The tissues taken from those with large breasts weigh more. When you want more tissue to be removed in addition to the size of the breasts, the weight of the tissues taken can be up to 1,500 g. For detailed information on this subject, you can review the table below:

Body Surface Area Minimum Tissue to Remove,
per Breast (in grams)
1.350-1.374 199
1.375-1.399 208
1.400-1.424 218
1.425-1.449 227
1.450-1.474 238
1.475-1.499 249
1.500-1.524 260
1.525-1.549 272
1.550-1.574 284
1.575-1.599 297
1.600-1.624 310
1.625-1.649 324
1.650-1.674 338
1.675-1.699 354
1.700-1.724 370
1.725-1.749 386
1.750-1.774 404
1.775-1.799 422
1.800-1.824 441
1.825-1.849 461
1.850-1.874 482
1.875-1.899 504
1.900-1.924 527
1.925-1.949 550
1.950-1.974 575
1.975-1.999 601
2.000-2.024 628
2.025-2.049 657
2.050-2.074 687
2.075-2.099 717
2.100-2.124 750
2.125-2.149 784
2.150-2.174 819
2.175-2.199 856
2.200-2.224 895
2.225-2.249 935
2.250-2.274 978
2.275-2.299 1022
2.300-2.324 1068
2.325-2.349 1117
2.350-2.374 1167
2.375-2.399 1219
2.400-2.424 1275
2.425-2.449 1333
2.450-2.474 1393
2.475-2.499 1455
2.500-2.524 1522
2.525-2.549 1590
2.550+ 1662



Breast Reduction Surgery Before & After Photos


What Are the Other Benefits of Reduction Surgery?

With breast reduction surgery, the negativities caused by large breasts are completely eliminated. In addition, it is ensured that the breasts are tightened and brought to a better position. Thus, the chest is healed from different angles and the patient is provided with the desired appearance.

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Where Does the Scar Occur in Breast Reduction?

In breast reduction surgery, different techniques may be preferred depending on the breast size, the amount of tissue and skin to be removed. An incision is made around the areola to position the nipple and under the breast to remove the excess skin.

In the vertical breast reduction process, the procedure is completed with a vertical incision around the areola and under the breast. In the procedures where large and excess skin needs to be removed, an anchor-shaped incision is opened.

Scars are formed in places where incisions are made. They are usually areas that are easy to hide. Scars formed by clothes such as swimsuits and bras can be easily hidden.


How Many Pounds Does the Candidate Need to Weigh to Cover Breast Reduction Surgery by Insurance Companies?

Candidates for breast reduction should not be overweight. This is because the large breasts are associated with excess weight. Excess weight leads to the accumulation of fat in the breasts and, accordingly, to the growth of the breasts.

The surgical procedure in question can be performed not only for aesthetic concerns, but also for medical reasons. In such cases, insurance companies can pay for this procedure. However, some of the insurance companies may want the body mass index of the patients to be less than 30 and some may want it to be less than 35.

Body mass index is a value that indicates the harmony between height and weight. As it increases, the person’s weight increases. Values after a point indicate obesity. Insurance companies require that candidates not be overweight in this way.


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Does the Surgery Make You Look Thinner?

Even if you will not lose weight after breast reduction surgery, your vision changes significantly. After the operation, you will start to look thinner than before. Big breasts can make you look bigger and overweight. In general, changing your breast sizes will have a slimming effect.


Does the Shape of the Breast Change After Surgery?

In the first 3 months after surgery, the shape changes greatly. The swelling caused by the surgery decreases, the breasts begin to take the form of teardrops, which is a more natural appearance. The nipple is more conveniently located. These changes are usually experienced during the 3-month period. Sometimes it can be spread over an even longer period of time. However, in general, there are no serious changes in the breasts after 6 months.

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Choosing the Right Size for Surgery

One of the curious issues about the surgery is what the breast size of the patients will be after the operation. The answer to this question is related to the patient’s current measurements and desired measurements. In general, after breast reduction surgery, breasts shrink by one or two sizes. However, in excessively large breasts, the shrinkage is greater.

A woman with a size DD can go down to her size BC to get rid of problems caused by her breasts during exercise and daily life. Women with a higher natural breast size may want to shrink up to four or five sizes at the end of the operation. But this is not always possible.

Breast sizes can be of different sizes according to the production of bra manufacturers. Therefore, it should be remembered that bra sizes are not an accurate measurement tool.

Plastic surgeons primarily measure the section from the base of the neck to the nipple, called the sternal notch. Then it measures the part from the nipple to the lower fold. These measurements provide an accurate view of how much tissue should be removed.

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