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Breast augmentation, otherwise known as mammoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that provides an aesthetically beautiful breast. Thanks to this process, women have the body they dream of. This not only improves their physical appearance but also increases their self-confidence. There are different types of incisions used for mammoplasty. The advantages of these types also differ within themselves. What are the types of incisions used in breast augmentation and their benefits? Which one is more suitable for your body? All the details are in our article.

One of the most important factors affecting the results of breast augmentation surgery is the breast implants used. Breast implants directly affect which incision type will be used. There are four different techniques at this point. These are; inframammary fold, trans-axillary incision, periareolar incision, and transumbilical technique. Let’s go into the details of these now.


1. Inframammary Fold

Inframammary fold, one of the most general approaches, is a technique used commonly. Here, the incision is made under the breast and the implant is placed vertically. This technique is generally used when anatomically shaped implants are used. Because this technique allows the implant to be placed as desired and repositioned where necessary. General anatomy and milk ducts are preserved. A temporary scar occurs in the area of the breast fold. As a result of this technique, there is a small amount of sagging in the breast and thus the incision scar can be completely hidden.

  • Benefits

The application and recovery time of this technique is shorter than other techniques. It attracts attention with its operational control and allowing for proper view. In addition to this, the risk of complications is very low.

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2. Trans-Axillary Incision

Procedures are performed through the incision formed in the armpit area. An endoscope camera is used to have the desired results of the procedure. In the first stage, an incision is made under the armpit and then a canal is opened to the breast. The implant is placed in the relevant area through the canal. In the meantime, the images taken from the camera are used. It is an extremely delicate process. No intervention is made to the vessels and nerves.

It can be said that the procedure here is much more complicated as it starts from a distant point to the breast area. The trans-axillary technique is generally used in patients who do not prefer very large implants. It can be expressed as a technique used in women with little or no breast sagging.

  • Benefits

The recovery time is very short. Besides, the scar is very small and is in the armpit area. Therefore, it is almost impossible to see it from the outside. Therefore, women’s interest in the trans-axillary technique is extremely high.

Breast Augmentation | Enlargement | Implant

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3. Periareolar Incision

The periareolar incision, which is the most used technique in breast augmentation, is also known as breast incision. The incision is formed at the point where the areola meets the skin. Thus, it is ensured that the scars to be formed are invisible. The implant is placed in a cuff to prevent bacterial infections. After the placement is done, the cuff is removed. Due to the incision made at a point extremely close to the breast, the procedure gives excellent results.

  • Benefits

It allows the implant to be placed exactly. Besides, the incision scars become completely invisible.


4. Transumbilical Technique

In this technique, the incision is formed next to the belly button. An endoscope camera is used to create a canal to the back of the breast area. Since the skin in the abdominal area has a more elastic structure, it is extremely easy to form a canal here. The implant is brought to the area where it will be placed in this canal and the necessary procedures are done here. The TUBA incision technique stands out as a great technique for correcting the tubular breast deformity. This technique is rarely applied, but when applied, saline implants are used.

  • Benefits

This technique has less scarring and shorter recovery time. It allows external visualization to be controlled.

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Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast augmentation in Turkey is much more advantageous than the EU countries and the US. The expertise of the doctors here is very high. Besides, the medical competencies of the clinics are in line with international standards. Despite all of these, the minimum cost of breast augmentation in Europe is €5,000 – €7,000 while in Turkey it is only between €2,000 and €2,500.


Other details, such as transportation and accommodation fees are also included in Turkey in the amount you will pay for breast augmentation. Based on this, it can be said that there are serious advantages to having breast augmentation surgery in Turkey.

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