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Liposuction can be defined as a cosmetic procedure that provides persistent fat to be removed from body. Do you know that this procedure, which is popular nowadays, has alternatives? There are different treatments that have similar effects with liposuction. Well, do liposuction alternatives really work? Can liposuction alternatives replace liposuction itself? Are the effects similar or limited? All details are in our article.

In order to understand if alternative treatments really work or not, firstly we should obtain information about them. These treatments and general information about them can be found below.


1. UltraShape

The purpose is to destroy fat below skin with ultrasound technology. In this non-surgical method, fat can be destroyed selectively. Treatment usually takes 1 hour. One session costs around 1.200$. Depending on the status of the patient, a treatment plan that consists of 3-4 sessions is created.


2. Zerona

Among liposuction alternatives, Zerona has an important place. It is a procedure that includes liquefaction of fat cells with laser and then extracting liquefied fat through a temporary pore. With this method, millions of fat cells can be removed from certain parts of body. This way, remarkable thinning can be obtained around that part. There is no recovery period, which means anyone can go on living his/her daily life after the application. However, in order to get concrete result, this treatment has to be applied 4-6 sessions. Each session takes around 40 minutes. For 6 sessions, total cost is around 3.000$.

Lipo Alternative


3. CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure. As the name suggests, it works by freezing fat content around the application region. The purpose is to crystallize and destroy targeted fat cells. Destroyed fat cells later removed by patient’s body itself. This treatment is FDA-approved and its non-invasive property makes risks and side effects considerably low. However; irritation, bruising and swelling may be observed. Taking 1-2 hours on average, the treatment costs around 750$.


4. Kybella

This procedure has been developed for double chin problem and it is considered as one of the best liposuction alternatives. During the procedure, deoxycholic acid, a main component synthesized well inside human body, is used. Accordingly, effective result is obtained. The treatment consists of injecting the mentioned matter into the targeted region via ultra-thin needles.

There is no preparation need for Kybella. Also, there is no anesthesia requirement. The treatment takes 30 minutes on average. The cost, on the other hand, is around 1.000$. After the treatment, numbness, swelling and tenderness may be observed. Yet, patients can continue their daily lives. According to the status of the patient, treatment plan may include a few sessions.

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5. Vanquish

Vanquish is a method that uses radio frequency. Targeting the abdominal region as well as side fats, this treatment takes around 30 minutes per session. For the treatment to be effective, 4-5 sessions have to be applied. The cost changes between 500-1000$ per session. It can be said that this is relatively more expensive than liposuction cost.

liposuction alternatives


6. Liposonix

Being a method that uses ultrasound, Liposonix destroys fat cells accordingly. It is used generally for fat around abdominal region and sides. Average required time for the treatment is around 1 hour and it costs around 2.000$. During the treatment, hotness or coldness feeling, numbness and mid-high level discomfort may be observed. Furthermore, after the treatment, swelling, rash or bruising may occur.

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Can Liposuction Alternatives Replace Liposuction?

Above you can see the treatments alternatives to liposuction and related details van be found. These methods may seem advantageous in some particular ways and they may provide effective results. However, compared to liposuction, their effects are remarkably limited. Therefore, in order to remove persistent fat, it can be said that the best option is still liposuction.

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