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Liposuction is a great way to get rid of unwanted fat and a great way to shape the body. After this procedure, which is popularly preferred today, problems such as scarring, infection, bleeding may occur. On the basis of undesirable results and the problems mentioned, there are wrong doctor selection and wrong decision making. Liposuction is a special way of shaping the body, but it should never be used for fat elimination.

What are the signs of liposuction gone wrong? What should be considered? Can this situation be fixed?

Signs of Liposuction Gone Wrong

There are different symptoms and signs that will occur when liposuction goes wrong. Signs that liposuction has deteriorated when due care is not taken and done with dexterous hands are:

·      Irregular Fat Removal

In liposuction, fats must be taken evenly and regularly. The process is done with such care that a sculptor creates his work. However, if this is not taken care of and the oils are not taken evenly, a distorted or wavy image may occur. Damage may occur under the skin due to the surgeon performing more aggressive procedures than necessary. Thus, not a tight and smooth skin, but a dimpled skin is revealed.

·      Feeling of Numbness

If the nerves under the skin are damaged during the procedure, temporary or even permanent numbness may occur in the area.

·      Fluid Buildup

Depending on the procedure, temporary fluid pockets called seroma may occur under the skin. These pockets can cause an ugly appearance and must be emptied using a needle.

·      Various Skin Infections 

Infections are rare complications. However, due to infections, the skin may become infected or the tissues there may die. Severe skin infections can be a life-threatening element for patients. Therefore, it is necessary to treat infections urgently.

·      Saggy and Rough Skin

A skin with a rough surface may occur, which can be felt when touched.

·      Color Changing Skin

Apart from bruising and redness, which can heal spontaneously and do not require any treatment, different color changes may occur on the skin.

·      Areas Where Not Enough Fat Is Transferred 

In areas where sufficient fat is not transferred, valley-like images may occur. These will be extremely annoying.

·      Increasing Deformities

In some cases, there is a significant increase in the deformities in the relevant area due to the weight gain of the patients.

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Serious Complications

Very serious complications can also occur due to a wrong liposuction. Some of these are those:

  • Kidney problems
  • Fat embolisms
  • Inner holes
  • Anesthesia related problems
  • Lidocaine toxicity


What Should Be Done to Prevent Liposuction from Going Wrong?

If you are not satisfied with the liposuction procedure, the option of revision surgery can be considered. Unsatisfactory results can be changed with this process known as liposuction correction or liposhifting. Pitting, irregular fat removal and similar problems can be eliminated by revision surgery.

Every patient is unique. Before the revision surgery, your concerns and general condition will be taken into account in the consultation with your surgeon. Thus, the issue of how best to help you is evaluated. You will also be informed about what your expectations should be and how long the recovery period will be.


How to Avoid Liposuction Gone Wrong?

Liposuction gone wrong is an extremely negative situation with its results. Fortunately, with the right steps, it is possible to avoid such negativities. The steps to be taken for this are as follows:

  • When choosing the surgeon who will perform your surgery, you should act carefully. You must ensure that your surgeon has the necessary training, qualifications, and experience. You can do detailed research to confirm these. You should ask your doctor for before/after photos of their previous patients. You can also visit the clinic where the surgery will be performed and see if they are licensed or not. The general functioning of the clinic, its cleanliness, and the attitude of the health personnel are among the issues to be considered.
  • Your own preparations and general condition also greatly affect the results of liposuction. It is important to take a break or stop smoking and alcohol use, to stop taking some medications with your doctor’s instructions, and to follow your doctor’s other instructions.

Following the recommendations here will minimize the risks and shorten the recovery time. You should definitely consider these recommendations, which will help you get the best results.


Can A Liposuction Gone Wrong Be Corrected?

Removal of fat cells, fat transfer and similar methods are used depending on the patient’s condition in revision surgery for the liposuction gone wrong. Since each patient is different, the methods to be used and their scope will also be different.

High-resolution VASER liposuction is the most important option for experienced surgeons performing revision surgery. With this method, it is possible to remove both superficial and deep fats.

Fat transfer seems like a good option for cavities due to a wrong operation. However, adding fat to very small areas will not be easy. Instead, the option of removing the fat layers can be preferred to make the relevant area even.

In short, negative results can be corrected by using the right methods and techniques. Experienced doctors with skilled hands will respond to the needs at this point.

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Possible Expectations After Revision Liposuction

It is important to rest for 2-3 weeks after the operation and to wear a compression garment during this period. Swelling and bruising may occur due to surgery. These will go away on their own without any treatment.

In order for the process to go smoothly and comfortably, detailed information about the healing process will be given in the consultation to be held before the surgery. In this way, your recovery period will be positive as you are more comfortable emotionally.


Plan a Consultation

If you have had a liposuction gone wrong and you want to correct this situation, you should first choose an experiencedn surgeon in this field. You can only improve your results with the right choice of doctor and a quality treatment.

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