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Can’t you get rid of the fat on your knees despite diet and exercise? Doesn’t stubborn fat let you wear the clothes you want? We have good news for you. You can have liposuction to get rid of stubborn fat permanently.

With the liposuction on knee procedure, you can achieve the appearance of your dreams and wear the clothes you want with your mind at peace.

Liposuction on Knee Procedure and Its Goals 

Permanent fat deposits accumulating around the patella (knee cap) due to diet, age and other reasons significantly affect the appearance of the knees. Moreover, it is very difficult to get rid of these fats with diet and exercise. This is where liposuction on knee comes into play. With this procedure, it is aimed to remove the fat deposits accumulated around the kneecap and achieve the ideal appearance of the leg.

For this procedure, first small incisions are formed and then small tubes called cannulas are inserted into these incisions. A light water pressure flow can be used for more effective and easier removal of fats.

Depending on the condition of the patients, laser and ultrasonic sound waves can also be used similarly. Afterward, the fats are removed by vacuum over the cannulas and the area is shaped.

Liposuction ensures the removal of fat cells and the results are permanent as long as you maintain your ideal weight. Mild weight gains or weight loss usually do not affect results. However, it should not be forgotten that this procedure is performed only for the removal of fat in the relevant area, and does not treat cellulite and skin sagging. Also, you should keep in mind that although fat is removed in the procedure, it does not aim at getting rid of your weight. The goals of this procedure are:

  • Thinning of the knees
  • Refining the inner areas of the knees
  • Improving the shape and curve of the knees

Liposuction on knee is performed under local anesthesia and general anesthesia is not needed. The area to be treated is completely anesthetized and you do not feel even the slightest pain. After the procedure, patients can usually leave the clinic after a few hours.


Who are Eligible Candidates?

Young, elderly, men, or women can have liposuction on knee procedure. Anyone with undesired fat around the knee is considered a candidate for the procedure. However, there are some features that candidates should have. The ideal candidates for this procedure and the features they should have can be listed as follows:

  • Those who do not need to use certain medications regularly due to their chronic diseases
  • Those who do not have a history of obesity
  • Those who are aware that the goal of this operation is not weight loss
  • Those within 30% of their ideal weight
  • Those with sufficient skin elasticity
  • Those who do not have a condition that interferes with anesthesia or those who do not use medications that will interfere with anesthesia
  • Those with a body mass index of less than 30
  • Those who are physically healthy
  • Those who do not have a health problem that prevents the procedure
  • Those with realistic expectations

There may arise excess skin with the removal of stubborn fat around the kneecap. In some patients, this problem goes away automatically, while others may need additional procedures. To get the desired result from this procedure, you should honestly share your medical history and general health condition with your doctor.


What Does Post-Surgery Recovery Depend on?

Recovery time after surgery may vary depending on different factors. The major factors are as follows:

  • General health condition
  • Age
  • The amount of fat taken during the operation
  • The size of the liposuction areas

Although the recovery period varies from patient to patient, in general, most patients can return to their daily routines after 2-3 days.

Liposuction is a procedure with a short recovery time. It will be sufficient for the patients to take 2-5 days off from their work. However, they should stay away from tiring work and strenuous exercises for 4-5 weeks. Besides, it should not be forgotten that swelling and bruises will occur in the relevant area after the procedure and these will go away automatically over time.


How is the Procedure Performed?

Liposuction on knee procedure can generally be examined in three stages. The details of these stages are as follows:

·  Before the Procedure 

Information about the procedure is given by the doctor during the consultation before the procedure. It is ensured that the patient has realistic expectations. Besides, it is determined if the patient is eligible for the procedure by evaluating the patient’s medical history and current health condition. If the patient is eligible, the operation is planned.

·  During the Procedure

Thin cannulas are inserted into the incisions in the knee area and fat is drawn through them. The relevant area is shaped with fat removal. The operation usually lasts between 30-45 minutes and patients are usually discharged on the same day. After the procedure, the area is closed and protected by bandaging.

·  After the Procedure 

Swelling and bruises may occur after the procedure. Besides, patients may experience mild to moderate pain. Painkillers prescribed by the doctor can be used for these. To shorten the recovery period and achieve ideal results, patients should wear support clothing for 4 weeks. The final results are evident within 6 months on average.

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Some Recommendations for Postoperative

With some points you consider after the procedure, it will be easier for you to achieve ideal results and your recovery period will be shortened. Here are some general recommendations to consider:

·  Wear a Compression Garment 

The compression garment provides support to the surgical area. It contributes to the disappearance of swelling in a short time and the recovery period.

·  Don’t Tire Yourself 

During the recovery period, you should avoid strenuous activities. If you have a tiring and heavy job, you may need to take some time off. Also, be careful not to stay in the same position for too long.

·  Pay Attention to Your Diet 

Diet is of great importance for the recovery process. Having a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to achieve ideal results after the operation. Your diet, which consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean proteins, shortens recovery time and speeds up the body’s creation of new tissue.

·  Consume Plenty of Water 

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to meet your body’s water requirement. If you are thirsty, you can also drink more water. Water is important for the moisture balance of your skin. It also contributes to the elasticity of the skin. Thus, it becomes easier for the skin to re-adjust to your physique after the operation.

·  Practice Gentle Massage and Recovery Exercise 

A light and gentle massage that you will do by yourself supports the recovery process, reduces swelling and pain, and stimulates the healing systems. You can get help from your surgeon with the massage.

·  Use the Medications Given by Your Doctor 

Some medications will be prescribed by your doctor after the procedure. You should use these medications regularly. If you have any questions about them, be sure to contact your doctor.

Swelling, bruising, and pain in the relevant area after the procedure are considered normal. These go away automatically over time. The recovery time is different for each patient.


How Effective is the Procedure in the Inner parts of the Knee?

It is known by almost everyone that liposuction in the thigh region is a common procedure. Apart from this, the procedure is also applied to the inner part of the knee and gives very effective results. Patient satisfaction and success rate are quite high. For best results, patients should have sufficient skin elasticity. Small and localized fat deposits are also factors that increase success.

Wearing a compression garment after the procedure helps prevent sagging skin. The recovery time of patients is different, but the results are close to perfect in the majority of patients.

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What Kinds of Benefits Does It Have? 

The removal of an even small amount of fat makes significant contributions to the overall leg aesthetics. It helps the legs look smooth and symmetrical. Liposuction on knee is an excellent option for shaping the knees. However, patients generally prefer thigh liposuction together with this procedure to fix their lower body appearance.

In addition to these, some also have the knee lift procedure. Although it is a new procedure, it is quite popular among celebrities. It can give effective results in eliminating knee wrinkles. Fresh collagen and fiber production can be promoted and the loose skin in the relevant area can be tightened. The expected benefits after the procedure are as follows:

  • A younger and more toned leg appearance
  • More convenience and comfort when walking or running
  • Wearing clothes that show the knees more confidently


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about liposuction on knee and their answers are as follows.

·  When will the Results be Seen and How  Permanent Are They?

After the procedure, the change in the relevant area is visible. However, the edema must be completely gone for definitive results. This period varies for each patient.

·  How Long Do Results Last?

As long as you maintain your ideal weight and there is no excessive change in your weight, the results will be permanent. A healthy lifestyle should be adopted for permanent results. A healthy diet and regular exercise are of great importance.

·  What are the Side Effects and Risks?

It is a procedure with few side effects and risks. Possible side effects and risks are bruising, swelling, edema, asymmetric results, and temporary loss of sensation. You can minimize these side effects and risks by preferring an experienced and expert surgeon.

·  What are the Indications and Contraindications for Liposuction on Knee?

This operation is applied to people who have excessive fat accumulation in the inner part of the knee. Fats to be removed can be above or below the knee. Slimming, fixing, and improving the contours of the knee are the main goals. This procedure should not be performed to lose weight. It is an effective procedure for straightening the legs and restoring their natural shape. To get the desired results, the skin elasticity of the patients should be sufficient.

·  What Kind of a Result is Obtained after Liposuction on Knee?

This procedure reduces the inner surface volumes of the knees and ensures that the contours become more regular. With the operation, the inner part of the knee has a thinned contour. Legs get a nice curve.

·  What Operations Can Be Performed In Addition To Liposuction on Knee?

This procedure can be done alone or in combination with thigh and hip liposuction. It can also be combined with lipofilling.

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Liposuction on knee effectively and permanently fixes the general appearance of the knees. It is important to choose an experienced surgeon to achieve high success in the relevant procedure, shorten the recovery period and minimize the risks.

COSMETICIUM enables you to achieve the lower body silhouette of your dreams with its experienced surgeons. We offer professional health services at all stages from the consultation stage to the post-operative care process. If you want to get rid of excess fat on your knees, you can contact us for detailed information and free online consultation.


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