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Hair transplantation is an important procedure which ensures that the lost hair of people comes back and their old appearance is restored. Thanks to this procedure, not only people’s hair come back but also their quality of life extremely increases. Especially, the self-confidence decreased by the hair loss is restored and people relieve physiologically. Hair transplantation, which has many other benefits, also has a cost. However, when the worldwide options are examined, it will be seen that there are serious price differences. The reason is that there are several factors that affect the cost. In this article, we will answer the question of what the main factors that determine the hair transplantation are.  

Before talking about the main factors affecting the hair transplantation cost, let us mention the fact that, in recent years, the cost has decreased significantly due to the development in technology. Such that; the cost, which previously varied between USD 20,000 to USD 30,000, today has decreased to levels of USD 3000 – USD 5000. The factors that cause this decrease and directly affect the cost of hair transplantation and explanations about them are as follows.

Why is there a big difference between the hair transplantation cost? Which factors are considered when determining the hair transplantation prices?


1. The Expertise of the Doctor Doing the Hair Transplantation

Although hair transplantation is done intensively lately, this process requires considerable expertise. The more experience and expertise a doctor has in this field, the better the quality of the work done. This situation directly affects the cost. This means, it should be noted that the high-quality doctors preferred for hair transplantation will increase the cost. However, preferring a lower qualified doctor to decrease the cost here may decrease the success rate of the operation seriously.

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2. A Clinic Fully Equipped

Another factor affecting the cost of hair transplantation is the clinic where the process will be performed. One should be careful about the selection of the clinic for hair transplantation. As it is known, the technology about hair transplantation is constantly improving. This situation requires the use of new medical devices. Apart from this, in a hair transplantation, there should be at least 3 health technicians or assistants. It should be known that the total amount to be paid varies depending on the number of personnel who will work in the operation.



3. Surgical Supplies

As it is known, there are different techniques which may be preferred for hair transplantation. In fact, the main reason why these techniques are different is because of the different supplies to be used. This in return causes cost differences. Example for this may be the choi pens used in DHI hair transplantation technique. These pens are disposed after use. So, for every patient new pens are used. This in return results in an average increase of 20% in cost. However, it should be known that these pens extremely affect the quality and success of the procedure. A similar example may also be given for FUE technique. Here the petri dishes, staples, micro motors and similar surgical equipment increase the cost.


4. Tests and Medication

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. This means there is nothing like  going to the clinic and having the procedure directly. There are a series of tests done before the operation and according to the test results, it is then decided whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation or not. Apart from this, again depending on the patient’s condition, additional tests may be requested. These are also true for postoperative period. The type and number of the tests are important factors that affect the cost.

The prescribed medication also affects the cost like the tests. Medication may vary from patient to patient. It should be noted that the general condition of the scalp is related with this issue. Some people may have different conditions on their scalp. To avoid their adverse effect on hair transplantation, additional medication treatment may be needed.



5. Other Costs (Hotel, Accommodation, Transfer etc.)

There are also different costs for those who come to clinic from abroad or from a different city. Accommodation is the major one. For accommodation, an amount will be paid for you to a hotel by the clinic. In addition, costs like transfer from the airport to the hotel, transportation from the hotel to the clinic and different costs during the day may be included.

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6. Labour Intensity

The larger the operation is, the greater the efforts of the doctors and other health technicians. This can be expressed as labour intensity. So much so that, some hair transplantation operations may last more than 10 hours. In such situations, there will be additional cost. At this point, it can be said that the number of grafts planted, and the hair transplantation technique used are generally influential.  


7. The Location of the Clinic

Hair transplantation cost is extremely affected by the location of the clinic. It is a known fact that the general expenses of a clinic in a luxurious neighborhood, being the rent the major one, will be a lot more than a clinic in a normal neighborhood. Therefore, the clinics reflect this to their prices. Those who want to have hair transplantation at a clinic in a luxurious neighborhood will be paying a higher price.

The most important factors affecting the cost of hair transplantation are above. There are others except above-mentioned ones. As the weight of these factors increases, the costs may also increase accordingly.

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