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People may consider options in different countries to meet their health needs more effectively. Especially in recent years, there has been a significant increase in journeys to different countries for various health needs. This has led to the emergence of medical tourism. So, what is medical tourism? Let’s look for the answer to this question together.


What is Medical Tourism? 

Medical tourism is when people travel to a different country for medical reasons. It is also known as health tourism. Health tourism can be done for various reasons. However, the outstanding ones are as follows:

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental care
  • Ophthalmology
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Hair restorations
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Orthopedics

Medical tourism, as in other tourism fields, mostly consists of those coming from developed and prosperous countries. People in the USA, Canada, Europe, and wealthy Middle Eastern countries travel to countries where medicine has developed and medical treatments are affordable.

How is Medical Tourism in Turkey? 


Why is Turkey Popular in Medical Tourism and Hair Transplantation?

In medical tourism, some countries stand out for various reasons. One of them is Turkey. Turkey is also the leading country in many cosmetic procedures, especially in hair transplantation. Therefore, every year tens of thousands of patients come to Turkey from all over the world. There are different reasons why Turkey is a leader in this field. Major ones can be listed as follows:


Low Costs Due to Exchange Rates

The Turkish Lira is at a lower value than many currencies, especially the US dollar and Euro. This makes the costs in Turkey much more affordable than in the EU and the USA. So much so that; Turkey has almost 70% lower cost compared to EU countries in surgical procedures such as hair transplantation.


Government Support for Medical Tourism

There are numerous clinics in Turkey where cosmetic procedures are performed. All of them are approved by the Ministry of Health. Besides, as of July 2017, the International Health Tourism and Tourist Health Regulations are in effect. With this regulation, clinics operating in the field of health tourism are both supported and constantly inspected. Thus, a health service that is of high quality and cost-effective becomes possible for tourists.

To increase the quality of health tourism, the Turkish government has made it compulsory for health companies in this field to become members of the Turkish Travel Agencies Association. As a result of such steps taken by the government, the number of people coming to the country with health tourism is constantly increasing. The number of people to arrive in 2023 is expected to exceed the 2 million thresholds.


International Competence 

Clinics operating in Turkey have received accreditation from international health institutions as well as from the Turkish government. There are many clinics accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International).


Specialized Doctors and Experienced Health Staff 

Medicine in Turkey is highly developed. This difference is apparent during medical education. Thanks to the opportunity to have a high-quality education and gain experience, Turkish doctors are very well-trained. Besides, the ever-increasing demand has made it possible for doctors to develop themselves and further increase their knowledge.

The success rate of cosmetic procedures in Turkey is quite high. The main reason for this is that the doctors performing the procedure are both experienced and have a high level of expertise. Besides, the high medical competence of the clinics operating is another factor.

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Quality of Treatments

Cosmetic methods with advanced technology are being applied in Turkey which is a developed country in the field of medical tourism. The methods and techniques applied in theMedicine Tourism and Hair Transplantation in Turkey best hospitals of the world are performed by Turkish surgeons as per international quality standards. The high procedure success and the fact that more and more people prefer Turkey every year are the most important indications that show the quality of the treatments.


Short Waiting Period

In EU countries or the USA, there are long waiting periods in clinics for cosmetic procedures. The low number of high-quality clinics can cause patients to wait weeks, sometimes months, for a cosmetic procedure. However, this is not the case in Turkey. A sufficient number of qualified clinics and specialist surgeons minimizes the waiting periods.

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Hair Transplantation at Cosmeticium

Preferring a clinic abroad for treatment is called medical tourism. The fields with the highest demand in health tourism are; cosmetic, dental, and ophthalmological surgery. In many of these areas, Turkey is the leading country in the world. Factors such as lower costs and the sufficient number of specialist surgeons are the main reasons for the development of health tourism in Turkey.

VIP Transfer Cosmeticium Clinic

Although Turkey has developed in the field of medical tourism, it is crucial to choose the right clinic. Cosmeticium has the experience to meet your expectations at the highest level with its expert surgeons and affordable costs. It is one of the most preferred clinics for many cosmetic procedures, hair transplantation in particular. You can contact us to get information about the cosmetic procedure you are considering.


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