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Big nostrils can make your nose look larger, even if it is proportional to your overall face. This brings with it some aesthetic concerns. There are different ways to eliminate them and resize the relevant area. Are you unhappy about your big nostrils? All the details of completely getting rid of this problem with the nostril reduction procedure are in our article.

nostril reduction

What is Nostril Reduction?

Let’s first look at what the procedure is to find the answer to the question of how to make nostrils smaller. This is a surgical operation in which the size of the nostrils is reduced and that allows being aesthetically proportional to the rest of the face. With the detailed facial analysis, the size of the nostrils is determined. Special software is used for this and the possible appearance after the process is transferred to the screen. Thus, you can see how you will look after the surgery from the front and the side.

Long Nostril Reduction


Why Is This Procedure Important?

Big nostrils can be serious negativity for the aesthetic appearance of your face. Although this does not cause any health problems, it can have negative effects on your self-confidence. About 10% of rhinoplasty surgeries are performed to reduce the nostrils.

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3 Surgical Ways to Reduce Big Nostrils

One of the most frequently asked questions by rhinoplasty patients is how to make nostrils smaller. There are 3 different surgical methods to be used for this. These methods can be applied alone or together with a  full rhinoplasty. However, it is very important to perform the operations in the right order.


1. Removing a Piece of Tissue from the Nostril Fold 

Removing a piece of tissue from the nostril fold, that is, from the point where the nose meets the face, is one of the surgical methods used.


2. Removing a Piece of Tissue from the Nostril Itself |Weir Excision

If the base of your nose causes the nostrils to widen when you look forward by relaxing your face, this method is for you. This method, which is used for nostril reduction, is performed as closed. That is, the incisions are made inside the nose. Therefore, there is no scar left after the procedure. During the procedure, a wedge-shaped part is removed from the nose, which reduces the width and glare.

Nostril Reduction

Long nostril reduction is performed effectively with this method. However, even after this procedure, the nostrils may widen if the patient smiles.


3. Nostril Reduction with Rhinoplasty

This is a suitable solution for patients with genetically big nostrils. The situation here is not the enlargement that occurs during the patient’s breathing or smiling. It is a solution for the nostrils that appear wide even when resting.

In such cases, it is aimed in the nostril reduction process to trim the muscles that cause the nostrils to be pulled to the side. With open rhinoplasty, an incision is made at the base of the columella and these muscles are reached. While the thinning of the muscles provides support to the tip of the nose, it causes the nostrils to become smaller. The incision opened during the surgery is usually not noticed from the outside and no scars are left.

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Which Procedure Should I Prefer?

There are different methods used for long nostril reduction. These can be performed alone or in combination with a full rhinoplasty. When it is done together with the nose tip surgery, first of all, procedures related to the tip are performed. The reason is that if the size of the nostrils is reduced first, their dimensions may change again depending on the procedures to be performed on the tip. This is a detail that should not be overlooked.

While extending the tip causes the nostrils to narrow, bringing the tip closer to the face has the opposite effect. The folds can even bend outward due to the enlargement of the nostrils. In such a case, Weir excision or tissue removal from the nasal fold can be applied.

The process may seem simple. However, the amount of tissue to be removed during the procedure and the method to be used are of great importance. Therefore, it will be much better for your doctor to decide the suitable method for you, after a detailed examination.


Nostril Reduction Surgery Preparation

Now you know the answer to the question of how to make nostrils smaller. If you decide to have this surgery, you should also have an idea about the preparation stage.

How to Make Big Nostrils Smaller?

The first thing to know is that the procedure to be performed on each patient is different. A detailed examination is required to understand the patient’s expectations, determine the procedure to be performed, and decide which method to use. It is also very important for the patient to know what to expect. At this stage, you can ask your doctor all the questions in your mind and learn the procedure in detail.


Nostril Reduction Scar and Recovery Period

You may have a headache for a few days after a long or big nostril reduction procedure. This is extremely normal. You will get rid of these pains thanks to the painkillers prescribed by your doctor. On the other hand, a small amount of red fluid may come from your nose in the first few days. In such a case, you should not inhale the liquid and place a dressing in the relevant area.

While some patients do not have any breathing problems after the surgery, some may have difficulty. Besides, swelling and bruises may occur in the eye and nose area. These mostly go away in a few weeks. However, it is necessary to wait a year or sometimes longer for the final result of the operation. When performed in the hands of expert doctors, the scar of the nostril reduction surgery is almost invisible as the incision is formed inside the nose.

One week after the operation, you should come to the clinic to remove the dressing in the nose and make the necessary checks. Tiring exercises should not be done during the three weeks after the surgery.

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nostril reduction


Nostril reduction surgery is a quite complex procedure. A simple mistake here can cause an asymmetrical appearance, excessively narrow nostrils, or similar problems. Therefore, the doctor who will perform the surgery should have a high level of expertise and a lot of experience.

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